Digital Mayhem CT tourney results! Aug. 15th 09 All results are up!

Here are the results

Teams SF4

1 Team Asshole (Bob Sagat-Sagat,Andre/TwistedJago-Dictator,Evil Rahsaan-Dhalsim)
2 2 can do it (Gran_Calc-Boxer,Damdai-Viper)
3 Gen Masters Ft. Sim (LuckyD-Sim,Asain Tom-Gen,xCPx-Ken)
4 Impaired (Weak Sauce-Boxer,The Butcher-Zangief,BRN-Sagat)
5 Team CT (Kryonik-Zangief,Essex-Seth,Aumni-C. Viper)
5 Happt Bday Dan (Defcon-Dictator,Alex M.-Akuma,Siyko-Ryu)
7 …Bad (BlueNINE-Abel,Pancho-Ryu,Bonj-Gen)
7 Slap your bitch up (Anthony A.-Balrog,Wave of Babies-Chun li,Nicholas A.-Ryu)
9 Hopeless (Kona-Cammy,Apex-Boxer,LB Chaos-Abel)
13 Good Enough (Zoob-Sagat,Zorin-Seth,Gonzales-Akuma/Gouki)

Singes SF4

Singles SF4
1 Jago-Dictator and Cammy
2 Evil Rahsaan-Gen and Dhalsim
3 Damdai-Viper and Ken
4 Weak Sauc3-Sagat and Boxer
5 Siyko-Ryu and Gouken
5 Defcon-Dictator
7 Gran_Calc-Boxer
7 BRN-Sagat and Ryu
9 Bonj-Gen
9 CP-ken
9 Kryptic-Ryu and Cammy
9 Bob Sagat-Sagat
9 Kryptic-Ryu and Cammy
13 Essex-Seth and Boxer
13 Vigilante- El fuerte
13 blueNINE-Abel and ryu
13 LB Chaos-Abel and ken
17 Apex-Boxer and ryu
17 Kona-Cammy and Chun-li
17 Wave of Babies-Chun-li and Akuma/Gouki
17 AlexM- Akuma/Gouki
17 Tuan Ngyuen-Fei Long
17 Anthony A.-Boxer and Blanka
17 AsianTom-Gen
17 Lucky D-Dhalsim
25 The Butcher-Akuma/Gouki and Zangief
25 Pancho-Sagat and Ryu
25 Zorin-Seth and Ditator
25 Kryonik-Zangief and Abel
25 Aumni-C. Viper
25 Nicholas A.-Ryu and Sagat
25 Justo-Rufus and Claw

Results are all up enjoy!

GGs to all the peeps I played today. Good shit to Tom for running this shit and good shit to Gonzo for helping with brackets. Always a good time everytime I come over. Maybe next time my Cammy will be godlike. :3


Does Kryptic get extra points for placing twice? That’s skills

Good games, everyone. Cool to meet some more people, too.

Word. Thanks to those who helped run the tournament. Considering that there were only 3 setups, it went very quickly. And…yeah, as Kona suggested – please bring PS3s to these tournaments! More setups will make it better. See you next time.

who’s kryptic? he must have been pretty bad if he had a handicap of 2 live hehe

hey any videos going to be post up in youtube to see these matches?

good shit to all, i’m glad i came to this thing. i was VERY impressed with the Z warriors from NY. damdai for beasting me twice :(, rashaan with the ridiculously fast cobra reflexes,.

special shoutouts to THE bibson sensei. MUCH learning has occurred. btw, he’s going to Game Unicon… are YOU?

also big ups to my hometown senseis the Ogre Bros + Steven Robertson, and my teammates Alan (lol we got the same place in teams AND singles) and Alex M. negative ups to the absentee teammate Seiya for flaking on this expedition: BO Gouken > you, imo.

shout outs to everyone sorry i had to jet, have to fuckin work this morning too im not pro right now -_-

The other name is kronic and it was a completely separate person.

There will be no vids from the tourney because no one had a camera.

thanks for everyone for coming, congratulations for to Andre and Rashaan for showing up and beasting. Hopefully next time we’ll have more setups so we can run it smoother/faster. If we have time maeby next time we can run STHD side tourney.

Hell yeah! We need HD next time.

props to evilrashaan for beasting on me so hard with gen. I’ll be a better player next time we meet for sure

First DM was pretty fun. Sort of disappointed I placed so badly in singles, but at the same time I don’t really care, I know I could take many of the people who placed higher than me :china:

Having NY (Andre, Rahsaan, Damdai, Bob Sagat and random Boxer guy) was great. Appreciate you guys making the drive. I don’t want Rahsaan to be my Gen sensei so I gotta step up.

Also, good shit to that 60 year old Green Belt in Burger King. No one thought a western could do it, but the Iron Butterfly was like steel. He’s only retarded because he was in the army… ?

Good meeting new people and had fun playing casuals with others. I’ll be more enticed to go next time if the CT to MA ratio is at least 50:50 not 10:90. If I’m going to play MA I’d rather not drive 2 hours to do it.

don’t you know CT afraid of MA yo;)

damn CT didnt show up to a tourney in there own state. BOO CT! the ratio would of been worst if i could of gone to this but maybe next time i wont have to babysit. Well see all of you at walls and maybe Gamunicon

If I had to sum this tournament up in one word, it would have to be GEN! It was great to see 3 people using Gen and using him well! Bonj’s Gen sent my Boxer home, but I felt like I learned a little.

This tournament was even more fun than the last one. I didn’t place any better, but I felt like I played better (my scrubby Ryu V LuckyD’s Sim not withstanding). The best part for me is how it felt like everybody leveled up their game. It was also great to actually meet more of you guys this time. GGs everybody.

I’d be so in for this. I’m still a scrub, but I love that game.

venture bros will play you for money, dont be scared of the mecha shiva

oh snap mad hype, next DM is gonna be amazing, me and Tom are thinking in October. We’ll have a thread soon hopefully.

Nah it will be bailed on by half of ct

ct has sf4 players? everytime i go to act or dm it’s always ny and mass. I just thought it was a neutral meeting point for both areas to play each other.