Dignity caught on tape: Dudley Video Thread



These vids look so 3rd strike Dudley.

I’m hating. Fuck it.


Gief has a bad trip guard since his jump ins make extend his hitbox further down than most characters so I can use U1 as an anti air/neutral jump If I want. Mostly aimed toward jump MK/headbutt.
It can also punish ex green hand on block free. Gief can not escape a u1 no matter what he does. Focus back, forward, charge, hold backdash, raw ex green, doesn’t matter.
Next tut is Ducking Anti airs - lv 1 extras then sfxt finally then oss then it’s done.

Glad everyone likes the series. It ends the 5th when gold runs out (or midnight idk.)
Hopefully I run into better players. In the next few r

Any more questions about my decisions in match ups lemme know here or on YT.
I’m usually in autopilot mode so I can explain what I do in detail just ask.

Probably the most favorited one so far (the 2nd was my favorite but that 4 fps ruined it)


If my 360 stick didn’t die, I’d hit you up for a session.


good shit thirtyfour.
this video series is the best thing i’ve seen in srk forums in years.


We should send it to the front page

(Or is it already there? Haven’t checked it for a while now)


Btw, could you explain the idea behind your autopilot and how to develop (a good) one?


Auto-Pilot… Sort of like an order of operations you acquire from playing long enough. Everyone has an autopilot but don’t realize it. The classic flowchart ken is a form of autopilot. Oh wait Auto Pilot is just flow charting really. Lemme start over.

Auto Pilot is just another term of flow chart. It’s how you play when you’re not thinking, your groove, pattern, and everything in between. Most, if not all of these matches I’m uploading is autopilot. For example, my autopilot for players I know nothing about, low rank, I’ll just j.HK whenever I can. reset with j.Hp f.HK and hit confirm into a duck grab reset. No adapting until I see a reason to. I’m really bad at explaining things btw.

I’ll draw one up real quick.


vs Dhalsim pick u1.
No matter what, focus
Hit/focus ill dash back and block
nothing I’ll hold, and dash back
I’ll get in with jump lk, HK and empty jumps until they anti air me with his hard knockdown slide. ( tripguard) I’m going for whiff jump anti air punishes. I’ll react to those automatically.
s.HK whenever I get meter until I’m within far HP death range.
duck upper every single time he jumps.
every teleport is a jab cross up “reset” mix up
if he’s in the corner and has ultra c.LK everytime and pressure. If I have super, f.HK everytime until he ultras then cancel into super.
Midscreen c.LP, c.LK OS ultra 1 or safe jump HK OS dash if I get ANY grab.
corner f.HK every time especially close to stun.

This PC doesn’t have the old MS paint so I didn’t draw one out.
This is how I’ll play vs every single sim in the series.
It’s based off success vs better players and eliminates randomness.
If I get hit, I won’t care unless it’s a “good” hit. The guy must know this pattern, or know how to play vs Dudley so I’ll adapt around my flowchart/autopilot.
Some players don’t flowchart from the beginning, they auto pilot as the match goes on.
Alex Valle flowcharts according to the player/character the first round and takes mental notes on how the player reacts to certain things he does. 2nd round he’ll be playing 100% off what should work.
Like if I ever get grabbed out of a blockstring vs a sim or notice someone stand blocking on wake up a lot. That means they’re trying to grab me on wake up, or backdash while i do a blockstring. You’ll notice after you get your f.HK blocked lots of players will either grab/tech, or get hit standing by a your jab. You already know how to expose this. Chaotix’s matches vs Fchamp are a good example of him exposing Fchamp’s habits

I got lost in what I was talking about.
Oh right.
Players get better when they realize what they’re doing wrong with their pattern and fix it.
It can be something as small realizing you’re dong s.HK xx ex mgb duck upper and adding a better punish combo from the tut.

I’ve always said to players in the beginning to play more. I made the challenges, and playlist notes so players can add to their play style and alter their flowchart/autopilot w/e. I havn’t everything from the tut to my flow chart yet. If there’s a player that can play dudley and do everything from the tut. They’ll be better than my tut.



That was amazing actually.

