Differing values on a life


I was reading an article on those trapped miners today and it brought up a thought that always floats into my head from time to time. Why is there this crazy social variance on how much saving a life is worth?
If someone gets stuck in a mine its completely acceptable to spend hundreds or thusands of man hours and thousand and thousands of dollars getting them out, but sick people get shipped out of hospital all the time for not having insurance. People step over hungry people in the streets but if one person gets caught in another country, even if its their own fault, we’ll risk an international incident that could cost the lives of way more than one soldier but that okay.
Its not even just people, You’ll see a dozen people spend a whole day getting using heavy machinery to get a cat out of a pipe, but if that cat got free and ran in front of someones car you wouldn’t even be in trouble. Something never really added up with this issue in my head.


These aren’t really my opinions, just how I imagine the thinking behind the folks with the money to decide these sorts of things goes…

maybe they aren’t so much saving the guys as they are clearing out the mine and recovering some of the “tools” (read: workers) so they can get back to work… Workers in a mine are worth something. Even if they aren’t worth much, clearing their dead bodies out of the mine so that new mine workers can get back to work is profitable. Poor people with no insurance are less profitable.


There’s no consistency in the logic. People are just hypocrites.


I’d say its situational and also based on a society’s mores. Americans might spend time and money on rescuing a cat, but poorer countries would certainly not. As for the miners, I think it’s the obligation of the mining company to rescue their workers, at their own cost. Often times, the mining companies are operating in a foreign country, so there’s a lot of pressure on them from the world community to “do the right thing.”

It’s up to you to pay for your medical expenses, so hospitals will send you on your way unless you can cough up the dough. But that’s a discussion about universal healthcare more than anything.


maybe the miners had work insurance?


I’m bored so I’ll bite.
Those miners have economic value…the sick people without insurance do not. Whatever the miners are mining is economically valuable to their society/company/foreign country/whatever. How many workers do you think the mining company could employ if they didn’t invest in the lives of their own staff? They’d be outta business. Sick people already aren’t as valuable as healthy people, and not having insurance to compensate their healthcare providers just worsens their situation. Double whammy.

Homeless people are generally thought of as lazy fucks that are responsible for their own desparity. “Fuck 'em, they don’t contribute (nor take away much), they ain’t my problem” is the normal mentality. I wouldn’t go as far to say americans held captive in foreign territories are valuable. Depends who they are (99%of the time nobody important), and what US interests are at hand. I’d say its more publicity and a political move (which is sometimes more valuable than any tangible resource) than anything else. Or maybe Carter got paid something. shrugs

And an animal life =/= human life in human society. Some people may deem their pets as family members, but it doesn’t mean there’s gonna be a wake with news coverage if Garfield gets run over by a Caprice Classic.


The special cases look good on the media. That’s the only reason IMO.


No they dont


Some people brag about doing drugs and being an alcoholic on their facebook which we all condone and then the same people either die from an overdose/alcohol poison/suicide, then we all feel bad for them. Weird.


Not necessarily true. Many people are contributing positively to society by working full time or more, and yet they are still poor. They cannot afford sick time and so they work through what people like me don’t have to because we have a better job for some reason.

It is my hope that this American ‘Universal health care’ is for those who have jobs or who in the recent past had jobs but lost them. There are many people working who are not positively contributing to society, but there are many who are working and do not get the health care they require, and I think, deserve.

As far as animals =/= humans, that’s the truth. Don’t go wasting my tax dollars on saving cats. Pets are property and the owners should pay for their pets. When our dog was dying my dad dropped thousands of dollars on her, but we still had to put her down because she was too far gone, but point is, the expendable money we had to own a dog was well spent in our opinion, and it was our money to spend (capitalism).

If a cat gets stuck in a tree, the owner should have to pay to have a public servant get that cat down.

I mean it’s nice to know that someone might go to great lengths to save me if I was a miner trapped in a mine, maybe it’s all part of people being able to rationalize working such risky jobs.

There is a lot of hypocrisy in our society :, many times known as ‘Bullshit’.


One is in your face, the other can be played off as “part of life.” People get sick and die all the time. If they can’t pay for what’s needed, it’s “their time.” Politicians and those in power don’t look bad when that happens. Leaving a group buried underground or letting foreign countries do as they please to your citizens leaves a mark so they’ll do something about it, even if it means spending money. Your life, whether you like it or not, has a price tag. You’re only worth so much. If you can be used as a political tool (saved miners, saved citizens in foreign lands), you’re worth the trouble. If it costs millions to save you while you wither away in a hospital bed and no one can benefit from you getting better, say your goodbyes to friends and family.




Well with the miners the company employing them put them in that situation, (not intentialy but they are still responsible for the workers down there) so they are obliged to get them out or look like complete asses.

If a country just lets it’s people held captive in foreign territorys stay there then they look like pushovers to others and like they don’t care about their own people to their own people.

Someone in the street isn’t really directly associated as anyone’s direct responsibility so people won’t feel the same pressure to help them out.