Different Thoughts

Yeah, I’ve been thinking this for a while now, and well…this is the only place I feel would be the best to talk about this…even as odd as it may be.

Now, for those of you who’ve played Darkstalkers, you should know who Demitri is. And for those who know who Demitri is, you know what Midnight Bliss does. Now, where am I going with this? It all leads up to SVC Chaos…yes, that game. I’m curious as to what you guys think abou the Midnight Bliss forms that were used in that game, and what they could’ve done with them (I liked Kasumi’s and Chun-Li’s the most, but Mai’s…they could’ve done A LOT better, IMO).

#2 Topic:

Contrary to Street Fighter and Darkstalkers, I noticed that SNK never EVER used any Shock animations to their characters in ANY games that they’ve made…I’m curious as to why here. Think they should’ve used them? (Would’ve seem fitting in a way, and it would’ve been fun to do too to some characters…like Yuri…hehehe…). Also, think they should’ve done this in CVS2 (considering that Blanka was there, and…well…that’s what he does best?)

#3 Topic

IF they were to make a CVS3 or SVC Chaos 2, who would you want to see in it? And if they were to put Demitri in there, what would be your ideas for Midnight Blisses for each character (and going with that, IF they were to somehow put Anakaris in there, also from Darkstalkers, what would their transformations be?)

Yeah…just a bunch of random things I was thinking about lately (but more or less the first 2 than anything else. The third one spawned on me while ago while trying to think of what they could’ve done with Mai in SVC…but yeah…I’d like to hear what you guys have to say about this.



well thats kinda cool i ugess

Morrigan has some nice titties

Maybe they didn’t want to copy Capcom?

i lived in marion for two years. i think a better topic for discussion would be ways to get the hell out of there.

they should’ve made mai turn into a morrigan sprite

Tokoyama2000: Hehe…a Morrigan sprite…or something to that effect…something better than what she had.

poom: Yeah…Marion does suck to live at…bleh…

pherai: I can understand that, but didn’t other games do the same thing that weren’t from Capcom? I could’ve swore there were other fighting games that did the same thing…

“other games” aren’t SNK.

Yeah, I know that. I’m just saying that didn’t other games use those same effects that Capcom did?

Well…I guess that just makes SNK more unique in the sense that they didn’t follow a trend if that’s the case, am I right?

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wtf :rofl:

Yeah…that’s what I’m wondering. lol


Hm…so nobody at all has any ideas eh? Bleh…




But in all honesty unless the drop ALL the characters from their competitive titles in a fighting gmae and make a game engine that could appropriately balance them all AND make it pretty to look at then there will always be a shitload of improvement.

P.S.Benimaru’s Lightning fist has a shock animation.:rolleyes:

Well…I do use Benimaru, and well…it just doesn’t feel the same (not to say that I don’t enjoy the game nonetheless. Actually, I play SNK games more often than I play Capcom games anymore tbh).