Dignity caught on tape: Dudley Video Thread



Thank you.

I’ve posted up a few more matches from yesterday.


Some dignity on tape in this guy’s channel from yours truly.Take into account this is online play with shitty connections.



i have a crush on your Dudley impactseph


where’s thirtyfour when i need him?


Some say that when all hope is lost, when YOLODIVEKICKS and LOLVORTEXES threaten to choke the life out of Dudley players everywhere…that’s when he arrives. Or, he’s just dicking around somewhere. I don’t know.

Anyway, the other day I played in the /r/SF4 PC tourney known as TEST TOURNAMENT PLEASE IGNORE. I uploaded all my matches. They are horrifying slopfests wherein I regressed into all the bad habits I’ve ever had not only as a Dudley player, but as a SF4 player in general. Enjoy!







Managed to squeeze out another video out of boredom.



480p, somebody movin up in the world.


Very eye-opening hour of play. Had a bad time in PC Ranked tonight; this is just what I needed to see.

Edit: Also like the occasional thing for the viewers, like when you showed you had NativeImpact on your FL when playing that THawk.


You’re getting closer and closer to hjmxp.And doing c lk c lp st hp ex mgb is so 2010,ppl needs to learn hitconfirming from a single c lk without c lp.


You always go for the f.mk cr.lp s.lp s.hk when you reset? any smart reason for that?


confuses opponents i guess


During Resets that aren’t really that scaled I get as much damage as possible in before I reset with f.HK c.HK or grab.
f.MK c.LP s.LP is a 2010 confirm/punish combo and people are used to seeing it. I use that over f.MK s.MP most of the time because of that, and because i feel like there’s less time to react to it or tech in between even though s.LP and s.MP are +6. LP has less hitstun so less time to get hit or somethin idk unless mashing idk. tut.

Gotta pray to Native “Grown Man” Impact for safe journey to 2000pp

I tried that a few times in #2 I believe or the warm up endless matches before that.
Landed the first few free, then NOPE lag.


Did a little more rank since the other is unwatchable


Is that a computer thing? I’ve noticed that in your videos after a while the video turns into a slideshow with sound.


Thirtyfour question? Are you on Arcade stick or fight pad? Im on a madcatz fightpad, and that thing gives me some input delay that its forcing me to start playing on stick or just sometimes use to regular 360 pad.


You’re the 2nd + person I had tell me that MCZ’s fightpad gives them delay (it could be a tv thing though) I use regular 360 pad. Maybe MCZ wants you to buy a stick since their pads dont work lol (jk but idk)
Use what ever’s most comfortable really.

If my PC’s running near max for too long it’ll slow down, it shows, I fixed it though this time by not recording in between matches.

No(t really any) lag this time


Had to do another Dignity Lesson. In three or four matches before this guy did more random ultras than regular players do in an entire week. He deserved Dudley’s fierces in the face.


34, you use U1 instead of U2 against Gief because of the bigger damage in punishes?

edit: Ok, I see now why from the rest of the footage. I can’t use duck upper as AA like that, so I use U2 to make Gief play more grounded.