Dignity caught on tape: Dudley Video Thread



Thx Chaotix for the matches will be flipping through those the next few days. I watched a few mins of the first set and after you did that CH. Standing RH xx ex duck, cr jab, st RH xx jet upper it made me want to quit street fighter.


s.HK xx ex duck works wonders on jab mashers lmao it’s a free confirm being +7


no one in new york knows how to fight dudley except jeron, javits,dieminion and min.


I’m dumb and couldn’t find the forum on my phone lol. Here’s my latest.


All my tournament matches from this weekend. FT5 against Chris G is still uploading.



That Xiaohai match was a heartbreaker.



I watched your match against Mago. Great stuff man. I just have a question.

I noticed you always go for max punishes like after ex mgb> duck straight> JU. But why always go for that ending when duck upper is easier to end a combo with and sets you up for a safe jump right afterwards against Fei? You lost your momentum because of the dropped duck straights you missed. But if you did the duck upper ending with the safe jump you would have kept the pressure on Mago, no? Also might have baited some flame kicks since no one really knows Dudleys setups in general still.

Again man, its great watching a Dudley up there playing the top players. Congrats on placing! I am envious of you. Keep it up!



Honestly, I didn’t know if I got a 5frame setup off of duck upper. Had I known that I definitely would have gone for it. I have a lot of raw knowledge of the character but I don’t apply all of it in matches, which is something I’m trying to work on.

Mago definitely knows the matchup though, these dudes go to the arcade every day, there’s no way they don’t. I just played poorly in certain situations that cost me the match. :confused:



yea man, that’s why i’m starting a dudley bible. TUT is great and all (there @thirtyfour i said it.) but it’s hard to remember all that shit, plus whatever character specifics off the top of your head on the fly. so i think it’s about time to have like a notebook or phone notes, w.e. to use as a reference.

it’ll only be for personal use but i wouldn’t mind collaborating with you guys on it. if y’all want to that is.


I use the Evernote App on my phone for that. I need to wipe it and start over though; I don’t think I did as a good a job as I could have with it.


format i’m thinking of using:


normals overview
frame data, damage/stun, hitbox, range.

  • short description of how best to use it.

specials/super/ultra overview
frame data, damage/stun, hitbox, range, properties
-short description of how best to use it.

combo overview
list of combos and what characters they work on, damage/stun
broken into hitconfirms and punishes and corner

safe jump+unblockable set ups overview
list of safe jumps+unblockables and reference for what characters they work on

in depth
characters (all 39 characters get their own page)
ultra to use
combos that work on character
safe jumps that work on character + unblockables
bulletpoints on how to approach the match up
etc- (whatever other random info i may need to know like their unblockables, set ups, blah blah blah)

(don’t mind me. thinking out loud)



The master of gimmicks is back. Seems like anything I feel like discover is never a solid set up… Anyways I was planning to never upload this but I was bored today and I even edited more than I needed to.

Please share your opinions. I haven’t tested other characters but I have been recently seeing what mix ups can be done after different versions of JU


That’s pretty neat Moody.

I uploaded a bunch of matches. If I get called out from work, I might stream Friday night. Wouldn’t that be amusing…

Gen Match 1:

Gen Match 2:

Mirror Match 1:

Mirror Match 2:

And I guess if you care, my Youtube channel is here: www.youtube.com/user/reboundpants



How do you capture these vids on your PC. Do I need to get a capture card or can I just download a software that will capture on screen video on my computer. What did you use?


I use Open Broadcast Software. It has the ability to record Game Capture (So in my case, straight from the PC AE), and then I can choose to either stream it to my Twitch channel or record it to a .mp4 file. I prefer recording in 720p. If you like, I can show you my options 'n stuf.


Arm yourselves… with knowledge.


salt is the only feeling I have. At least smug is playing more tut.



I wonder why that Dudley wasn’t doing OS Ultra. The Bison was backdashing a LOT.