Dime_x's Chun_Li Compendium wip

so i’ve been thinking about making this for awhile. this is a list of chuns TOOLS… mostly Bnb’s but also matchup specific stuff. this will ONLY list bnb’s/tricks/strategies that i feel are useful to chun in advanced play.

NOTE: this is sort of a “journal” so to speak so there will be theoretical aspects of things which i have not yet tried out… these things will get edited out or kept in depending on validity, also i will be adding annotations to every combo talking about setups ranging etc. also will be adding frame data
and cherry picking various posts/vids with relevant info for matchups… CREDIT WILL ALWAYS BE GIVEN TO THE ORIGINAL POSTER… however some things will be taken from memory and i wont remember who posted up the info… just let me know and i will correct any mistakes asap.

bnb’s (Non-Character specific)

heres a visual guide of all the bnb’s listed, all combos performed and video shot by SnakeAes:


  1. cr.lk x2 xx ex legs.

(her basic bread and butter combo… this combo is used primarily when on offense as a mixup between throw and low … after having dashed in or against a waking opponent. another notable setup is after walking/ dashing under an opponent who is jumping in at her.) also this will not work versus blanka if he’s crouching.*

  1. cr.lp x3 > far st. fierce > super

(this bnb is mostly used without the super attached and is good for when you need solid damage without meter, should probably substitute cr.lk to break standing block then continue with jabs >fierce)

  1. cr.lp > cl. st. hk xx ex legs

(powerful combo thats starts with a 3 frame jab… but is range intensive versus certain characters)

  1. cl. st. hk xx ex legs

(chuns most basic punish combo, also good after crumple if you have no charge. land 2 of these in one round and your probably going to win.)

  1. cl. st. hk xx lk legs > ex legs

*(EXTREMELY powerful combo that lets you hit confirm to conserve meter and does even more than combo #4.)

note: does not work versus guile and is execution intensive because of the lk legs mash:

HK(MK,LK,LK,LK) moves in parenthesis do not come out and serve as a buffer for lk legs

st.hk ex legs is not safe versus crouching ryu as last hit wiffs over his head… sigh.
perhaps useable when he doesnt have 2 stocks… decent risk reward there… this note is for combos 4 and 5*

credit twilightfox for finding the punish

  1. lk or hk Hasan shu > cr.lk xx ex legs

(hit confirmable and very powerful… this combo is a big deterrent to fireballs once chun has meter.)

  1. lk or hk Hasan shu > super

(EXTREMELY strong deterrent to fireballs once chun has super… no charge needed, once people start hitting this combo regularly, throwing chun is going to become VERY scary)

  1. j.fpx2 \ / cr.hp xx mk sbk > super

(usually done without the super tacked on this is used for dizzy combos and hit confirmed jumpins via sailing over anticipated fireballs)

  1. (air to air) j.fpx2 \ / / \ D+mk x3.

(strong answer for obvious jump ins and requires no meter… gets bonus points for flash)

  1. lvl 1 FA crumple backdash > super or ultra

(HARD to get this to crumple but deserves a spot because its hit confirmable, safe, requires no pre-charge,does good damage, and is another NEEDED way to land her ultra in hard to land matchups)

  1. B+MK,MK target combo >ex legs > ultra

good combo cause it works damn near anywhere (except absolute middle of screen) so that means increased range on her ultra juggle.only good as a punisher.

credit: xxalucard

plinking (p-linking) can used to make some of these combos much easier, read about it here:


character specific bnb’s


cr.lk,cr.lp,cr.mk xx ex legs hits crouching blanka, unlike cr.lk x n > ex legs which will wiff

cl.hk xx ex legs is also very good versus blanka as it stands him up making him take full damage from ex legs… this combo actually does 300 damage to blanka, making it even better versus him.

chuns overall strategy

chun has 3 basic strategies:

turtle,rushdown, a combination of the first 2.


this is done through making good use of chun-li’s kikoken, her fantastic backdash and walking backwards speeds. the goal is trying to get your opponent to overextend himself and try something harsh to get in, which you punish thus doing damage.

