Different strokes for different folks- THE RBS vs/And/ RB2 thread

Okay due to the fact that people come in my RBS thread talking about RB2, and people come in Joshs thread talking about RBS…I have decided to make this thread…

lets talk respectively about the differences about the games…this also gives people a opportunity to debate many things in this thread and not have it carry over to the other threads…

If a mod thinks this thread isnt good…I guess so be it…I’m just trying to help and facilitate room in both threads for more discussion/strategy…

-Dark Geese

we’ll see how this turns out

I say that if people can’t decide between RBS and RB2 to focus on in the SNK community, then scrap 'em both and pick up Garou.

I’m not trying to be disrespectful here, but since there has been debate and arguing on whether RBS or RB2 should be given a spot at FR next year, I’m afraid it’s only going to serve to split the community.

Both are great games. If we want to play RB2, let’s do it and viceversa.
Want to probe which (for instance) Terry is the best? I don’t know, maybe Mugen could help.
I was a strong RBS player…back to 1997. Right after RB2 came out, my friends and I went to follow it.

Everyone has their arguments but I think there’s no sense. We will reach no point at all.

Just a final words. There’s something that I miss a lot from RBS: qualify system. I never reached Holy status in my records.

Please close this thread. All I want to do is generate interest in rbs. I don’t want to start a flame war thread. I think both games are good and the way certain people on srk are trying to say rb2 is better because the characters are better in rb2. I don’t believe that statement is true. I’m not bashing rb2 just stating my opinion on how rb2 characters are nerfed compared to rbs. I get multiple post in the rbs thread with people trying to talk about why characters are better in rb2. So why can’t I counter their arguements with my own in the rb2 thread?

I thought the forums were for generating interest in all types of games. Since they are in the same series I didn’t see why there was 2 seperate threads in this section in the 1st place. And now you want to make a 3rd thread? That’s overkill imo. If I was a mod I would merge the rbs and rb2 threads and leave it like that. They are both real bout games. Someone with some common sense please close this thread. I would rather debate this in the rb2 or rbs threads.

Mark Of The Wolves Will be at FRXII. :wink:

No disrespect taken from my end. All I wanted is for people to give rbs a try and not just say stupid shit like:

“rbs gimmick game that feels unfinished”


“Why play rbs when there’s rb2”

Then follow it up with:

“Line shifting ruins the game”

All three of those remarks are the sign of a person not giving rbs a fair chance in trying to learn how to play the game correctly imo. Dark Geese tries to defend the RBS, but he is so focus on proving the line shifting isn’t broken in rbs that he creates a thread and chart for line shifting attacks in RBS. I don’t think he realized it, but when he made that list he put more focus on line shifting when it’s not that serious imo. Yes you need to know those line shift match ups, but rbs doesn’t revolve around line shifting. With him going into to fine detail on which character high/low plane attack beats what character plane attack put ***TOO MUCH VALUE/FOCUS ***into plane shift attacks imo. So much focus on line shifting in his rbs thread made it seems like if you don’t learn this list you will NEVER BE GOOD AT RBS and that is sooooooo far from the truth!!! It’s a much deeper game, but people are to lazy to try to truely learn the game.

I didn’t really start posting long post until people started to say that Characters are better in rb2. That’s when I started to post long ass counter arguements, because I played both games and the reason I didn’t continue to play rb2 back in the day was all of the characters I played with was nerfed hardcore imo and I don’t enjoy playing a weaker version of my characters. My arguement is based on josh and others saying that characters are better in rb2. I disagree with them and i’m willing to post why I think the characters I play are better in rbs.

If you don’t prefer the rbs gameplay then JUST SAY THAT!!! Don’t try to hide your personal feelings of rb2 gameplay with how most of the characters are better in rb2 anyways comments. I feel that part of their statement is false. So i’m going to post about it. I know everyone won’t like the same type of games, but to give a blanket statement about a game when you don’t really know the game is wrong imo. When I compare characters I don’t talk about line shifts or feint combo’s because they are both different parts of each game that can’t be used in evaluating characters from each game properly. I just wanted to spark some rbs talk that doesn’t focus on line shifting. RBS is a much better game than just sliding back and forth in and out of the planes.

Shiki- this debate has been going on since RB2 was released- it’s like ST vs A3 vs 3S discussions among the SF community.

Nothing’s ever going to change- each game appeals to a different type of player, who often dislikes the other type of games.

As for FR- honestly, I can’t see any FF game drawing over 16, including Garou. It might at Evo since that’s mostly West Coasters, but Garou isn’t as popular here.

About the only way to hype this would be a 20 game money match 10 of RB2 and 10 of RBSP between two top players.

