Different types of fighting games


I feel that in SSF4, its all about timing to be able to pull of combos so thats why im not a big fan. However, i can do combos in games like MvC2 no problem. Im just wondering if theres a way i can tell how a game plays whether its like SSF4 or MvC2. Does it have to do with whether the combos are linked or chained? I just play casually and have more fun when i do long combos because then i feel like im a pro :rofl:


In my experience the speed of the game has a lot to do with how different combos work. Really fast paced fighters such as BlazBlue and Guilty Gear require faster button presses just because the game is faster. With SSF4 being a slower game, there is more time for error. I hope that made sense lol.


It’s because MvC2 has chains not 1 frame links. Although there are harder combos in MvC2 which require tight links.


So i should be getting fighting games that use chains instead of things like 1 frame links? Is there a way to tell if a game uses mostly chains or links?


play blazblue


I’m exactly the opposite. I like the slowness of SSIV because I feel like I have to get the timing juuust right. When I try to play faster games like MvC2 or BB/GG I feel like I’m mashing and therefore all strategy goes out the window. I’d like to start getting into MvC in preperation for MvC3, any tips for transitioning?


Other than the differences being chains/links and games like Blaz Blue having a system where you can combo off of… pretty much any move. All the games still require the same basis. Just requires adjusting to the speed and timing needed for the combos. SSF4 in my opinion is a lot more calm but still require strict timing… I feel that if I learn to play SSF4 and time even the tightest links and toughest combos. That I can move to other games a lot easier and have the execution needed to do so… I just got to adjust to the speed.