Digital Painters Share

Hey guys, i don’t know if anyone has an interest in this, but i’ve seen a bunch of other art forums who have a thread for showing/helping with digital painting. i know that i’m spending time every day practicing, and i figure i (or anyone) could post in this thread. espically since many of this isn’t fan art, but as every good artist knows you can’t just draw what you like all the time, you have to practice seeing light, structure etc…

maybe we could even have “assingments” i don’t want to say “homework” but basically.

i always learn better in a group type enviroment, anyone who went to art school might know what i’m talking about.

anyway, enough chat, anyone want to join, please do! i think it could help everyone in general, which will help produce better fan art.

i started simple w/ an apple.

ok i showed you mine…show me yours!

ok…this was a cereal bowl in front of me…not as good, but oh well…the reflection of the paper on the bowl was weird…oh well…

anyone else want to share?
i’m finding this is REALLY helping me.

wombat, give people some time, man :slight_smile:
you’ve got like just over an hour between your last 2 posts.

that last apple looks really good man. thast the best one. Shows your understanding too. keep doing more. I’ll probably do some later. Try working on a neutral bg

I tried…it was horrid…too embarrased…gave up…need tablet…

Yo, that apple and pear came out really well in the last post. I think I’ll add something a bit later. Although I suck.

rook- yeah you’re right…lol i had the day off yesterday and just played halo and painted fruit! but yeah…sorry for my impatience. i just hope others share so we can make each other better!

dreaded- thank you. i’ll try the neutral bg on my next one. hope to see yours soon.

stranger- just post em. no one here’s gonna knock you for trying, and its the surest way to get better. i’m not proud of that bowl one…but next time i try a bowl one i (and anyone else who wants to) can compare.

kandoken- thanks! the 2nd apple one is my fav. i suck too, but oh well.

here’s my apple , 10 min I think.

nice! painter or photoshop? looks like painter?

i need to do bg, def looks more “complete”

10 min? damn! mine have been between 20-35 min

took like 30 min…eh…not that great

dunno if this counts but I colored that Sol pic I drew… Its nice but Id like to do something more watercolor looking or like dry brush or something. Not necessarily with line art either. anyway here it is:

hey that pepper is not bad man, makes me hungry and want to cook. what kind of lighting are you using? I’m painting in the dark with a light coming from another room so its hard to see things.

here’s the avi clip of it in action. In real time so I did that in 12 seconds awwww yeahhh.

i have a little lamp with a 75 watt bulb like right on my comp desk.

dreaded, i really love the warmness of your apples.

HELP!!! damn…ok i can do apples…i have a REAL problem doing skin tones. lol
playing around for a comic thing i’m doing.
another sketch

screwing around

sweet man. that last one shows gallons of improvement. i think you need some props to break up the flatness of all that green. maybe a few trees. people are a good way to show distance since they don’t change (much) in scale.

Digging the sunset scene Rabid Wombat, I’d give tips but I suck at digtal painting. I’m more of a coloring in book type o guy :wink: