Different joystick hold for Urien?

I was just curious if anyone who plays Urien holds the stick any differently than their “normal” way of holding the joystick, because of Urien’s nature of charge moves, partitions, buffers, unblockable combos, etc.

I just got a joystick a couple weeks ago, and I’m still tryin to find a particular way to hold the joystick, though I think I’ve pretty much settled on one. Where my ring finger and pinky are in between the joystick. Though, when using Urien, I have my hand so that my thumb, index, and middle finger are wrapped around the joystick, while the pinky and ring finger are enclosed in my palm.

I’d also just like to add that I find difficulty in dashing going from right to left, so I’m still trying to figure out adjustments I can make on that.

I hope I’m not being a pain in the butt with all this :sweat:, but again, do you guys hold the stick differently based on Urien’s “charge nature”, or do you hold the stick for him like anyone else? If you do use a different grip, how do you hold it and why? I’d appreciate the help. Thx.


Guess not. :sweat:

I don’t like to use the joystick in third strike, particularly with parrying and stuff. I use my standard PS2 controller and still achieve optimal results, even in tournament play.

But as far as your question goes, I would guess it depends on the type of stick you have. I like the ball style that Japanese sticks offer because it allows for precision on games that really need it (like Tekken, Virtua Fighter…etc). Also for charge characters (such as Urien), that style is awesome. If you use the bat style that is on most Western style sticks, then I really don’t know. I tend to use the ball style stick more often. If I do end up playing with the Bat style stick, I just palm it and use the palm of my hand to do manuevers because it allows me to use precision without uneccesary movements.

There is no real “Set” way to throw out stuff with anyone or hold the stick when you’re playing as certain characters, just do whatever works for you and what you feel comfortable with. PS2 controller FTW.

I hold it just like I do for anyone else in any game ever. There aren’t very many ways to hold japanese sticks that aren’t just really weird for me, I just have like a thumb and two fingers on the ball, maybe rest the others on the stick.