here is a vid of a GREAT sagat using tigershot pressure (THIS APPLIES TO CHUN WHEN SHE"S UP AGAINST CHARACTERS THAT HAVE NO FIREBALLS) against people who are most definitely good, but not at the sagat players level, i really like sagats use of jab fakes here(wiffed crouching jabs done at near fullscreen) he uses these jab fakes because he knows that his opponent will jump forward and try to combo at the first golden opportunity… so the sagat player fakes lots of tiger shots to throw off his opponents ability to reactively guess on the incoming tiger shot… this is more advanced than it seems, throwing fireballs well is one of the hardest things to do in streetfighter because they are one of the easiest moves to directly counter… in this vid, RF shows that you have to slow down your opponents reactions by faking alot before you spam the fireballs… another very instructional thing about this vid that directly applies to chuns game is to notice how the sagat player knocks down honda in the corner, does some good damage, THEN BACKS OFF! if you want to play chun well at high level your going to have to make these same kinds of decisions, it isnt wise to continuously pressure your opponent on wakeup in this game. heres the vid:


another part of the vid against the honda that i feel needs to be understood is the sequence that happens between 1:35-1:40: sagat had just thrown 3 fireballs with the aforementioned fakes and whatnot, but the honda could have jumped over any of them and comboed sagat… since the sagat player had already done a ton of fakes he was thinking that if there was anytime that the honda would be jumping to land the combo it would be then… why was this??? the reason sagat knew why he was in danger is because he had just repeated a sequence that was pretty easy to read, he knew that honda would be shaking in his boots to try and ultra through a tigershot or jump over one… so he made sure that this time he added alot more jab fakes and (going from standing to crouching fakes the motion for tiger shots in this case) also going from crouching to standing can actually fake jumps (this would be much more applicable if the sagat were on offense, however, i mention this because sometimes chun will want to get in via the air)


chun excels at rushdown, but only for brief periods of time. her rushdown game is a combination of offensive pressure AND mixups, mixups are her easiest offense and the hardest part of her offensive game to deal with, but just pressuring your opponent by crowding there space is a good idea also. when playing the pressure game it’s imperative that you know when to give it up and go back to turtling, not having a good feel for this leads to uppercut fadc combos… those things hurt.

chuns mixup game… knockdown or dash in then:

1.BLOCK (then punish their reversal attempt)
3.cr.lk x2 ex legs (use the shorts to hit confirm into ex legs) if they block you can still go for the throw, backup or walkin and cr.lk x2 again or simply string the first set of blocked lk’s into a cr.lp then your choice of cr.hk or st.mp or nothing.
4. hasan shu (this will hit them if they thought you were going to block so they would try to throw you or low poke you when they wakeup.
5. D/F+ HK ( this has the ability to stuff reversal ultras and dp’s plus it crosses up… be careful when using it though, cause you can be punished hard for getting predictable with this move.
6. stomp mixups

credit goes to azrael for posting chuns mixup game in the chun-li thread, and myself for the stomp mixups.

find further info on chun-lis stomp here:



this section will be devoted to chuns normals that i find important to her game as well as a break down of how those normals should be used.
most of chuns normals fall under the category of “pokes” a poke is a move that is safe on block or hit. even better pokes are ones that are safe on block, hit, AND wiff. unfortunately chun only has a few pokes that are both good and relatively safe on wiff: cr.lp,cr.lk,cr.mk,st.mp. those are all moves that chun can throw out damn near all day long with little thought to them without having to worry much… st.mp is the only suspect move, because it is possible to realistically time it so badly that your opponent can jump over it and combo you, but this is VERY rare.

note: ill be using a number from 1-10 to denote a pokes range, the basis of this is off of chuns far standing roundhouse which is her furthest ranged normal poke, so it will be given a range value of 10, with all other moves compared to it on a percentage based range ie cr.mk would get a 3 as it has about one third the range of her st.hk.


far standing roundhouse:11 frames. range = 10

this is an uber poke versus standing opponents. it has the most range out of all of chuns normals and does 100 damage. it has 2 primary functions: to hit an opponent from further away than they would expect your normals to go, and to hit an opponent out of the air on the way up. the taller the opponents character the further this move hits them from.

however, beyond that, this move also has some not so obvious uses like getting your opponent to engage in wiffed crouching moves from a distance (which you can roundhouse hasan shu on anticipation) and it can also get your opponent to crouch in order to make it wiff (hasan shu works here in order to take advantage also) if your opponent starts to crouch in anticipation of this move, chun can use that in many ways to her benefit: they can no longer move, but she can, so she now has mobility on her side for things like walk up throw or dash up cr.lk x2. hasan shu becomes better here as well, but remember that its harder to jump from a crouching position and that they arent in effect moving which gives chun the oppertunity to walk backwards and charge for a kikoken without having the opponent walk towards her. MANY options.

