Digimon Digital Card Battle

I’ve played my fair share of card games and card game videogames in the past.

But this game was too good. It was actually quite balanced, and was sooo fun.


What partner(s) did you choose, how did you play, and what were your decks?

I recently started a new game.
I long ago had a saving of this game with ALL cards. My main deck was one with the yellow type cards, Digivolving into Mamemon and ass-raping the CPU was too good :).

Yeah, I just started over too. I lost my old file =’(…it raped so much.

I like playing against human opponents.

They should have made the “real” life digimon card battle play like that.

I picked that Red deck from the start, i remembering going through around 75% of the game. Then by mistake i turned my ps1 off when it was saving, and bam, my memory got corrupted so i was like forget this, i ain’t going through it agian.

But it was good times, won’t forget that.

I always picked the green. balance+quick digivolving is great.

I was so lucky to find the game again at gamestop the other day (my bro broke my 1st one (and broke the second one he got to replace it)

you should start a game again!

I wish I could play more human oppontents…

Guess what I just did while saving my game this weekend…I fucking hit the power button…ugh