DIGITAL COLOR HELP mr twelve/sfmc/rook/anyone

hey guys and gals. i’ve been teaching myself how to color in ps, but i want to take a course at RISD.
i’m wondering whats the better program to color line art? sfmc, your colors in the alex vs yun/yang and the charlie/rose images come to mind, and mr twelve your latest “spirits” is almost exactly what i’m going for.
i have photoshop and coral painter…whatever the newest version is (9 i think?)
i know my way around ps pretty well, but i’m LOST in painter.
painter seems like it might produce better results?
basically i’m gonna take one of the courses, can you guys give me advice as to which you think will help most?

Making Your Digital Images Extraordinary in Photoshop
Date(s); 02/20/06 - 02/22/06
Time: 10am-4pm
Sessions: 3


Cynthia Rubin

Photographs, slides, prints, paintings, drawings, real objects and more can be composed, enhanced and transformed with the powerful features offered by Adobe Photoshop. Using your imagination and Photoshop’s capabilities to create transparencies, patterns, textures and distortions, ordinary photographs can become attention-getting imagery for the web and other visual media. Experiment with tools such as digital tablets, and other features that can create a range of effects, from seamlessly blending your pictures into a collage to simplifying them for clean icons and graphics. Full-color, duotone and monochromatic images are printed on our archival printer. Whatever your level of expertise, this course should help you make Photoshop work for you.
Prerequisite: Adobe Photoshop I or permission of the instructor
Applies to the following certificate programs (18 contact hours): AB-E, AD-E, CG-E, PD-E, WE-E

Tuition [Non Credit]: $335.00
Course total: 335.00

Corel Painter
Date(s); 02/27/06 - 05/22/06
No class dates: 4/17
Time: 7-10pm
Sessions: 12


Geoffrey Shafer

Maybe you paint in the traditional manner with oils, acrylics or tempera colors. Perhaps you prefer oil sticks or pastels or ink. But a digital era calls for new tools, and Corel Painter is the ideal supplement (if not substitute) for the actual mixing of liquid pigments. The interface is intuitive and responsive, allowing for onscreen brushing, streaking and layering of an inexhaustible palette of colors. With a Wacom digital tablet pen in hand, students begin either with a direct digital drawing or a scanned sketchbook image. Through a combination of demonstration and hands-on practice, participants explore a wide range of possibilities for digital artistic expression. Completed work is exhibited electronically or printed to archival papers, even canvas. Indeed, your painting will be ready for show while your fellow artists are still cleaning their brushes.
Prerequisite: The ABCs: Absolutely Basic Computer Skills or Computer Applications for Digital Design
Applies to the following certificate programs (36 contact hours): AB-E, AD-E, AN-E, CB-E, CG-E, DS-E, ID-E, NS-E, PD-E

Tuition [Non Credit]: $580.00
Course total: 580.00

SFMC uses Photoshop, and Twelve uses Painter. Either can be used quite effectively for digital painting, but as far as those two courses go, it sounds like the painter one is more what you’re looking for. The Photoshop one sounds like it’s geared towards general knowledge and photo/graphics editing, whereas the Painter one is specifically for digital painting.

Hey RW what’s happening. Long time no see. From my experience and experience of others, both programs have pros and cons. let’s start with PS

Photoshop - Photoshop runs very smoothly and can handle layering a zillion times better than painter. I’ve worked with files up to 200 layers before in ps. Sure it runs slow with that many layers, but that just shows you how great ps can handle layering. Ps is a program that can perfrom an ample amount of tasks. From graphic design, painting, texturing, photo manipulation etc… The only problem i have with ps is that the brushes aren’t as great as painter, but then if they were they might as well call it painter. If you are looking to color line art ps is way better in my opinion. Especially coloring comic book type art. Detailing is much easier to render in ps.

Painter - Painter is a dream program for an artist. There is only one thing straying me from using painter. Runs very slow. I have 2 gigs of ram and I have still having problems with some of the brushes. Layering is horrible in my opinion. If i were to load those 200 layers in painter it would never even open. I also have resources from my buddy Sang Jun( Star Wars episode 3 character/costume designer). He tells me that it is difficult for painter to handle anything after a couple of layers. From my experience having worked on a file in painter at 300 dpi at 8 by 11 on 3 layers nearly killed me. When i work with painter I just stick to 1 layer. Kinda like painting in real life. Certain brushes make detailing difficult to detail your work so alot of artist import their painter files into ps for finalizing details.

To sum this up, my choice goes to photoshop only because it runs faster and can handle layering alot better than painter. I work with alot of effects so ps is a must. both programs can achieve what you are looking for though. If you already have knowledge in ps then I would take the class on painter.

On another note I think you can easily teach yourself any of these programs. Forums and tutorials will always be out there.

Yeah I’d go with CHAiNwhore’s suggestion. If u specifically want to learn about colouring/painting, then the Painter course sounds like the one you want to enroll in.

If you want to know about general graphic editing etc… then Photoshop’s the one. This might sound obvious, but Photoshop is wayyy more than just a painting software.

Wow SFMC you actually work on 200 layers??:wow: I guess that’s how professional artists work issit? And here I am working on Painter with 10 layers MAX, and it runs smoothly on my laptop.:bgrin:

You COULD color lines in Painter, but the process it a little bit tougher to learn compared to Photoshop’s cut-and-dry approach. I agree with the guys^ on this. Photoshop’s straight-forward, that’d be your best bet, Corel takes some time, but you’ll definitely have better results as you gain experience though.

If you’re thinking of coloring lines in Painter, just lift the layer in Edit or Layer(?) I forget which one, Sorry.

ok i know you guys do this shit for breakfast, but i colored a sketch i did. any pointers? see any potential here?
took like 40 min.

I can’t really help you with much advice, sorry… I am teh n00b when it comes to colouring. Perhaps not an utter & total mess, but definitely not qualified to give advice.

one thing though – it’s kinda hard to see the colouring with the hatching going on. Perhaps post another version with the hatching masked out?

this site’s got some good info

Yeah I was about to give me input… till I saw that tutorial the rook posted. Thanks for the link rook!

Just keep in mind that different material reflects light differently. I’m gona keep note of that for my future works. Well it’s all stated in the tutorial anyway so I’m not really contributing much!

nice digital colouring step-by-step in PS