remember however that an opponent that is sitting there in crouch block is NOT the person to be trying to jump at. also remember that this move loses to pretty much all crouching moves. even though it seems that her low hit box gets smaller it doesnt, it actually gets BIGGER.

far standing fierce: 6 frames. range = 7

this is chuns second best poke after st.mp, however this poke is in MANY ways better than st.mp: its quicker to come out so it has more priority versus standing attacks, does more damage, and is harder to jump over. as far as a ground poke this move is slept on, HARD.

generally speaking the opponent is going to try to make chun wiff this move in one of 2 ways: crouch under it, or outdistance it.
if they try to outdistance it, this is when far HK should come out. if they try to duck it this is when chun should start using far MP.
if they jump it from a range that it wouldnt have hit at anyways, you ranged it wrong and should have used roundhouse instead.

far standing strong: 7 frames. range = 7

chuns best overall poke, it beats her fierce in economy because it isnt duckable, is cancelable and actually puts her at plus frames on hit AND block. while aslo being safer on wiff.
i wont write much more on this move as much has already been written in other places… suffice it to say that this move is as close to godlike as chun has. watch for jumps when spamming this though… being forced to block a jumpin when timed wrong is this moves biggest weakness. its also safe to most characters fa’s.

crouching roundhouse: 7 frames. range = 7

being that this is a sweep, this is one of chuns most used if not her MOST USED, poke.

the reasons are obvious. not only does this move have good priority because of its low hitbox, speed and range, it also sets up chuns wakeup games perfectly, which chun can do some really crazy damage from very quickly if she guesses right 2-3 times in a row.
that having been said this move should not be spammed at high level cause its easy as hell to focus attack and its also very easy to jump and combo her from… its a medium risk low reward move, and more thought should be used when it is applied unlike st.mp. ok as an anti-air as well.

crouching medium kick: 5 frames. range = 4

if one compares this move to st.fp, it doesnt really equate… it loses ALOT of range for only a 2 frame speed increase plus the ability to hit low and cancel…
this move has esoteric uses though such as making certain crossups and jumpins wiff. it also has a good “surprise” effect when used in “pokestrings”.

and interesting note on how bad this moves range is, is that it has almost the EXACT same range as chuns cr.lk… imagine if ryus cr.mk was as short ranged as his weak kick…
however this move is quite safe on wiff… but that doesnt mean much when its range is as bad as it is.

crouching medium punch: 10 frames. range of 5-6

besides its stellar AA uses this move remains an enigma to me when on the ground… chuns second slowest poke… this move has surprising priority versus “some” moves because of its low to the ground hit box.


(note) im using a 1-10 scale to rate chuns AA’s for ease of use purposes… this cannot be perfect because any rating system is subjective and as such is based on my own personal preferences. 1 denotes a move which will probably NEVER work as an AA and 10 would be something along the lines of rogs cr.HP or ryus FP srk (both have there strengths and weaknesses versus each other but get the same rating because both are likely to RARELY be beat in the right situations)


EX SBK (8) her best overall anti-air would get a 9 were it not for her needing charge and meter

  • crouched*

MP (4) can duck many jumpins, character specific, (works very well versus sagat… i have yet to use it but this move may deserve a 7 because of that matchup) credit azrael???
MK (4) can duck many crossup attempts credit ???
FP (8) matchup specific, works VERY well against shotos and guile.
HK (5) decent when used from a distance versus jumpins that have little angle on the attack.

close standing

FP (5) decent versus rog though randomly gets beat (thats why it only gets a 5)
MK (5) this one may go up, DESTROYS close range jumpins and crossups.
HK (3) situation specific may deserve a 4 or 5
MP (3) ok in certain situations (tk teleport)

far standing

FP (6) decent when used versus far jumping in opponents
MK (6.5) chuns best overall AA
HK (8) with bad timing> (3) this may just be chuns best normal AA, problem is that it requires INSANE reactions or anticipatory timing to be used.

jump straight up

HK (9) my favorite AA, easiest to use when spamming neutral jumps, rarely gets beaten by anything in the air.
FP (4) short range but knocks down, the rating is total theoryfighter.


LK (8) good option select if you take to the air but dont know what button to press
FP x2 (8) best offensive jumpin, has a built in mixup, can setup a juggle from anywhere on screen with stomps or ex sbk
MK (5) good horizontal range
HK (5) deceptive priority versus air when used from jumping backwards.

