Dignity caught on tape: Dudley Video Thread



Have you guys been considering this?
RyuApprentice showed that kara U1 1-2 months ago and confirmed EX Duck was also possible. Both should be added to high level play in my oppinion. As a Mak player I feel home with a “dash” like that.

It should possibility new punishes.

I really think people should add it to their stuff.
It’s also possibly very good for escaping dirty setups. I saw Kuroken using EX MBG to escape some Sakura stuff. Kara EX Duck would work just the same and have better recovery. Also if you miss the timing doing it too early on wakeup, what will comeout is just EX Duck, whick is also pretty good for escaping things.
Here me using it quite randomly still.

Get your classy asses working on some kara duck applications.


A lot of dudley here:


Ok grew some balls to ask this about the kara exmgb. do you kara using the far end buttons on your stick setup to be ppp and kkk?


and @rafa is that nujubes?


Here’s some of my videos I hope U like em


I was just wondering this myself a few days ago. From what I’ve found in training, the best way to get max distance is to kara with EX MGB, but if you kara with HP MGB you only get the slightest bit less distance. It’s almost just as good and I find the input for kara-ing that way to be a lot easier (HP MGB~LK+MK) than trying to fiddle with the macro buttons.


Day 2 stream archive of ussf4, combofiend rocks dudley at around 11:40, he’s not bad with him too.

. SSB is lookin godlike, I had no idea that the throw invincible buff would be all that significant
. 13:16, he uses the rose in the corner. Looks like it has faster startup and recovery! Are my eyes deceiving me!?
. 16:30-16:40, you can see 2 examples of the hitbox buff with cr.lp st.hk hit confirm, and the f.mk cr.lp st.hk confirm at ridiculous ranges. He’s against hugo but I swore I saw f.mk and cr.lp hit at the tip of the glove.

Already sold on his buffs, pretty hyped


Wish I got to see more of dudley against different characters. That small glimpse of f.mk and jab looked amazing though.


indeed that f.mk combo was beyond his gloves! im really impressed by that buff!



This was recorded like a year ago but I honestly think it is one of the best rounds I’ve ever played.


I do it with both end buttons that most people turn off when button checking. I’m have to plink things like MP~MK a lot with Makoto, because of a thing that we call v tsurugi (after v ryu), so it’s not that unconfortable for me.


Hi Guy’s here i’ll upload loser semifinal, Loser final and Grand Final from a little tournament made for fun /testing new location in Tourin (Italy). Commentary is in Italian, sorry Guys :frowning:

Loser Final

leave a comment if you want, l’ll upload grand final tomorrow :slight_smile:


Nice dudley!

At 2:51, why not use regular ducking straight into ex duck upper after ex mgb?
At 3:04, shoulda used f.mk, st.mp, st.hk xx ex mgb (unless you just want the frame advantage off of lp mgb for a reset)

Other than that, sick hit confirms, sick setups, frametraps and sick footsies : You played him by the book, crispy and to the point. Better/cleaner than me for sure

I wanna see the grand finals


My fault, no excuse. I wasted a bar :slight_smile:

Yeah, post stun i would the andvantage from lp.MGB for the CH setup (s.hk xx duck.ex) but i failed and he grab me :stuck_out_tongue: Anyway i was wrong in every case beacouse i forgot the chara specific

Thanks man but so many errors here and in the Grand Final, i’ll have to play more for sure, maybe in ultra :slight_smile:


Grand Final

Iknow, i’ve played so sloppy, however every comment would be appreciate as usual :slight_smile:


For Kara Duck, I plink the end button. What is nujubes?

Big, big chance of being old stuff for the more veterans Dudley players. Dudley infinite on Abel.

Correction: Any TC that ends in HP.


Hm thats odd my post didnt send but this one did…



Question: Why does it matter how many hits of Ultra you need to have? The way I understand how the juggle state works, doesn’t it take from the beginning of the Ultra?

e.g. EX MGB -> Duck Straight -> XXXXXX 6 hits vs.
EX MGB -> Cr.HK -> OXXXXX 5 hits

Or perhaps to ask it differently, aren’t we at the same frame advantage post-Ultra no matter how many hits of it we get?


It’s probably from the end of the ultra.
Juggle state stand for number of hits, (which ultra apply separetly) so the lasts hits will always fall. It means Dudley will hang a little more time in the ultra animation while the other character starts to fall. Which means he will have slightly different frames to act before the character will rise.


I’ve been using Dudley some. Here’s a match vs a DSC trainee. *Stun counter is important to track when playing Dudley :DD