Digital Ops Monthly #4 Results

Here’s the results!

SF4 Teams (
1: Hot Mops (Grego and Ladymachine) ($63.00)
2: Shawn and Cody ($18.00)
3: D-Dog and Alucard ($9.00)
4: STD and Shadowglare
5: Aaron and Gabe
5: Conditioner and 50/50
7: Thundercat and Mike
7: Swine Flu (Yusuke and Kenta)
9: Team Grapple

SF4 Singles (
1: Alucard ($196.00)
2: 50/50 ($56.00)
3: Conditioner ($28.00)
4: Mello
5: Ladymachine
5: Super Ultra Spicy Chicken Crunch Wrap Surpreme Delux Combo
7: Thundercat
7: Rodie
9: Cody
9: Hadu-ken
9: STD
9: Gabe
13: Shampoo
13: Shawn
13: HNIC Mike
13: AaronS
17: Stefunky
17: Deedogg
17: Shadowglare
17: Saiyan
17: Adam
17: New Money
17: Kenta
17: Grego
25: KOH
25: James
25: kelson
25: Justin
25: Josh

I’ll post the videos from Singles top 3 later tonight.

Thanks for coming!

I really wish I could have made it out this time, but I had to work at the last minute, I’ll definitely be there for the next one.

Free Money, Thanks, We The Best, Ask About That Guile, Now Go And Study That Shit, BUMS

Figured out what happened in my match with STD. Not that it woulda mattered, cuz dude was pretty good. But I mistakenly hit the switch on the back of my pad that turned my D-pad to left stick. Paused the game, and I couldn’t block right like i was playin online. Have to get some matches with STD at the next 1, not that i woulda won, but i coulda at least competed. That shit wasn’t even close. GG though

I gave yo boy my number, hit me up if yall serious abiut gettin a tourney in the city.

When is the next Monthly the first of the month?

Good sit dejuan, you are truly leveling your game up. Congrats.

Thanx man. I was pretty burnt out by finals. My reaction time was:tdown:. So I just took it as time work on some Sagat. Was no sense in playing bison @ that point to me. Hit me up on PSN you know the name. I gotta give props to cullen for steppin his shit up. He did really well @ the tourney. I need to get linux on my PS3 so I can play VS more. I want to start playung JoJo’s.

im learning more shit with abel now…so i should be better the next time i come :stuck_out_tongue:

That team tourney was dope. Held my own in the teams.(deedogg)

Good stuff MI guys, esp 50/50 steppin it up. STD too, glad to see practice is paying off.

Sorry I couldn’t make it, but school’s getting too serious right now. One more week…

you guys usually do street fighter 4 singles at 5pm? would love to try and make it but i dont get off work till 5, so just wondered if its 5 everytime…