Digital Mayhem CT tourney results!


Here are the results from the tourney!

Singles tourney

1 Nestor
2 Sabin
3 Weak Sauc3
4 Nerd Josh
5 Min
5 DS
7 Evilly
9 Tinshi
9 Ernest
9 Ill Will
9 Damdai
13 Shady J
13 Tony B.
13 Dru
13 Furious Roy
17 Chris O.
17 Zorin
17 Wall
17 Siyko
17 Geremy
17 G-Rocc
17 Magno
17 Lucky D
25 Bwiyon
25 Biscuts
25 Gabe
25 Twinky Bomb
25 Justo
25 Vigialnte
25 Gonzalas
25 Mayor McJustin
33 Alex
33 AJ.
33 Aumni
33 Deaf Mute
33 Kaioty
33 Jeremy
33 blueNINE
33 Zoob
33 Oni Ramin

Teams tourney

1 team budhead + one whiteboy (Min,Damdai,and arturo aka sabin)
2 Great Party (Tinshi,DS,and NerdJosh)
4 R Guile is Retarded
5 Team Fueguo
5 Team G3
7 Team DanR
7 Team Ramin House
9 Team Hoops
9 Danbury
9 Team Hate
9 Gimme Back My Claw
13 More Than Able
13 Team She kicks High

Sry I couldn’t post the rest of the names I will be doing so next time thx for coming!

Here is the link to there website and there will be pictures up soon!


Word? Nestor got first? Props! Good shit to Josh and Furby too!




Wish I could have made it, but I had work. Good shit Nestor, can’t wait to see what you got in SF4 in person.


gs DS


im too broke right now :sad:

ill try n make the next one

gs nyc heads and nestor


gg games guys, nice meetin some new CT crew
greek denny’s ftw


ggs to everyone i played… really enjoyed meeting everyone and all of the games. Any word on videos? I saw some of the finals being recorded. I have a couple matches recorded to add as well. I was the Gouken, looking forward to seeing everoyne at the next one


Good shit on this tourney much love for new England. Nestor is a beast and I need viper crack sessions :looney: actually so is everyone else since I basically went 2 1 with everyone all tourney, weak sauce mopped me up, damn you killin me!

Nice meeting the usual old and new faces again it was fun seeing team hate and tga again. Pz


bad shit to furious roy for not picking me up!

thats ok though, i played the best akuma keepaway fireball game i’ve ever seen online… that shit sucks for viper >_<


i haven’t checked Shoryuken for a while and it sucks I missed this…i was sitting home playing people online lol…any chance you can post the characters used by each player?

so will this SFIV tournament be a regular thing up there? I’ve seen that place before and I was wondering if they would host tournaments and stuff…


GGs to everyone. I think I need to practice a lot more! :rofl: Who is going to go to the one at the end of May?


wow interesting results


For Nohoho!
1 Nestor (Sagat/Viper)
2 Sabin (Dhalsim/Seth)
3 Weak Sauc3 (Sagat/Abel)
4 Nerd Josh (Sagat)
5 Min (Dictator)
5 DS (Boxer)


  1. Art (Sim) Damdai (Gief) Min (Dictator)
  2. DS (Boxer) Tinshi (Blanka) NerdJosh (Sagat)

Good shit to everyone, it was fun chillen with you peeps.


Dhalsim? nice…anyone recorded any vids of Sabin’s Dhalsim play?


There will be SF4 tourneys going on from now on at this place. DSP recorded some videos and they should be up soon. Thanks everybody for coming.


Yeah, I’m in the process of uploading all the videos I have. Check it out on youtube, RavingHoboproduction. I’ll post the links once they are loaded. Also, recorded matches are organized by tournament.


gj team arturo

damian we gotta hold it down next time

it was awesome seeing every1 again. all the new n old mass ppl i met and ofc team hate and ny

tony jerry dru ryan phil magno brian josh justin we gotta rep ct. top 3 next time yes!

ps art sim n nestron sag/viper r 2 strong :’(


Thanks Mr.Biscuits. :tup:


I’ll write another post tomorrow I’m about to pass out…

…just wanted to tell everyone that the vids are up at

Thank Phil!!! Even though he hates sagat so much he brings the hate for all of us, good shit Phil and your frustration will turn into calculated aggression soon enough. Keep it up!!!