Dignity caught on tape: Dudley Video Thread



I’m actually not too sure where to post it, I guess that here will be as good as any other place.
This is pretty much all the setups I’ve collected.

Edit: the forum mess up my spacing (indicating some option from the same starter)
It can be found in better format here:
fixes? updates?

Duck upper Juggle:
lp srk, overhead
f.dash j.rh (safe jump_
dp.m cr.lk/ssb
dp.m cr.lk dp.m cr.lk (no quick rise)
dp.l f.rh (no quick rise)
backdash step f.rh/cr.rh
dp.l cr.lk/ssb (no quick rise)

Mgb L juggle:
cr.mp f.rh

Jet upper juggle
jab cr.lk

light dp, cr.hp buffer ultra
f.hp cr.lk f.rh
dash dp.l cr.lk
(to the corner) cr.lk lp j.rh (safe 4 frames?)
(to the corner) j.hp f.hp

dash cr.lk f.rh
s.mp f.hp
duck.m cr.lk f.rh

Ultra2 4 hits


empty jump cr.lk/ ssb.l
f.dash s.lp f.rh/f.hp
s.rh cr.lk/ssb
cr.lp mgb.l

Duck upper Juggle:

duck.h f.mk f.rh/cr.rh
f.dash f.rh
dash dash f.mk cr.lk/ssb

duck.h lp .f.rh
duck.l/f.dash/s.hp cr.lk/ssb
f.mk f.mk cr.rh

Ultra 2 (full) :
j.rh mgb.l
Ultra 1:
dp.h cr.lk/ssb


Part 2 (was recorded with part 1 so it’s just as bad)

Trimmed it with youtube editor so it a lot less jumpy.

This editor is quite good for trimming actually.


That final round…yooooo :wtf:


A interesting way to deal with most Balrog’s reversals from the ground.


C.lk>c.mk can beat all reversals except straight

It’s an OS too. The MP doesn’t come out on shifted c.LK so it beats headbutts. Of course loses to ultra 2 but who cares?

Counterhit target combo is… I don’t remember on hit. It’s either 3 or 4.


Thityfour, you mean the target combo will beat Balrog’s stuff? I thought it was too slow to even beating EX Dash Upper.
This thing I showed might be more useful when you are about stun Boxer and have the bars to make it safe…
Also I don’t think most Balrogs will know how to punish it properly. ( I think most of them will just cr LP xx LP Dash Punch, when they could cr MP xx EX Upper + combo)

How is ex duck upper fadc on block? It it plus?


More Ultra SF4 approximation stuff from dyken. Dat oki doe…


I didn’t understand how he OS cr.lk to SSB?


I haven’t explained in detail yet but I’ve mentioned target combo OSs before. Just a guess its a c.lk cmk OS with a plinked SSB so it doesn’t cancel on block. just a guess. maybe its one of the auto hit confirm OSs. idk.


But on block he connected f.mp (I guess for frame advantage demonstration) and not the tc cr.lk mk which is weird


Oh didn’t actually watch the… vid… ill watch may 1stish


played some sf4 yesterday, cherrypick vid of the day.
i still got it even after playing nothing but blazblue for the past 5 months hehe


Hi guys, here we go again with another little Tournament here in Turin!
We were 11 people and i’ve done 2 pools, then round robin with 1° and 2° of each pools.This time we have the best italian Dudley player (SchiacciSempre) against, Bison, Rose and Dan/Furto players, so enjoy! :smiley:

Playlist here : https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLKilX7U3JRupIdvqYO0Y8JRkBLARw2Xgu

N.B. Firstly i thought doing the commentary in english but i was tired so we’ve done in Italian. Lots of inside jokes, call El Fuerte and Fiordan in every name under the sun, salty moments… matbe next time i’ll traslate xD


he didn’t os anything. you can see his inputs.
the way he did it would only work by reaction to the “technical” to know if the move is going to whiff or not.


a smug ass whooping


Oh btw I talked to Combofiend. He said that hitbox for Dudley’s cr.lp used to be only half the glove; now it’s the whole glove. So yey for that.


Don’t mean to advertise, I’m just letting yall know I’m streaming and answering all dudley / match up / tech related questions live. If you’re in the FB group you’ll know when i go live. Could also follow too. Mostly in the afternoon. Come with a book of questions. While it lasts.

Ye Olde English Pub: The Dudley Social
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Not sure if known as I don’t typically follow the dudley stuff. However after a couple of people on eventhubs were claiming you can’t OS Rose’s backdash as Dudley (Ez mode os: LP MGB, one of the better backdash OS moves in the game TBH) I did a little digging and found an OS that covers both backdash and EX Spiral.

If known, sorry for spamming. If not known, hope it helps.


People are usually complaining about OS of ground pressure, as dud’s jump oki is not that threatening.
Also, if I’m Rose I will gladly eat your one bar instead of facing real high/low mixup for 40% combo with that same bar


Should be able to combo after that OS I showed you at least when you beat the EX Spiral. On the air one I think only U2 juggles I’m not sure.

As for grounded pressure? That’s a problem for 90% of the cast when dealing with Rose. Anyways with the right frame trap you can actually OS the BD.

F+MK - sLP (slightly delayed) OS LP MGB - chained sLP will catch Rose’s backdash and on block you get another sLP when done fast enough.

My only reason for posting the video though was just y’know more information :stuck_out_tongue: