Different heights for launchers/Cross Rush?


Hi guys, first post on the SRK boards, and its for a question about the launchers (HP+HK or Cross Rush launchers) in the game.

Recently, I noticed that I find it way more easy to dash cancel cr.HP after Ryu’s launcher than if I do it after Kazuya’s. I know that Kazuya dash is way faster than Ryu’s but I was wondering if the launchers have different stats from a character to another?

I just saw this combo video from Tatsu and I saw that he mention 2 different versions for the raw launchers (starts at 0:30 in the vid) : High (he uses Nina) and Low (Julia, in this case).


If the launchers have different heights, does anybody know how many different categories are in the game?

Thanks in advance for the answer (and sorry for the poor english, I’m from France XP).


For exemple,with Julia’s launcher,it’s more difficult to juggle…some combo doesn’t work or are very risky to execute.
In training ,i have remarked some difference if you launch with cross rush Hp or cross rush Hk for some characters .


Vega’s launcher is very high and vertical, while Guile’s quite low and horizontal.


This shit just got real.


This makes sense. It seems similar to projectiles. Some go the full screen, some do not, some can be stored, there are different heights to them.
I think it’s good that the launchers are different per character, if this is indeed the case, as it adds more to the dynamics of the game. I theorize that the launchers are relative to the characters’ move sets, vitality, etc; though I have yet to actually see any info or research on this theory.
My question is now, do characters have more than one height to their launcher depending on HP, HK in X Rush, and/or solo launchers?
Definitely an intriguing idea, as this could open up possibilities…


This is interesting but if I may interject, there are few things more satisfying than trading with launcher and getting the most luxurious juggle opportunity ever. I’m sure this means that, depending on the character, a better launcher could mean better possibilities with that.


It makes Vega/King a perfect team. King can hit his jumping knee from Vega’s launcher almost anywhere on screen.