Digital Ops Monlthy #2 - February 22nd - Ann Arbor, Michigan

Shit, I’ll run you at HF. I still got a copy laying around for PS1.

Shit, we can take this to the streets too, homie. 4 square, double dutch, jacks, marbles, putt putt, horseshoes, Badminton, cricket…Shiiiiit.

Dude you don’t want to see me in pogs. I will drop that slammer and ALL your shit becomes mine.

Yeah dude, I got you in TvC. I’ll win it this time too.

I might take MM’s in SF4 too, I’ll see how I feel after playing it a bit.

Who wants to money match me in uh… anything i play 3s cvs2 a2 a3 sthd hf tvc?

I’ll play you in TvC.

Lady Machine/AVX and Grego, $5 A2 best to three or five wins

hows it sound?

Wow this forum is so cool now. Now has personality now.:rofl:

Anyways, put me in SFIV, MVC2, Tekken 5: DR, Soul Calibur IV, TvC and 3rd Strike. I will try to make it this time. Last time you can’t blame me. It’s because of the snow. I’ll see if I have enough money to try other games. I might do some MM if I have enough. I’m coming to the States at the end of the month to do some major shopping so I’ll try to save up for this too. See you later and I like to play Grego and see how good I can be. Peace amigos!!

Ill take both u guys money matches, 2/3 for $10 aarons? I guess well do 2/3 for $5 Personman.


We’ll see dude!! Nobody really knows how a johnson plays.:rofl: I’ll see what I can do but I want to see how good you are first. Let’s play some friendly matches before I MM you. I’ll come that day. See ya amigos!!

Sounds good. $10$ This time?

$5 best of 3 alpah2 Sounds good to me.

5 for sure. I’ll think about 10.

I’m shooting to leave with more money I come in with suckas. :stuck_out_tongue:

I thought you were going to win though…? =P

Haha, oh, I will :stuck_out_tongue:

I’ll do 10.

I will MM in cooking mama for the wii. Only the german version because ramen noodles are broken in the US release. No macros and no pausing.

Dude, I fucking got you in CM.

I kick the shit out of people in that game :stuck_out_tongue:

MMs at UNO. I’m a beast at the game. You will never call UNO first.