Dignity caught on tape: Dudley Video Thread



The only way I can win:


Love it, love it, love it. Had me laughing. Good stuff


Man the rose tick throw floored me.


Alright, here is me scrub my way in fr16

My first international tournament since i’v estarted tut-ing. I really would like some pointers as txs is just in a couple of days, and i would too know if there anything major i need to look out for. (I save my own thoughts as i want to see if my self critics fall in line with what others see)

Shitty match, do noy watch

I think he was good but idk…

top 8 from my own pool!

How is he in the cammy rating?


Great matches! Can’t give you any advice as the guy who went 0-2 though haha.


Gefen you got a lot better!!! You should have won that Cammy match in the first set!


Yo guys! I’m proud to announce i finally won a tournament! There were 35+ entrants so it wasnt that easy,but i finally made it.Here is the top 4 stream archive.Watch the other matches as well,there were pretty good players and i think ppl underestimate italian players too much.Lots of dudley action,lots of it.


Oh and dont worry about the the lag,it has some issues but they are mostly gone further in the video.


Congrats man, I’ll take a look at the matches when I get my next block of free time.


My hat goes off to you, sir! You’ve made the world a classier place.


nice dudley impactseph. Those cr short standing roundhouse confirms were real nice. I feel like a learned a lot by watching that bison match.


If you watch other parts of the stream there are some other matches involving my dudley.


Hrm…I should post some stuff, shouldn’t I? This place seems to be bumping a bit then.

Gefen, I’m sorry I watched that “SHITTY MATCH DO NOT WATCH” video. Only criticism is that as effective as you were at empty ducking the fireballs early on, you probably could have just blocked or neutral jumped them once you weren’t getting the timing right anymore.


I was nervous, this player shouldn’t be able to take one round from me


I was playing this Adon online with Makoto and he was trying to random me out everytime. Dudley had something to say him.


Your avatar is brutal as fuck Rafa. Damn

v tut


Yeah, it looks like animal cruelty.
Too many Blankas here in Brazil…

By the way, thanks for the Dudley tutorials. Your analysis on his normals helped me a lot to improve even with the other chars I play.


tough matchup for Dudley!


This is my first YouTube upload. I had recorded this using my Samsung 5.0 Galaxy Player. So I apologize for the crappy quality.

This is my 4th time going back and ranking him to a B.

After getting back on AE for the past few weeks, I cannot believe how shot my ability to buffering anything from s.HK is!! :frowning:

I blame Wesker & Black Adam…easy mode Top Tiers have ruined me. Lol.


That oki was cute but there’s never an excuse to ex mgb > ex straight hp jet upper.
Wait for EX MGB to fully end, then input lk straight. Don’t buffer it during ex mgb.