Different flavors of Dudley

I searched the Dudley board and I couldn’t find a Dudley color thread :stuck_out_tongue:
So I thought I would start one. So which color Dudley do you guys use the most?

Personally, I use random colors in casuals but when I played my first tourny I used the Forward color. (cause I don’t see a lot of people use that color) So what about you guys? But damn, if they had start+x colors at the arcade, I would use start+jab. My fav color for sure.


for dudley colors


this shouldn’t even be discussed.

it’s all about Pink Dudley. not Kokujin. Fujiwara, baby!

he’s glitched.

that said, i also like start + forward. aka, Honey Mustard Dudley.

if someone else happens to be using Pink Dudley, i use the forward button. aka, Peanut Butter Dudley.

honorable mention to start + fierce.


I used to play strong dudley (red/back) but now it’s short (white duds) all the way…

I like HK dudley (white/black). I used to like pink Dudley and red Dudley, but too many people use those colors…

start+forward is the best color. but since you cant get it in arcade i usually use lk color, cream.

I use pick cuz I am Japanese level… lol jk.

Golden white - Erotic teacher!

jab aka orginal aka yellows4 dudley

don’t pick black and white its the noob color

yeh i use the cream color too.Milk Duds!!! Unfortunately i suck with him.

I use pink to piss off this one guy, cuz he likes to use it, but I really like the red and black one. And my university’s sport team colors are yellow and brown so “Honey Mustard” dudley is the one I use to play ppl that aren’t registered at my university.

haha. start + forward, and start + short (America Dudley)

I play secret color/178 color, i used to use cream colored, but everyone i know out here who plays duds besides ironfist and vic uses cream or pink.