Different Styles of Cammy

I notice with most characters there are very differing styles but with cammy everyone plays the same… insane rushdown with dive kicks. lately ive been playing with stuff and i found something that works at least for destroying scrubby kids… basically just abuse your dash and movement speed, and bait/use good mindgames main attacks pretty much punish combo, fa, jump ins pretty frequently, dash grab, backdash SA, and some poking into combos but make sure to cancel when you have bars… post any ideas here. even though i doubt there is anything as good as tkcs spamm could still find something interesting or just to add to everyones game.

i disagree. i believe most of the better known cammy players all play differently from each other and have their own unique style.

on a side note, i don’t think i ever focus jump ins unless i know 100% that I cannot cannon spike it. even then, i only use focus to absorb the attack (generally a cross-up) and dash away.

every cammy i play so far plays different lol

Actually IMHO, Cammy has more different style than say Ryu or Sagat… this is due to her LACK of SAFE moves/specials. In Ryu/Sagat case, because they have many SAFE options, so players tend to play similar style or the most effective style which is driven by their safe options.

In Cammy’s case, since none of her moves are safe, players have to think of different ways to approach/bait to do damage to their opponents, there’s no SET or safe options for the Cammy players to focus on, so every Cammy players have to constantly re-evaluate their risk/reward choices, this leads to very different playing styles.

Your missing out on some fun and free stun

Lk jumpins to TKCS

I did not know you could do this sir! Well, you learn something everyday.

I think we all play pretty different…

anyways good tips EMP Justin Wong. lolol

I agree with Faux. Everyone who plays cammy approaches different scenarios their own way.

I don’t even remember how I play… I endured an epic losing streak and now I’m in depressed/angry mode. I’m not even going to hate on the new ultra cammy just got or the fact that they didn’t allow both ultras to be used simultaneously in a match but damn… it seems hopeless to pull off a good win streak for me with cammy. She always gon be my baby but SHIT son!! No doubt I’m gettin ssfiv but I’m not for the first part going to take it as seriously as I have in the past year and in addition to that I’ll probably be trying out Ibuki a little (another possible low tier, yeah I’m a sucka for punishment) or at least Juri. Still gon rep with my cams in the team battle modes though but for now I’m taking a fuckin break!!! AARRRGH!!!

the best cammy is a buns-out offense cammy

Bully Cannon Spike for the win

pffft hooligan ftw

strike tricks > all.

on a serious note i need to use hooligan more… but i’m allways so worried about eating dp for it

I’m starting to use more dive kicks more and less spiral arrows. Hate that habit I got in when I started. Still can’t get the BnB combo completely down yet.

Cammy is just one big mixup, its all about outsmarting your opponent

this. and i think i need to use hooligan and FA more too.

Your just as likely to eat a dp from anything you do including strike so I say to hell with it. Hooligan is just too fun but as those who play me know I use that move a tad too much sometimes.

Hooligan is great fun though, especially when you hit that random EX one across the screen. I love the air grab with it. I just have that feeling of… awesome.

i guess it’s that hooligan has slower start-up so more time to react to it and dp/ultra etc. where as strikes are very fast and they can be easily faked to where you can block the ultra or dp and because of that they are less likely to try those things.