Frame Data

heres a link to ShiningSouls frame data thread for chun-li, thx once again SS! you the man:


matchup strategies (arcade)


abels frame data:


Vs. Abel (6-4)
You can also bully Abel fairly well, but you’ll need to be wary of his command throws in close. Also, be careful with the mid-range poking game, as Abel’s EX Rekka string can blow right through your pokes. Kikouken actually becomes quite risky against Abel, so don’t rely on fireball, at all. J.FP as well as cross-up games work fairly well against him. -credit Azrael

abel has an infinite loop versus chun in the corner:



akumas frame data:


Vs. Akuma (5-5)
Akuma can be a problematic match-up. Although you don’t have to worry about SRK FADC as much as you do against Ryu and Sagat, it still gives him a safe way to get you off him. Also, his demon flip options give Chun problems - Dive Kick beats EX SBK cleanly. Dive Kick is FA bait, but his other two options (fist strike, throw) completely beat FA. If you want to be safe, perhaps try to backdash away from demon flips, or try to jump and beat the Akuma player in the air. Do NOT try to jump over air fireballs to get to Akuma, you WILL pay for it either by getting uppercutted, or getting ultra’d. -credit Azrael

*- Anti air Akuma before he lands if within range when coming down from an air fireball with cr.hk, always go for the trade

You can always dash ultra him too, that air fireball recovery is pretty horrendous.*

credit MagnetoManiac


balrogs frame data:


very good textbook match versus rog as far as how to play against one with chun… adjustments need to be made as to how rog uses his ex meter though. match is the last one on the vid:


credit: MagnetoManiac

Vs. Balrog (5-5)
Balrog can actually out-jab Chun, and his jabs lead to some painful combos, especially anything with Headbutt + Ultra tacked on. Chun can do a pretty good job keeping him out of her life though, with S.FP and C.MP. Both the far and close versions of S.FP do a good job of beating out Rog’s jump-ins. Which is good, because EX SBK tends to lose. You can also zone him with Kikouken, but be careful of EX dash punches. Try to bait out headbutts when in close. You can not punish Rog on a blocked dash punch, but if you see it coming you can ultra him out of it. -credit Azrael


blankas frame data:


how to punish blankas ultra with chuns:


for anti-blanka strats go here:


Vs. Blanka (5-5)
With EX Ball and slide, Kikouken is risky against Blanka. Similar to Honda, her jump messes up the timing of Vertical Ball as crossup AA - the Blanka player will whiff the Vertical Ball. If you dash across the screen, you can catch up in enough time to throw him as punishment. Be warned though that Blanka electricity will beat your cross-up attempt. If Blanka likes to jump in close, try to anticipate and beat him with air throw. If Blanka is jumping in with J.RH, you are better off with EX SBK or just blocking - that attack stuffs many of her other AA options, and will lead to damage against her. Up close, you’ll need to be very, very careful about Blanka’s ultra. -credit Azrael*



vipers frame data:


Vs. C.Viper (4-6)
Chun is at a disadvantage here because many of Viper’s moves go over/through Chun’s counter-attack attempts, and Viper deals more damage. You will need to be very careful about how you attack her. When Viper jumps, if you try to EX SBK and she does Flame Kick, you will end up losing. Sometimes its better to just block and see what happens next. The invincibility on Viper’s EX Seismo also takes away much of Chun’s in-close and poking game. One day to deal with EX Seismo is with Hasan Shu - timed properly, Hasan Shu will still be in the air during EX Seismo’s invincibility, and will come down and hit her as she becomes vulnerable. Viper’s Thunder Knuckle AA is deceptively good, so don’t try to abuse jumping against her. -credit Azrael


sims frame data:


Vs. Dhalsim (6-4)
**Chun can get to Dhalsim by FADC’ing through a poke, Hasan Shu over any low attack, or by throwing a Kikouken and following behind it. Sim has some good tricks inside but Chun’s in-close game is much tighter. You can punish teleport cross-up attempts with EX SBK, or S.MP. -credit Azrael


Vs E.Honda (6-4)
This is a good match-up for Chun. Her J.LK crossup can really give Honda problems. And if Chun has revenge meter, you can counter a blocked Headbutt with ultra. You can zone Honda well with Kikouken - his JS.FP loses to Chun’s sweep, so you can bait it out with Kikouken, follow it in, and punish. Her floaty jump throws off the timing for Honda’s AA against the crossup, so you can abuse him with this somewhat. -credit Azrael

hondas frame data:


