Digital cassette converters?

anyone know of any software that will let me download my videos off of digital video cassette onto my computer? ive been tryin to google for something like it but i dont think im asking the right questions. i know i can do it cuz it has a usb port for the such but i dont remember getting any additional software with the camcorder when i got it. thanks

Yes, and you’ll probably be better off with firewire. I know Windows Movie Maker and iMovie will both capture from firewire sources.

thank you

well i got my camera installed but now i have a new problem. its not letting me import files from the cassette into windows movie maker. i played with it for a bit and ended up putting it in webcam mode but thats still not doin anything for the files i want to put on my computer. just for the record im working with the panasonic pv-gs9 if anyone knows how i can get them on there much help would be appreciated.