Diffrence between american and japanese sticks?

I want to know the difference between the two. is one better than the other? i heard that its easier to kara using a jap stick. i think it had something to do wit hthe buttons, can someone help me out. thank you

aside from the obvious physical and technical differences, it all really boils down to preference and practice.

i’ve known people who play better on american sticks, and i’ve known people who play better on jap sticks. it’s all about preference and practice.

its just preference. Makes no difference what you play on as long as you win or at least play to your own highest potential. If you can Kara on a sanwa you should be able to kara on an american stick. If your saying it has something to do with the buttons then it is probably only the lay out of japanese style buttons, semi circle. Again, all preference.

didnt mean to shadow you there arsenal, we were writing in tandem it seems.

I made this thread quite some time ago, and I knew it would come to use one day.


the general concensus is jap sticks are preferred more.

Nice post. I’m going to get an arcade stick sometime in the next few months, and I am hoping to buy one for a decent price from one of the custom makers on this forum. So far, I have seen pretty cool stuff from koi, byrdo, and finkle. Any other well known recommendations on this forum would also be appreciated :slight_smile: