Digital Life East Coast E3

If you read it’s OCT 12-15

I’m reserving these dates. The official site with events (last years cleared 100k in cash prizes ) will be up by August. Consider the date booked.

You are def sticking to you’re word it’s good to have some people like you in our small community now.

I went to this last year, and it was a decent time. They usually showcase a bunch of new games coming out. Last year they had a lot of Quake 4 and Star Wars Battlefront II stations, which you could play casually if you waited around a bit. I was a little disappointed because I wanted to enter the Quake 4 tournament but I found out it had been booked since like 3 days in advance.

One thing that was REALLY weird was that there was a HUGE section for Dance Dance Revolution, which I really didn’t understand at all. Hopefully this year, we can get some fighting games in there and start showcasing our skills to the public eye, instead of having DDR represent the competitive gaming community.

btw, word on the street is that this event will feature 2 console fighters with 10k pots.

Which 3rd Strike will definitely be one of them. Somebody in the fighting game scene is actually gonna come out with some good dollaz for their hard earned work. :tup:


Some of the events (ala Quake 4) are considered “pro”. Thus there are online qualifiers and a slew of other events that result in people getting invited to the play off stages. There is room for walk-ins but they fill up fast. So for those it’s generally a good idea to register on the site for any PC FPS/RTS game since they already have professional players.

As for DDR… Each year there are some games that are “pro-am” (professional and amature) and have a lot of room for walk-ins. I believe that was the justification behind DDR last year, though I don’t know the details. Personally I hate DDR, but it does draw a crowd since just about everybody can play it. Last year DDR and Halo were huge and drew crowds, even if the talent pool wasn’t as deep as the other games.

FYI last years tournament site

@ DevilJin

Nothing is definite until the site for this years tournament goes up. What is certain is that GGL is doing the official “professional and amature” gaming area again this year (and there will be more space) and MLG is holding one of their Halo tour stops there as well.

However the current planned games list has changed from last years.

All I know is…3rd Strike is the most popular 2d fighter out there and it needs a shot. :tup:

Hmmm, two big fighters… I’m looking forward to this. DDR!!

DSP, this is off topic, but you play Quake? You wouldnt happen to play UT2K4 also would you?

hmmm sounds good

instead of people bitching and moaning about what game should be in there, how about supporting whatever 2 games are picked and showing up in numbers to support them. Eventhough the games that are being considered to be in the event should please the vast majority, even if it is not your favorite game that is picked show up and give support 10k for a FIGHTING GAME!!! WHY NOT!!!

In my opinion having 3s there is a bad idea, because it is not an East Coast game.

Look at numbers:


MvC2: 70+ players
CvS2: 60 or so players
3S: only 40 or so players

OVERALL, including areas like Texas and Cali, 3s is the biggest SF game in the nation. But when you’re running a tournament on the East Coast (and keep in mind this is the first time that Digital Life will be running fighting games so it will not attract as many players as even ECC), the best way to get headcount is to include the top games on that coast.

Undoubtedly, that game is MvC2.

The problem is that MvC2 is on a now-defunct console system that has zero support from Sega. So what do you do?

If it absolutely comes down to it, I think that CvS2 should be used instead of MvC2, because the PS2 is a highly supported console, and that game will get more COMPETITIVE players than 3s will on the East Coast. And hell, it’s a much more modern game as well (2001 as compared to 1999 for 3s); in fact, it’s the “newest” competitive SF game right now.

I REALLY doubt that Capcom is going to get 2 of the spots, so expect to see Tekken or DOA4 in the other open spot for this tournament.

Just my two cents.

  1. if the payout is 10K… I doubt think getting TX/Cali to come will be a problem. Or anyone for that matter.

  2. Having MvC2 on the DC is just about the same as having anything for the PS2, because the real fact of the matter is that Microsoft sponsors tourneys for their systems, and Sony does not. So start thinking about 3S, CvS2, Marvel, etc for the Xbox if the money shows up.

  3. Tekken 5.0 is dead. DOA4 never lived. While MS may sponsor something for DOA4, GGL won’t touch it since it’s track record is sooooo horrible.

Just my two cents.
Whatever game is picked, I encourage EVERYONE to go. 10k for capcom is no joke.

Texas/Cali will not becoming for one game unless we start talking monstrous payouts. Even a 5k 1st place isn’t worth taking a trip to NYC for 3+ days if that’s all you’re going to do. Remember, we’re talking 10k spread across 2 games, and that’s through ALL the places (1st/2nd/3rd). And honestly how many people have a chance at those prizes???

I’m sure a few players would make a vacation out of it, but besides that, don’t expect seeing too many top players from non-EC tri-state area to show up to this unless there is another, local event going on that same weekend that people can make the trip worthwhile. This is a large-scale promotional event that isn’t going to allow GGL to set up lots of casual play besides the game that they choose to showcase…i.e. it won’t be like EVO with a “casual play” room but more like an event where a lot of people will just show up, play the game, and leave.

Hell, EVO is having qualifiers that guarantee you a fast-lane seat to top 32 and a chance at a 5k prize in Vegas…and a LOT of people are skipping those qualifiers, despite the fact that they’re all-weekend events…now compare that with an event where you only get to play one game for a few days, and the hype of “nationals” isn’t there, and the chances are just as hard as EVO of winning…

And I can pretty much guarantee there will be a 3d game there, you mark my words. Chances are it WILL be DOA4 since that’s Microsoft-backed.

each fighter would have its own individual 10k payout I highly doubt finding ppl to come out to attend this will be a issue

The site for this year isn’t up yet so it’s not worth speculating over games.

As for prizes, look at last years that’s the best gauge out there. Also this year we have MORE space, LESS games. This equates to more areas for open play/free play. Which is one of the goals. Also there is going to be a much larger media footprint here, including a crew for satalite TV who’s only job their is to capture to the tournament. So there are some changes from last year.

As for DOA4 and Microsoft. I agree DOA4 sucks and it’s no secret that Microsoft is a major backer of progaming leagues and we’ve done several events with them. Personally I HIGHLY EXTREMELY DOUBT that DOA4 will have any sort of prize money, and if you notice we haven’t really done anything with DOA4 for them only FPS games/Racers. But I wouldn’t rule out DOA4 freeplay consoles, and that’s all I can say about it at the time.

If fighters are chosen to be at this event, you all should just be there to support it…that will make the powers that be think that they should support the scene more. I kept hinting to you all that October might be huge did I not?

I went for 3 of the 4 days last year. I played in a Quake 4 tournament each of the 3 days. I was a walkin too. (Shit sucked though… I don’t like my sensitivity on 9000000000).

The site is always up. They reserve the date over a year in advance because when you walk out the door, it says “see you next year October whatever thru whatever”.

lol I played King of Fighters '94 Rebout here as well… in all its glory with huge loading time and slow as hell gameplay.