Dignity caught on tape: Dudley Video Thread




Hjmxp online sessions

There’s a setup that he goes for a lot after a forward throw (first instance is at 3:05 in Part 1) where he will dash, st. lp, forward jump and lk at some point in the jump. Is it an a crossup setup or a fuzzy guard setup or both? He used this in later matches and ended up on the other side. Other times he would do the lk on the upwards part of the jump (but he I think he couldn’t get the hit). I tried to figure this out for 2 hours in training mode on ryu, dudley, t. hawk, and cammy, but I could only pull off the cross up on the dudley and t. hawk and I couldn’t hit the standing frames after wakeup (while the dummy is set to crouch) for the instant overhead. Is this old tech that I could find somewhere on this board because I would like to know more about this. I know this setup gives up the corner but it would be good round ending tactic. I don’t think I can get away with fraudulent thunderbolts to close out rounds anymore…





Watched the whole thing.
I just don’t like smugs Dudley. I don’t understand some of the decisions he makes…

One a side note is the commentator accompanying arturo the same one who commentated Gefens match in a tournament. It sounds like him. Using words like Stupid, Asshole, etc. So annoying.


I defiantly should have gone there with baseball bat.

And I’m not sure, If this is Smug, maybe I played him when I was and Next Level, I think I got quite good a Dudley player there.



I just found the perfect song, and the greatest idea.
The song is called
Throw Away Rose

ok, as for the idea,
hear me out.
someone who’s really good at editing vid…make a vid of Dudley using his rose taunt against every character in the roster, minus Dudley of course, during online matches. Don’t show any fighting! just the moments when he throws a rose during online matches…
Now here is the most important part…slow the video down so its all in slow motion. Why? The song’s pace is slow. Therefore, the visuals have to be slowed down too so it matches up with the pace of the song.
At the very end of the song…end the vid by showing Dudley do a throw on the character Rose!
edit out the game sounds and insert this song.

or you can show every character in the SF4 roster doing a throw on Rose the character, in slow motion, and end the video and song with Dudley throwing a rose!!!

this idea is gold!


So annoying?
Maybe its coz he’s so smug.

see what I did there?


That’s Lee Chung commentating not Smug.


There’s vids of 34 teaching niggas etiquette on the PxG stream. They should be on YT by now. I’ll link 'em later.

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sCcB_hzyRMY - Niggas was geeked lol


I am so fucking mad at myself right now.
Unrelated: I don’t know why I’m using 34’s color. I think I played a Duds mirror before and just picked it by random.


Smug sets at 2:52:40


I swear so many people dont know how to fight high lvl dudley.


Just because there are not many high level Dudley’s players to practice with…

Edit: now even less when I left back to my country



True, But Im not gonna go on record and say Blanka vs Dudley is Super free only to get swept up losing 5-0. Just shows me that there are a lot of Players out there that don’t have proper Dudley knowledge.


I think that matchup is even ish. Blankas can’t get away with their usual BS though and have to actually play a ground game. His jump is really good and it’s difficult for Dudley to beat it clean without cross counter or ex DP.


His jump in is pretty tricky to deal with…if i can see it early i can beat it clean with s.mk. I do agree it feels like a even match. Blanka can get punished quite hard for making certain mistakes.


I’m convinced a lot of people still think EX MGB is + on block. I never tell em otherwise either.


Got some matches for you guys. Ran a couple sets here with a couple of our locals to help get me ready for Canada Cup.

The first three matches are from last night. The last two are from the night before. I got frustrated fighting Integra in the first set and it kinda carried over to the one against Koko haha. I kept trying to beat Ken in footsies when I should have been trying to frustrate him and create an opportunity through his mistakes. I guess you can see how much more patient I played in the first couple of matches as opposed to the last two.


MP Jet punishes all point blank Crim uppers, even LP. as long as you can tell the first hit, the one with the most hit/blockstun, connects and that the cody canceled from a medium or light move it you should be in range.
I wish the first hit of Criminal upper was considered a fireball. Even though it wouldn’t make sense it would give us an answer to max range xx LP Upper.
-Don’t forget about c.MP xx MP MGB vs cody on techable knockdowns. beats bad for an easy 276 damage minimum combo. I like to use f.MK on everyone’s wake up to feint and bait. I do it accidentally vs cody and sometimes catch bad sprays.

Integra is so bad


Yeah, lp Criminal Upper is a bitch to deal with max range. It’s like a bad mixup, cause sometimes he’ll do low short/another normal afterwards, backdash, or just block. It’s a pain to deal with unless it’s point blank. Definitely need to incorporate the cr mp stuff into my game though, since neutral jumping works against you if they don’t bad spray.

Lol, Integra. He’s good, but he loses to the lameness.