Dignity caught on tape: Dudley Video Thread




I don’t use target combos enough


Made this video for fun with old comeback replays.


Should i listen to this guy?


a lot of tut here, look up for matsugoro
(more footage at tokido’s channel)


Plays like smug.
Should’ve walked up into sweep range and just punished it on block
(doubt tokido knows to delay the demon to beat u1)


Can’t he just buffer it in the ultra animation?


I was expecting more when I heard this guy beat Mago and Daigo. I am severely disappointed.


Not impressed


Lot’s of HJMxp vs Kazunoko here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jWy4FvQPEE4


Nevermind, I won’t bother you guys.


That’s what the thread is here for?


At the risk of being yelled at, I decided I could figure it out.


this dudley came to work (start at 42:55)


Reddit PC Casual Ladder FT5 versus Kha0sDr4gon (Jesus that’s hard to type).


Heres a match that I played the other day. I have been trying to evolve my play style and push out of what I am used to. You will see a little bit of auto pilot, meaty setups, counter hit setups, Tut, adaptation and some really bad habits.

I did auto pilot at first and was just messing around. Then tried to take things more serious later on and adapt. If you critique please justify yourself and explain. I am aware of most of my mistakes I made. I just wanted to kind of give an update of where my Dudley is right now.


shrug Maybe mix a frame trap in with your tick throw setups. You were doing a lot of EX Duck > cr.LP > Throw, and I feel like the Viper was starting to get used to that, so if you do the cr.HP frame trap (cr.LP > cr.HP), you would have caught her out more often and kept her more honest about her crouch teching.



Oh boy a new Gunmad video! I love these things so much.

Also it made me open up AE which revealed a GFWL error that I needed to fix. By redownloading the client.

I can’t wait for Ultra on Steamworks.


Smug vs Hjmxp (online)

Watch with a grain of salt and take what you can. Very entertaining though. I’ve always wondered which ultra was better in the mirror and these guys use different ultras from each other.



Yeah Smug runs U1 whenever I play him. He uses it to punish stuff like EX MGB on block, focus attack whiffs (since it can important in the mirror I feel), and some other stuff.