Dignity caught on tape: Dudley Video Thread

Post Videos of Everything Dudley related here, i suppose.

If I have posted your video that someone else has stolen and is hosting on Youtube, PM me with your link and the aforementioned video theft link and I will fix it. (Some people care, and I will do my best to not use the youtube accounts that republish videos)

So, a lot of videos got removed because of some terms of violation. most, if not all of videos featuring GGM i believe. I don’t know what the outcome is until everything is sorted out, but uh…yeah…i’ll take down the dead links when i have time to go through them. sorry… Let me know if i left any dead links in the list.

Dudley Pre-Release Videos:


Dudley Gameplay Reveal


GDC '10:

Cebit 2010 ShakeyCam:

Last on list are newest.

Dudley Vs Abel 2
Dudley Opening Cinematic
[media=youtube]WrPDg6jWnhM"[/media] first minute of the video.
[media=youtube]Uw1Z9KavuYc#t=04m34s"[/media] Better Quality than previous link but has audio sync problem.
[media=youtube]kqnm2lCykyo"[/media] Correct me if i’m wrong.
[media=youtube]LeryGs3WPIU#t=02m35s"[/media] Found better link.
[media=youtube]8pcwvqagQjg"[/media] Looks like testing.
Dudley Overview from 1up.com ssf4 live stream better quality link
[media=youtube]CuPdH_SzI8g"]Dudley in Training Mode Weird Corkscrew Cross Glitch at [[media=youtube]bglb_tk9coU"[/media] 1up.com Stream
[media=youtube]Jm_YWc-z1ZQ#t=9m00s"[/media] 1up.com Stream
[media=youtube]etbTL7kljEw"[/media] 1up.com Stream
[media=youtube]577Krq13zxA"[/media] I think this is from the 1up.com stream
[media=youtube]X2h2h7DARzs"[/media] Alternate Costumes.

Alright…a lot of people are getting ssf4 early. I’m not going to post every single video that is uploaded with Dudley in it. From now on, i’m only going to be putting videos which can either be used for more referential tools or something more than just a match video. Extensive combo videos, tutorials, neat tricks, Tournament level Dudley match videos and other interesting finds will be updated in the OP. I can’t keep up with all the coverage anymore of random Scrudleys (Scrub Dudley? doesn’t work does it?).

So, either PM me or keep the videos flowing in the thread, but it’s getting tough to constantly keep up with all the new videos. Most of them are turning out to be just reposts from Youtube poachers and it’s frankly, tiresome.

Some people have a leaked copy…well a bunch of people do. It might as well be released…Here are videos from leaked copy/Post Release

**Dudley Leaked Final Build/Post Release Videos: **
[media=youtube]gq1uiLR4O5o"[/media] a couple are skipped for some reason. But it’s most of his trials
[media=youtube]y1qy5RRgQq0"[/media] This one has hands recorded over the combos.
[media=youtube]tj5duHpC_98"[/media] Get on the Dance Floor!
[media=youtube]ycRGPU9kYmA"[/media] Can I help you, sir?

Combos, Resets, OS’s and other interesting Videos:
[URL=“http://www.youtube.com/user/thegoldengunman#p/u”]GGM’s Guide Videos](http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CuPdH_SzI8g#t=2m50s"[/media)
trag13’s Youtube page with a lot of interesting Dudley combos Just search “Dudley”
[media=youtube]uF1J1DB3LYY"[/media] Showcasing lots of Links.

Tournament Level Dudley Play

Videos Inside of Various Dudleys in Tournament Play


LiquidSRK’s Dudley on Youtube Sorted by Upload Date Ignore the matches…where he doesn’t play Dudley

Mr. Quotes


Mr. Quotes’s Dudley on Youtube Sorted by Upload Date

[SPOILER=Mr. Quotes @ 8 on the Break]




Post of Marn Videos @ EVO2010
Marn’s Dudley Youtube Search Sorted by Upload Date

Option-Select.com Various Dudley Videos from Tournaments

Youtube Channel Dedicated to Dudley videos.
One-Handed Terror’s Dudley Live Series
Mr. Kimokoan’s Dudley Keeping it Classy in France

i just spotted the new sorting of these threads and characters, good job srk

but i had to post in here because i absolutely love the thread name!

gd videos too, im sure a lot more will pop up as we get closer to the launch

I really dig this title~

Dudley vs Balrog!


You have no dignity!
YES! It’s perfect!


Second half has Abel vs Dudley

“Well then, let’s begin” x2, fail!

Dudley’s 25-hit kill streak at the end called in a nuke.

I’m seriously thinking of switching from rog to dudley as my main. awesome

lmao @ dignity caught on tape

/end troll

Ugh, updated March 23rd…
and 24th :smiley:

Very much thanks for constantly updating the vids here for Dudley. Am certainly going to main him (never played SF3 :frowning: ) and these are very useful :smiley:


Dudley starts after Makoto.

Couple of points after that video… a second crouching Roundhouse does less damage after the first than Ducking Uppercut which also allows you to still juggle into Ultra or Super cancel the second hit of Ducking Uppercut. You can land a Ducking Uppercut after a Crouching Roundhouse or EX MGB from anywhere on the screen.

You can do Jump in Fierce/Roundhouse > standing Roundhouse xx Jab Jet Upper and then juggle directly into Ultra 2. No need to FADC in that instance.

That video illustrated well the juggle properties of dudley’s moves. After a launcher, you can juggle once more with a special or crouching Roundhouse, after that you can then only juggle with Super or Ultra 2.

i was hoping to see some resets but i guess it was just a plain combo video :frowning:

does dudley have enough time after a juggle to air reset cross-under?

Also, updated main post. i think i missed that dudley vs hakan video from giantbomb, so, i uploaded it.

I wonder if some of the other traditional finishers would work too? Not like the cr.RH x6 stuff, but cr.RH -> jab MGB -> f.MK -> Fierce Jet Upper…

So, one launcher, one juggle, and then ultra 2 or super. it was 2 posts above.

to answer your question more plainly: no.

And in SF4’s engine f+MK would reset and make the Jet Upper whiff

Makoto vs Dudley: [media=youtube]SQ_IJVzcRdA[/media]

Dudley vs Makoto: [media=youtube]aLhMByGvVuk[/media]