Dignity caught on tape: Dudley Video Thread



Oh, there’s a Facebook group? I was not aware…

Also check it: Final Console Changes for Dudley!


My latest.


^ lots of creative stuff in there. i learned a lot.

good shit man!


Don’t know if someone could record this Red Focus combo for me?

Cr. HP > St. HK > Medium Ducking Upper > RF > Cr. HP > St. HK > EX Machine Gun Blow > Medium Ducking Upper/ Forward HK / Cr. HK Ender






Here is more videos.


Hi guys,i’m proud to announce you i finally got sponsored! I’ll be going to more tourneys outside of Italy (maybe even US) and you will see more of me. If you liked what you saw in the previous videos i linked here (i’m the guy who linked a FT5 against Ryan Hart if you don’t remember who i am. If you missed it,just look my posts at page 56) please give this page a like. I’ll be soon creating a theorycraft stream where we all can share our tech and discuss dudley related topics! https://www.facebook.com/Schiaccisempre?ref_type=bookmark
Help a fellow Dudley player getting to majors!




Saw your match against Ryan Hart and was very impressed. I don’t think he was expecting so much pressure.
Anyways, keep us updated on your matches.


I have just finished a comprehensive Dudley video, I’ve played him since Super so I’ll be embarrassed if I’ve missed anything big:

Please check it out and let me know if you liked it. It’s not tut replacement but there’s a lot of combos in there!


What do y’all think of that? It has existed before Ultra but this is with the overhead knockdown, I think I can do it faster than that to make it look less obvious too.
Trying to find more gimmicks outside of the standard cross-under/fake cross-under


Pretty sweet if you mix it up by doing mp jet upper after cr. mp. The thing is if you play the video in 0.25 speed with the youtube settings starting at 0:05 seconds, you see that yun gets up before you recover meaning he can jab out and have you in the corner. However I like this because if you condition the opponent with mp jet upper before hand you should recover faster, still have them in the corner, and beat out his jabs. Hard mixup to see if you don’t expect it, but if the opponent is aware, you have an answer for that as well. It’s harder but if you could find the timing without having to do cr. mp beforehand then this should be even more ambiguous and you wouldn’t need to use mp jet upper.


You can do it better than I did it in the video and that way can’t get jabbed or thrown! I should have uploaded that instead (I found a better timing for it afterwards), the tech is basically what dykenSP has discovered before but adapted to go with the overhead. :slight_smile:

I used it vs a Ryu earlier, his DP whiffed in the other direction and I got a full punish to end the round. Awesome!


Yeah I saw that video on your channel. I’m gonna have to borrow that setup from you…


I mostly stole it from dyken but adjusted it for Ultra, slightly. :stuck_out_tongue:


Dudley’s summer outfit in all 22 colors:


don’t know if this was shared here. But smug put on a heck of a how-to-blow-up-ryu tutorial. Lots of sick and twisted stuff:


Winners Finals against Ryu at 2:15
Grand Finals against Rose at 2:32


Two new dudely rose videos up