Dignity caught on tape: Dudley Video Thread




This is basically a full screen ultra 1, oh my goodness.


the loops


Did not know about this at all, pretty cool


That kara Ultra is some seriously good shit


A thought just occurred to me, you think that kara ultra 1 can punish stuff like full screen devil reverse and wall dive whiffing? I need to get in training and try it out.


is it bonchan running Dudley? (casual)




God I fucking hate Lee Chung.


Hey guys a little update on my Dudley ( I like to pretend people on here care).

I’ve been really trying to practice footsies and counter poking and I think this match show cases a little of my improvement. I know this is only against Rufus but I’m hoping I can improve more vs other characters pokes. Please critique as there maybe things I am unaware of in this MU. I know I could have AA more. Also I purposely would space block strings to try and bait EX messiah. From what I remember, there was no lag in this match as far as online goes. The guy left after the second set…


Those rh xx ex mgb are so sex.
Especially the first one


Since I don’t understand Japanese, you’re going to have to visually look at each preview picture, but courtesy of an awesome Redditor, here are apparently all the matches from Topanga B League. http://www.youku.com/playlist_show/id_20222831_ascending_1_mode_pic_page_1.html




PS.: that’s chinese



That Makoto is goin… in. The two characters that I’m at odds with learning. Dud and Mak. I just dunno


I guess smug has finally mastered the tut.


Hey guys, i’ve uploaded some matches, will upload some more later.



There are quite a lot of meaty setpus in this user’s channel, check it out, I might try to collect it and sum it up here.


Here all the meaties I could find in the channel Logan posted:

f.throw light dp, cr.hp buffer ultra

ex.mgb duck upper:
-quick: dp.m cr.lk/ssb
-standrad: dp.m cr.lk dp.m cr.lk
dp.l f.rh

-quick: dp.l f.rh
-standrad: backdash step f.rh
dp.l cr.lk/ssb
-back throw:
– dash cr.lk f.rh
s.mp f.hp
– duck.m cr.lk f.rh

f.hp cr.lk f.rh
dash dp.l cr.lk
(to the corner) cr.lk lp j.rh (safe 4 frames?) (
(to the corner) j.hp f.hp

– duck.h f.mk f.rh/cr.rh
f.dash f.rh
– dash dash f.mk cr.lk/ssb
-b.throw duck.h lp .f.rh
– duck.l/f.dash/s.hp cr.lk/ssb
– f.mk f.mk cr.rh
– quick: duck.m .cr.lk / ssb
– standard: dp.m cr.lk/ssb
– f.dash s.lp f.rh/f.hp
s.rh cr.lk/ssb
cr.lp mgb.l
–empty jump cr.lk/ssb

-Ultra 2:
j.rh mgb.l
-Ultra 1:
dp.h cr.lk/ssb

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