Digital Ops Monlthy #2 - February 22nd - Ann Arbor, Michigan

Hopefully hookers and beer will be there this time.

Anyone wants to take a Johnson on? I’ll play some MM’s if I have enough. Let’s see which games but I’ll see what I can do. See ya later amigos!!

I’ll mm you johnson in Guilty Gear, TvC or SF4.

Ill mm anyone in anything there but gg.

Why no GG? haha

It’s because he would feel bad winning gg never playing it before. =P

ROFL hahahahaha

No one knows how a Johnson plays except for another Johnson.

Haha, nice.

Just in case you guys missed it, there’s a TVC tourney the week before this on in A2:

Consider it a warmup for the real tournament :stuck_out_tongue:

This may be moved to the 22nd, but nothing final yet.

Because of the EVO/Gamestop tournament.

22nd would likely work for me even better, since I don’t have to take a day off work for that!

Are you guys having a Gamestop tournament in Detroit for Street Fighter IV? It’s the same day when this tournament is going to be. I was thinking of trying out for the tournament at Gamestop if they have one. Can you tell me any info you got? Thanks!! Peace amigos!!

Aaron lets do a Random teams 2v2 streetfighter 4 tourney, 5$ a person, I’ll run it if you don’t want to.

Okay, so the Gamestop tournament has a Round 1 location in Ypsilanti. The date for this is officially moved to the 22nd.

Let’s just cross our fingers and hope these ass holes let us use sticks :stuck_out_tongue:

As for the team tournament, sounds great. I’ll add it to the front page.

Can Canadians be part of this tournament? I don’t know if we can enter but if we can that will be awesome. I want to be part of this tournament. Also can you tell me about the times and what day the tournament is going to start? Give me any info you can. See you later amigos!!

P.S: I’ll still come to this if I have time. You are not far away from this tournament anyways. I can do both if I have time. Sweet!!

Too good. 2 Ann Arbor TvC tournaments back-to-back? <3 <3

Ok, the date is alot better for me, cause I wanted to own up at gamestop on that saturday.

Yeah, add me to the pre reg for Guilty Gear and sf4 2v2 if you are gonn do regs for it now.

lol you caught every date change except for this rat bastage. Anyway I don’t know if I’ll be there, got a lot going on in the next month and I dunno yet if I’m gonna want to take SF4 seriously, but if I do it’ll be for SF4 singles & teams. Will teams be ran standard or waseda style? I’m a fan of waseda style myself, means both players play every round. Stealing DHyo’s description of it…

I’d like it to be waseda style as well. It might take longer though, I’m just hoping everyone there enters, so everyone gets a team.

I also think Waseda style fits better with random teams too, because if someone gets someone who hasn’t played more than a few hours on their team, it will give each player some practice time, as well as keeping a team member from straight scraping the other team, and not letting them get a chance to play.

Also, I’ll have my video camera, and will be recording the sf4 teams, I’m not going to record TVC for undisclosed reasons, I’ll probably be recording sf4 singlesl.