Difficulty changes between versions

I know this could go in a variety of areas but since this deals with ST mostly I figured I would post it here. I’m fairly new to playing Street Fighter seriously and I would probably say I am mediocre on my good days.

I started out on 3s, then moved to ST to learn more of the basics but since HDR came out I’ve been playing that game quite a bit more. Actually this week is the first time I’ve played ST or 3s in months. Well needless to say, I suck at both. I’ve lost what seems to be the little skill I had. But the purpose of this thread is to figure out if there are drastic changes in difficulty in versions of ST.

On Dreamcast I have the ST X for matching service. I can beat that game on regular difficulty but it takes me a while.

HDR I can beat, it takes me a little less time than the dreamcast game.

Tonight I fired up ST on my emulator and played the World version (by the way if I’m not supposed to say this in here let me know and I’ll remove it). I couldn’t even beat the first guy (DeeJay). Out of 15 attempts at matches I won 2 bouts, thats it. It seemed every single thing I did he countered and hit me the frame before I would connect. Most of the hits I connected he connected too and dealt more damage. It was ridiculous. There was even one round where he completely drained my help in 4 hits, 4. Not moves or combos, 4 hits.

Has anyone else noticed changes in difficulty between versions? I understand HDR is going to be easier but I didn’t expect this one to be so difficult. Or have I just lost all the skill I once had by playing HDR?

The Japanese version is by far the easiest as far as arcade versions go.

If you go to the dip switch menu of the DC version and set it to the first dip then it’s really easy. By really easy I mean really easy for Super Turbo.

Don’t even mess with the arcade versions outside of Japan. They’re all impossible.

If you want to learn skills, play with other players online on GGPO for ST or Live/PSN for STHD. Playing the AI will do little to help you unless you just enjoy doing so.

The easiest version of ST is the laughable PC version by Eurocom: it should be relatively straightforward to win the game on defaults and the game even provides health cheats.

The versions without western involvement are based on either the X Japanese standard (e.g. DC, PS, SS) or ST world standard (e.g. CCC2), where the former is quite a bit easier than the latter. Relatively speaking, it’s not terribly difficult to meet Akuma in US ST but it’s definitely hard and tougher than meeting him in X.

Thanks, it was just infuriating having the computer stomp my ass and I wasn’t sure why it was happening. I didn’t want to blame the difficulty if it was just my complete lack of skills. So now I see its at least a combination of the two.

Yes, against cpu is one thing, cpu is not a real player and usually does things that a real player cannot do (for example it starts with charge tecnics when it doesnt have the charge as the standing summer kick of guile), so if u want to play against cpu u have just to study pattern and some tactic, for example with vega against ken when u hit him with a psycho crusher hp u can hit him again and again when he wakes up, just waiting one moment for the next psycho crusher (if u start too fast he makes a dragon punch hp). So play against cpu is very different and help you only a little to improve, u can do that just to try some combo or antiair tactic but then if u want to improve install ggpo and start to play against other players! Dont care the cpu.