Digital Mayhem results 3/21

SF4 singles

1 Nestor(Sagat)
2 Nerd Josh(Sagat)
3 Gabe(Sagat)
4 Ernest(Gief)
5 DS(Boxer)
5 Lucky D(Sim)
7 Min(Dictator)
7 Tony B.(Boxer)
9 Yome$
9 Walter
9 Tinshi
13 Bwiyon
13 Vigilante
13 Ev1llee
13 Biscuts
17 Smiley
17 Mr. Quotes
17 Chris O.
17 Nazgul
17 Shadey J
17 Ken
17 Zorin
17 JustoMania
25 Genstov
25 Magno
25 Brian J.
25 Jonhnny Ensenga
25 Andrew J.
25 Knives
25 Gonzalas
25 Peter
33 MarlinPie
33 Nuclear Cheese
33 Baka
33 Dru
33 Christian
33 Iceman
33 Infinite Negro
33 Furious Roy
33 Fatal Serenity
33 blueNINE
33 Falcon
33 Kayin
33 Justin (Forfeited)

SF4 teams

1 Team Boston(Boxer/C.Viper/Gief)
2 Team Dan R(Fuerte/Dictator/Boxer)
3 Great Party(Sagat/Dictator/Boxer)
4 Endless
5 me you and him
7 Blue Bawls
7 Team Smiley
9 Guilty Gear sucks
9 T Conned Us
9 what are meaties
9 Dad man a dead

I forget what other chars people used. And I guess I figured I’d post the results since nobody else would.

GG Results:
1 MarlinPie
2 Tony B.
3 Vyers
4 HnH
5 Alzarath
5 Zidane
7 Nazgul
7 Masamume
9 Ken
9 Kayin
9 blueNINE
9 J.J.
13 Hi Potemkin
13 Jonhnny Ensenga
13 Magno
13 Mindgame
17 Meghan
17 Genstov
17 Biscuts
17 Fatal Serenty 1
17 Nuclear Cheese
17 Knives
17 Bye
25 HnH1 (Forfeited)
25 Tinshi

1 We might be worse than steve H.
2 Third Strike was BETTER
3 Team outastate
4 Two brawlers and a mid the brekfast cereal
5 i hate guilty gear
5 West Side Glory
7 Reactionary Countermeasures
7 lester b trippin
9 Team WTF is STreetfighter

good games to all i played. i was ken, the sagat/potemkin player. nice seeing new faces in the tournament scene, and see you next tournament!

sagat and boxer are the new chun and ken.

I’m going to write more later… I’m just so hungry from yesterday still… got like 5 menus out and still don’t know what I want but GOOD FUCKING SHIT for everyone for coming out and lets make the next North East tourney hype as fuck!

I just wanted to let people know that all of DSP’s footage is online. Phil you’re a beast and come next tournament I know you’ll be more prepared.:tup: Always a pleasure playing you and seeing you out there and you do more for the scene than you’re credited so I just wanted to say good shit and add me on PSN bum! :rofl:

Jesus beard will be on hiatus as of today but ya’ll can run jew jokes all day so get hype!

Phil’s Footage is here and check out his other shit too, leave him some feedback!!!

It was good meeting DS and Min. Also hanging out with the MA crew and just watching those matches was fun.

I don’t remember why I forfeited singles

nestor and nerd josh good shit

great seein minneticut again, ill bring the gang by one of these days

meanwhile i guess ill keep at this 4th strike game

PS: nestor plz stop hussling me :sad:

Henaki you owe me a mcdouble! :slight_smile:

Good shit to everyone.
Tony Fr…B you godlike.
Nestor good shit winning

Good shit to everyone who Traveled with me.

Ps: DS
Fuck team America.

didnt i place higher than you in everything else? son u fiending.

regardless a bets a bet, ill fight you at chazs and youll get your mcdouble as well :slight_smile:

Nice seeing you all, i hope to play everybody again soon.


4th will come in time

ggs all

good to see so many diff ppl do well for their respective regions

team great party all day

congrats to all who placed in SF4. GGS to all i played, defenatly gotta step up my game.

Tournament Results > Digital Mayhem results 3/21

Wow! Is all i have to say to that, it was a HUGE turnout much bigger then most of us expected and it was an amazing amount of fun. With some VERY close matches and a few upsetting losses we managed to finish before the sun came up the next day. I really hope to see all you guys back again for our SF4 tournament in april and without further adieu here are the results for you.
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