However, Ghosty’s argument of RBSP on the RB2 thread echoes my sentiments in more words.

If you merged the threads, it would become like the other SNK threads, I’d rather keep both positive.

Im not trying to advocate a flame war thread…I just want people to know the differences between the games and it be in one location instead of all over the place…

What people like is what they like…I am just about educating people about the games and promoting the games…

That is all…

So i’m the bad guy because I don’t agree with the majority? That doesn’t matter now that I think about it sir. All of this bickering can’t be good for the snk scene, so I want to call a ceasefire!:wink: Yea I want it to be more positive talk also, so I will stop if you guy’s stop! Like I said I just wanted to generate interest in rbs also. I didn’t want to start a flame war and that’s the main reason I why I don’t post alot in fighting dis or general dis. I’ll just leave it like this. Play what you like to play, but give both games a fair chance before making bold statements one way or the other.:wink::wonder:.

I’ll be on 2df if you want to take it out on me in rb2 or rbs.:wink::wonder:

Please close this thread. There’s a ceasefire called and the last thing the snk community needs is a division in it’s players. This type of thread promotes people to choose which game is better and that wasn’t my purpose in debating characters in rbs or in rb2. I was responding to post made in the rbs thread.

No one made you out to be the bad guy. BTW, honestly, I think more people like RBSP over RB2 right now- but not by much, and that doesn’t mean it’s the better game. There’s little correlation between popularity and quality in fighters anyways.

It’s REALLY hard to learn RBSP and RB2 at same time.

I am running into some quality int’l RB2 players- I’m going to need to step it up, or accept mediocrity- so I’ll be concentrating more on that definitely.

splitting up the coomunity? like WWIII? its not even as big as the east west coast fued, or the capcom vs snk fued way back in the early 90’s. i think well survive through this…

Everyone just play what you like, end of story.

Same here, they both have their pros and cons but its all good in the family you know? Its freakin’ SNK why argue about it?! I just bought FF Battle Archives Vol.2 a couple of days ago and I’m learning to play both games (that and Arcana Heart) so I can care less which one is better. I’m still trying to figure out how they be doing those big ass combos on that games that I saw on youtube…cues Dark Geese intro music :bgrin:

What character do you need?

I mainly play with Andy Bogard alot but I want to learn that Rick guy too. I pretty much got the basics down with Andy though

See RB2 thread at the first page for Rick stuff…

Cool thanks

Okay so the original idea of this thread was to show the differences between both systems, am I right? Then why do I see people arguing instead of explaining the differences. I recently purchased the collection, and the Real Bout series as a whole is now my favorite fighting games. I’ve gone back and forth with RBS and RB2, and the only thing I notice personally is Terry having crack shoot in one and a weird double slide in the other.

So, would someone take the time and do what this thread is suppose to be about? I would also like some videos on both games, since I exhausted Geese’s supply, and some tutorial vids as well. Right now I main Krauser in both, he’s to pimp to ignore, so how does he differ in both games?

Well I can show you how to play with krauser on rbs if you want to learn him. You can ask keits or deadlyraveneo how to play him on rb2. Do you have 2df online client? If so look for me, so we can get some practice in sir. I use the same name on 2df also.

I’ll actually start since it isnt going in the direction I’d want…

Basic differences between RBS and RB2:

1.Cost meter to tech roll
2. Most characters in the game are S+, S-, A, or Bottom Tier. Pretty much everyone can compete.
3. Does not have feints
4. Walls breaking produce dizzies
5. Contrary to popular belief, Line Shift system at a high level is not broken, its very good but a simple LSJ (Line shift jump) can nullify it rather quickly. The Line Shift system is deep for both beginners, intermediates, and Experts.
6. Line Shift C is what hits the opponent in both planes.
7. Geese is NOT legal
8. Universal High Counter is wait until you are about to be attacked, then press back, forward+a.


  1. Does not cost meter to tech roll, can tech into background and main plane without costing meter
  2. While pretty much everyone can compete in RB2, they arent the same as in RBS…quite a few have been toned down and thus the tiers are different and not the same like RBS…see the RB2 thread for more details.
  3. Does have feints
  4. No walls, thus dizzies happen old school.
  5. Line Shift is much more simplified in RB2…
  6. D is the line shift attack in RB2.
  7. Geese IS Legal.
  8. Universal High Counter is much easier, just simply press A+B at ANY time…

This is something for starts for now…

-Dark Geese

Thanks for the help DG, and no I don’t have that Shin but I’ll work on getting it on here, would like to play some more competitive matches, still need my damn stick though.

Does RBS and RB2 have chip damage? I’ve read that RB2 doesn’t, but I was spamming blitz balls earlier and chipped, was this fixed for the port or just always been there?