Dignity caught on tape: Dudley Video Thread



I’ve never bothered learning to stun count but it is a fantastic tool to have in your belt when playing him since you can essentially beat most of the cast in two combos and one mixup if you’re good at it. I should get around to learning the stun counts for all my combos.


i wanted to share a little experiment of mine with you guys :slight_smile:
let me know what you think of this idea.


Godlike Dud/Guile set if you guys haven’t seen it already?


oh hai I’s back and I’ve got some new ranked footage yey

Question about the Makoto match. What could I have done to punish her U2 whiff? I kind of froze because I expected it to either hit me or land in front of me.


I’m starting my own little series of way to 4000PP
Just like 34 did, with the “being good” part.

I actually try to upload each and every match, no matter how disgraceful was my performance there. Knowing that every match will might get some kind of crowd raise the pressure a little bit, which is another kind of training I can use.

As you can see, the first 2 matches I drop a lot as I was warming up.

The others I’ve no such excuse anymore for all those drops


i have no idea how 34 and smug are so good online. some of the same people that i body for free offline can beat me half or even more of the time online.


gefen. im really upset you lost to that happy stoner guy.



It’s dyken. Dyken’s back, and this video is great.


Gefen, I don’t mean this in a mean way or anything but I did not find the video entertaining. Primarily because I feel like your dudley could use a little work. Now I am not trying to act all high and mighty but I am just giving you an honest critique. Take it as you please.

You need to AA more. A lot of the people you played seemed scrubby. You could have beaten them just by sitting back and AA/poking them to death. I also felt like you weren’t truly adapting but playing every player the same exact way.

One thing I kept cringing on was all those counter hits you didn’t combo off of! Come on GEFEN BABY! Build that reflex.
Also a little note, if you get a juggle off of short swing blow, combo with (ex) duck upper. I noticed you only comboed into jet upper but duck upper gives you a better knock down for safe jumps and other set ups.
SPEAKING OF SETUPS! I think you should learn some. Really helps your game because you put your opponent in a situation that you are familiar with and your opponent is not.

One last thing, what were those upper cuts you were doing during the neutral game?!!


First, thanks for that feedback :slight_smile:

  1. I don’t think of it as entertaining video, as I’m no a good Dudley to watch/learn from. It still helps me (and others) review my games and maybe my improvement. Just to let you know, the 2nd part is even harder to watch (

I never really invested time in the past playing online, but just played offline against my small community, therefore I have a LOT of holes in my games. Especially I haven’t yet developed a good mechanism to play against the lot of the online. Most of the matches I truely believe were played against bad players, and I indeed work on being able to sweep those kind of playing with the sheer force of strong fundamentals.
Which leads us straight to.

  1. I have a real issue with jumpers, my small community also like to that a lot, and they can, because they usually get away with it. When we were in Stunfest playing some casual, one of the the first critiques we got is that we are too easy to jump on. One of my main objective going into the online is to develop my anti air game. I still don’t really have it in me to react in time to jumps when I try to play footsies.
    I actually got a session or two not recorded (gave it up for the Airdashers Academy production). There I think I get the dp in time, but too late still. I played E.Ryu while a go, and got quite solid doing DP at the last moment, which is such a great idea with non invulnerable jet upper (got counter hit to the face for my troubles). I think of reverting back to s.mk and using the jet uppers for the more obvious jumps or reads.
    One of the most frustrating things for me is blocking the anti air because I froze when my opponent jumped in footsies range instead of insta jet upper it. I had actually a session with typical online player around 3700 pp who got most of his hits just by jumping and I blocked it or got countered for doing upper to late. He also jumped in REALLY obvious same places/

So to conclude, yeah, my anti air suck, I believe one of my community major draw back is the lack of good anti air players (which should be any player as it quite the basic of any game), And this is one of my major objective to improve using those online sessions.

  1. Do you have any example (s.rh into ex duck?) Maybe I just got from not playing for a while, or my execution is just more messed than its usual messed state.

  2. I just started using the ssb in okizeme (this was my first session truly utilizing it). I noticed how I did from there. Should try to fix that.

And also by setups do you mean like whiff sequence after knockdown for meaty/baits? or? any example here?

  1. I think those uppercuts are the results of some tilt state. I think it can be seen more clearly in the 2nd part I will upload today.

Again, thanks for the feedback, it is much appreciated.


about 9 hours 43 minutes in i’m doing some money matches against ryan hart. It was a tournament in Italy and it’s time for you guys to give us italian players some credit. Screw smug and screw thirtyfour,i know my shit too.You should watch the rest too,there were some top european players (Luffy and Popi).


Lol “reacted to the backdash” :D:D:D

Nice matches, are you playing online?


I don’t get your #3 in your message.
Also the setups I mean for you to do are mainly safe jumps. For example the infamous b.throw setup on shotos: b.throw>f.dash> j.hk. It will make all srks whiff except a select few. Stuff like that. If they know how to deal with it, do a counter setup. things like that will definitely help your game.

I was a fan of your dudley from way back. I really like your style. Specifically the footsies and pressure you apply is great. But seriously you don’t need to hype yourself lol. Awesome job taking out Ryan Hart! I’m gonna steal some stuff from you. Already have…

Also the announcer who actually spoke english well didn’t seem like he really knew anything about the game lol Funny for how he started out bias for Ryan to win, then quickly changed to hoping you would win haha


MrMoodyPants it was clearly ironic,i never hyped myself. And i never wanted to be under the spotlight,it was just a joke


Sorry all I read is text. Can’t get the emotion or vibe of the way you say it. Plus I don’t really know your personality on here aside from you posting every once in a while. But I getcha now brah. Sorry :stuck_out_tongue:


Just saying I’m not so sharp on my execution, probably didn’t even meant for counter hit setup. Do you have a certain time it seems like a huge blow up in the video?

I… didn’t know about that setup. I have managed to pick some stuff up from tut and dyken channel. I’m really fan of those kinds of setups that can free you from actually concentrating executing the okizeme so you can concentrate on decision making.
I just didn’t take the time up until now to memorize a lot of the stuff I have.
Maybe I will arrange them soon (by knockdown I guess), people might be able to take it too, add suggestion, correct some.


Damn that dudley is clean, I love your style. I want to see more vids if you have any

Sick footsies


Those roundhouse whiff punishes. KreyGasm


Only advice would be invest in some Air-to-Airs and ex duck upper AA vs far jump ins (something like jump fierce that sticks out), because that’s the only part of the matches where you really looked any kind of uncomfortable.


Just search for SchiacciSempre on youtube,some pretty old stuff but should do the trick.Also,watch day 1 of the stream i linked to see some ultra sf4 Dudley action (the tournament was also a location test).