Digital Camera Recommendations?

I need a digital camera. Most of the time it will be used for pictures at parties, clubs, bars, etc. so it needs to be something very sleek and slim, and needs to be able to take really good pictures in low light settings. The pics will be used to promote a new website I’m working on, so they need to look really good yet the camera needs to very very portable. I’m looking to spend around $200.

I bought the new Nikon S550 10MP camera and it’s a piece of crap. No matter what settings or where I am, pictures on it look like shit. My girlfriend’s 3 year old 5MP Canon takes much better pictures.

I’ve never had a digital camera before so I’m really new to all this. I need it ASAP though. Thanks in advance for help :woot:

I’ve got some experience in this field, and if it’s under $200 theres not many I can recommend but you are in luck because there is a great camera for $200.

Canon A720is

You can check out a full and concise review here with samples:

Do yourself a favor and get the new Canon PowerShot SD1100 IS Digital Camera, now that is not a garbage with only 70$ more you got the best!

Like these good sirs said, $200 will probably leave something to be desired. However, if the images are solely for the web then you don’t necessarily need a high megapixel count. You could probably get a really good 5-6MP for cheaper because it is “outdated”.
If I’m not mistaken, look for a camera with a high ISO for brighter night shots. Also look for the word “Canon” somewhere on the camera.

My camera:

I like it, it’s more around $250 though.

Edit: Actually this is my camera. I don’t know why Amazon says it’s $699.

Might be worth looking at the Fuji Finepix series of cameras too.

Personally, I’ve had two Canon Powershots and can say that they’re great cameras. They may be a slightly too big for what you want though, especially if you want something “sleek and slim” that you can just throw in your pocket on a night out.

What about this Sony:

Or this Canon:

Spending more than $200 isn’t that big of a deal. I just bought a MacBook Pro and paid for my girlfriend and I to go to Vegas along with my company screwing me with a new compensation plan so I don’t feel like spending too much :mad:

The SD750 will do you good IF:

  1. You don’t care if it has Image Stabilization. Personally I can tell you that IS is worthless on lower end cameras, they just add a shit load of noise to the images. The flash will always suffice even in low light situations. Trust me, the flash is powerful enough on this camera.
  2. You don’t care if it doesn’t have a viewfinder. Viewfinders on digital cameras are not even real viewfinders anyways so it’s not a big deal.

I’ve used this camera before actually. I think it’s great and has some good image quality.

Also, here’s a cheaper price:

if you’ve got some money to invest in a nice camera, look at nikon’s D series.

nikon has (imo) the best low-light processors in any digital slr on the market.

good luck.


I went ahead and got it. It wasn’t too much more at BestBuy and since I was there to return the piece of shit Nikon I figured I might as well pick it up. Plus they ran out of those “15% restocking fee if sticker is broken” stickers so I can do whatever I want with it for 2 weeks and return it if need be.

I think image stabilization was one of the reasons the Nikon had such crappy pics. While focusing it looked really clear but right when it took the shot it got all bluryy for no apparent reason.

I’ve never had a camera before so I won’t miss the viewfinder. In fact I’m not even really sure what that is :rofl:

Nice, take some pics and show it off ! Just resize in on photobucket/whatever.

First cam ? Use 5mp (M2) at most. Anything higher is unneccessary unless you want to print out a gigantic picture and you want to fill your hard drive up real quick. Even 3mp (M1) will suffice. For posting pics up on the internet use the 1mp (S) feature.

Don’t install the shit that comes on the CD, it’s totally useless. Just plug the Camera in with USB and iPhoto should pick it up automatically. ( iPhoto is actually a great program )

Thanks for the tips. I took some random pictures around the house and the pics look infinitely better than the Nikon. I think I’ll stick with this SD750. Thanks for all the suggestions :tup:

Sorry another question now. What kind of SD card should I get for this? Or does it even matter? My cousin told me to get a SanDisk Ultra series but the Canon only seems to be compatible with the High Capacity Ultra cards, smallest being 4GB for $35 on NewEgg.

Storage Media = SD Memory Card, SDHC Memory Card, MultiMediaCard

That’s BS that it will only work with “high capacity ultra cards”

2gb is way more than enough. On my camera the 10 MP setting lets me take 700 pictures with a 2gb card, so the 7mp or 5mp setting will take 1000+.

Check this out:

The faster speed SD cards allow you to take pictures faster and store them faster on the card so you can take more pics in less amount of time.

Actually that’s exactly the one I was looking at. Saw it bundled with a nice Canon leather case for like $30.