Different shaped SFxT VS sticks?

Are the old one’s squared and the new ones trapezoid shaped? I have the non squared one but just noticed some were square. I can’t find any information regarding this change. Does anyone know if the square ones are deeper or are just the edges different shape?

SO weird. Was hoping maybe the square ones were taller and maybe a HAPP P360 or SUZO 500 would fit.





Not Square:

or is it just a weird angle?

They were never “square”

There is only one model, there was never a square as butteroj said.

weird. I guess i am high

What you have there are two different designs. The “trapezoid” shaped one that you are referring to is the Tournament Edition line, which is actually older than the “squared” one. The “squared” one is the V.S line which is a totally different design altogether. I couldn’t tell you the depth measurements and the other details that you asked about but, I will tell you that the two fight stick model in the pictures were not based off of one another. MadCatz still continues the Tournament Edition line of sticks. The V.S “squared” is simply a different beast.

It only looks differently shaped due to the angle of the photo.

You misundertood his post. He’s not talking about the TE in the first pic.

Oh ok, so the TE didn’t have any relevance to his question.

In that case, other than buttons and ball, I don’t notice the difference between the VS sticks. They were never exactly square, which I guess is what the others were talking about. Got it.

I also see the stick in the first two pictures as being completely box shaped (“squared”). But it is certainly just the angle, perspective and lightning that make it look so. If you look well at all these different pictures you’ll notice they are all somehow distorted because of the short distance in which the photos were taken. The one with the anime girl artwork, if you cover the left side and look just at the right side of the stick it actually looks square. Which it obviously isn’t.

I’m sorta aching to get one of those sticks. They are really nice. If I happen to find one on the cheap I’ll just get it.

Yeah, they are really nice. I got one and now other madcatz feel flimsy and light hehe.

THanks for the clarification people.

Get a second one and the vs connection kit. Nice, heavy set up, that.

If anything I would get 10 of them and connect them all together and beat people IRL with it.