Digital Boundaries 24-Hour Fundraiser and Viewer Drive


Hey everyone,

I’ve been on SRK for many years now. Dropped off some, but you guys/gals were always a good people. Years I talk about (mainly on the general, or the premium boards) that I wanted to start my own website, live stream, and stuff. I finally said “Fuck it”, and going to put myself out there. It costs a lot of money to set everything up, and I invested some already. I want to make a great community, and of course fighting games will be involved. Not the sole thing, but a part of it.

To help me really get started I am now pushing to grow my live stream. So I am going to do a 24-hour fundraiser, and live stream this Saturday. I truly would like your guys support. While I know how it goes, and I will get some hate it is all good. I honestly like your straight-forwardness. Just know that if I succeed, or fail at least I can say I tried. Here is the announcement video for my event. Thank all!

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Sorry Ronin, or other mods if this breaks a rule. I didn’t see anything about this type of video.