But still, I guess that knowing what it “really” good, and what just work because both of us (aka me and my opponent) lacking is the real challenge.
Two options there, or someone tell you what to do, which is kind cool once in a while, as there is no point in re learning what is already known. Knowledge can only evolve by standing on others discovers (who said it actually?)
The other option is actually play it, a lot, and then develop it, or what work best for you. The thing is, I used to play quite a lot in 3 and a half main match ups (Bison, Guy, Cammy and Akuma who doesn’t use all his options) and I don’t like to admit it (as I do in the late hour of stormy night), but most of the time I’m at disadvantage without really knowing what holding me off.
And most of all, I still don’t feel I have real knowledge on how to deal with the match up (against random I guess). What I do know, is how to punish most of their stuff (like after block etc…), what is their oki option (what they might try to do) and their wake up options.
I might even have some pro tips on how to beat some moves (jump neutral or cr.mk vs scissors s.mk against dropping elbow or teching witch cr.lp to block in time ex dive). But I don’t have real idea how to take the initiation or something vague like that.
Usually I will just try to get into certain distance I might feel comfortable and try to normal my way, but still no real plan. Probably more living on trying to counter what people with throw at me, which can only get one so far.

I’m actually playing for quite a while now, and I would say that it may be deeper problem, when I consider it, I probably have the same problem in the tekken world, but much less in the anime one (bb, gg) and marvel (only umvc3), I don’t believe in “I just don’t fit to these games”, but still, need to figure out how to really play neutral game (I do watch tons of videos, but the neutral mode is still mystery to me).

idk, maybe I feel that way in anime games just because the level of the top here is lower, and would feel the same thing if we had a “one player above all” situation in those games (as we do have in SF4 series and Tekken).

Maybe it is just about trying random flow chart for a start, and adapting it on the way, I always play it buy feel, which probably the real source of the problem, this is too philosophical probably, just a game.

I still would like to get better

I rant way too much.


Can you enable inputs for next uploads?


He was recording live, so there’s no option to see the inputs.


What Annual said

Gefen what I try to do with Dudley in neutral is just give the opponent something to think about and go from there.

Duck Straight
-I can empty duck to try to bait a whiff punish
-I can duck upper when I think/know they’re going to jump (duck upper on reaction too

EX Duck ( i only use at high level
-I can Duck straight for 25 damage in chip
-I can feint it for a grab like most do

s.HP I throw this out because everyone knows s.HP but what I do with it usually is
-f.HP at a range where s.HP will connect so I hit after the first active frame or counterhit a midlow or higher move
-s.HK s.MP and c.MP buffers after I set a rhythm with s.HP (and vice vice vice versa)

Neutral Jump I just do this when I need time to think and to let people know I like to stall.
I do this a lot vs Balrogs and Hondas that don’t have a charge
-air 2 air
-nothing and just react with anti airs.

There’s c.HK c.MK, and focus too but I dont do well enough with them to say anything imo.

Ever since smash melee I’d know when I was about to get hit, and when I messed up before I messed up. I don’t get that much in sf4 since it’s stale when it comes to real offense/defense imo, and you’re right it is hard to play sf4 / xt coming from higher execution/faster games. I felt like that up until I spoke with smash players playing sf4.


Def using the 1 pp a match title for #7 lmao


Wait, what? How does this work?


beat it clean, but careful if you whiff he punish with…



If you think he’s gonna scissors just hold up. If I think he’s gonna do something else, I st. hk buffer ex mgb or duck, and just lp. mgb if I think he’s going to block.


Ok i got eliminated from the tournament in the semifinals :frowning: Here’s the video,it was a little laggy but i tried really hard.


I’ll respond with a video.

Nah it didn’t take 4 hours to record lol.

Why Ultra 2 vs Honda? Ultra 1 punishes headbutts, neutral jumps , jump backs, backdashes, ect.
Just wondering.
I didn’t watch past the first game yet, but you let honda get away with too much. Hopefully this next tut corrects the jumping.
Focus vs Honda isn’t done within jab hands range (imo) Aim to focus far HP and ffar HK don’t charge too long, backdash if you cant confirm a hit. forward dash may equal a OS’d jab hands.
this is a 6-4 match up at high level, low level it’s almost even.(slightly .5 honda lmao)

I assume since you’re using 123 on his wake up you know 123 OS’s c.HP naturally and catches honda out of buttslam, and in the corner c.HP hits +5 or more if he backdashes.

Idk. I havn’t played a great honda since super like a lot of charge characters.

chaotix may have more info on this match up so I’ll just do what I do best and open eyes with Lv 1 Extras - Ducking Anti Airs.

I’ll link when it’s finished.

Since it’s lv 1, can someone recommend a few good Hajime no Ippo tracks?


watch the other games as well,usually in ft5 i use the first game to test the opponent out.I used u1 in the preliminary round and it didnt help at all so i switched to catch him by surprise and it worked wonders in the next games.Just watch the games,a lot of your questions will be answered.I think it’s worth your time.


I’ll watch more after I finish.

the real thing will have better framerate


That video made me realize just how bad I am at Dudley lol