Different Genei-Jins

I noticed that sometimes when KO does the Genei-Jin it doesnt have shadows behind him…

HOw can I can do both GJ…

just a video recording glitch, don’t worry bout it

Expanding on what Ramza said, Yun’s shadows only appear every second frame, and the screen refreshes 60 times per second. 99% of the videos out there are recorded at 30 frames per sond. When you see Genei Jin in these videos, either the shadows are solid or they aren’t there at all: both are wrong because half of the frames are cut out.

This also explains why you sometimes don’t see the character flash blue/red when they parry in videos.

THanks guys

I feel really scrubby now, the camera was playin tricks on me…:rofl:

they just dont want you to know the cheat code. the no shadows genei jin does 15% more damage.

it’s not a recording trick, wtf?

yun vs. akuma, activate gj, akuma telports, shadow disapears…i’ve had this happen to me about 100 times, and it’s annoying.:sweat:

i’ve had it happen once vs. elena and urien. wtf?..these are jap machines to so, it’s “real”

when i saw chun li do lighting kicks, but it looked stalled like they wern’t comming out, i was like, wtf how do you do delayed lighting kicks? i thought it was only jap version or something hahahaha

Ya’ll need glasses. :lol:

Ha, dont feel bad, I didnt know about it either until now :rofl:

I play on Jap machines but I’ve never noticed that happen on those or any machines…strange.

Wohh, I can’t believe you guys never knew, it’s Yuns EX GJ. Just hit 2 buttons to activate the super and presto…No super shadows.

My yun isn’t good enough yet to lose a shadow. :wasted:

it’s prolly some engine glitch or something(whatever that means…). maybe the amount of power the machine is receiving has something to do wit it?..i dunno…it’ll happen on ps2 aswell.

ex gj, wtf?..i don’t know about that one.

akuma vs yun the teleport you lose shadow thing is a glitch that only works for akuma vs yun otherwise its just a recording thing as jinrai said

That glitch happens on US machines too. Happens to me EVERYTIME I knock akuma in the corner and activate and that jerk tries to teleport away. Too bad yellow yun can counter that crap.