El Fuerte

Vs. El Fuerte (6-4)
ELF can be tricky, but nothing Chun can’t handle. Blocked Frog Splashes will leave him very vulnerable. The run throw will be his best way of hurting you, but you can beat that with EX SBK. Be careful though, as many of Fuerte’s air attack do defeat EX SBK. Many Fuerte players like to use FA tricks, but if you sit on ultra you can make them pay for only going into FA stance. -credit Azrael


guiles frame data:


Vs. Guile (6-4)
Despite both being charge characters, Sonic Boom is far better than Kikouken, so don’t get into fireball fights with Guile. Your main problem against Guile will be just trying to get to him. You can FADC through Sonic Booms, or use a well-timed Hasan Shu. Chun’s in-close game is much better than Guile’s, so once she gets in she can bully him. Guile also can’t deal with J.LK crossup attemps very well, so this is another way to take the fight to him. Be sure to curb your offensiveness enough to make the Guile player whiff Flash Kick attempts, or at least be hesistant in throwing them out. -credit Azrael


Kens frame data:


Vs Ken (5-5)
Similar to Ryu, except you have less to worry about if you run into a SRK FADC. Ken’s F+MK can be stopped by Hasan Shu, or if you block the F+MK you can Hasan Shu over the following C.MK if the Ken player does it (most of them do). -credit Azrael


Bisons frame data:


Vs. M.Bison (5-5)
M.Bison out-pressures Chun on the ground. He’s got very good block strings. Additionally, his J.LK cross-up is sort of immune to EX SBK. But Chun has tools too - she can sweep him out of the opening frames of Scissors Kick. She can also punish whiffed Devil Reverse with dash ultra, same as against Vega. Bison’s AA options aren’t that great, so you can jump against him sometimes - J.FP on wakeup is a good thing to go for. Avoid throwing out large pokes (sweep, S.RH) as Bison has several ways to deal with them. -credit Azrael

*- clutch neutral jump and throw bison’s wake up ex stomp

You can, as long as you do it when he’s at the high point, but before he hits you. Takes some practice, but it works, and if you don’t see it, you can land with an attack or if you already pressed the throw then just land and hasan-shu and kill him for trying to tech/crouch tech. *

credit: MagnetoManiac


rufus’ frame data:


Vs. Rufus (4-6)
The primary things that make this match hard are that Dive Kick beats EX SBK cleanly, and EX Messiah Kick destroys Chun’s in-close game. If you are getting Dive Kick spammed, you can try to jab Rufus out of it, anticipate the jump and beat him in the air, or FA absorb it and back-dash away. As for EX Messiah Kick, same as against the shotos, you’ll need to be very careful about your wakeup game. If you can bait out the Kick and jump straight up over it, you can punish Rufus afterwards. If you end up blocking it, you end up in a position where Rufus can still potentially hurt you. The best Rufus strategy is part keeping him away, part attacking him carefully. Also, be wary of the skies - he has a number of ways to beat you up there which lead to great damage for him. -credit Azrael


Ryus frame data:


Vs Ryu (5-5)
Both characters have ways of dealing with each other - Chun can Hasan Shu or ultra through Ryu fireballs, but SA takes care of Hasan Shu and many of Chun’s pokes, giving Ryu good damage opportunities. You’ll need to avoid throwing out any big moves in close, especially sweep and HS. Stick with her faster pokes, and look for places to land c.short into EX Legs. You’ll also need to be careful with your mix-up and rushdown game, as a random shoryuken can foil your plans, and a SRK FADC Ultra can really take off a huge chunk of your life. For the most part, you’ll want to stay grounded. Also, avoid using Kikouken too much, as Ryu’s fireball is much better and he has many ways to hurt you if he correctly anticipates your Kikouken. In a close match, be very cautious of SRK FADC attempts. When in doubt, its better to eat a throw rather than get hit with the SRK FADC into ultra. -credit Azrael


Sagats frame data:


Vs. Sagat (4-6)
This is a hard match for Chun…but Sagat has advantages over most of the cast. You’ll need to play your attack very carefully, as one small mistake can lead to huge chunks of life lost. While you can Hasan Shu through Tiger Shots, good Sagat players will be very careful about TS usage. Sagat can power through many of Chun’s pokes and her ground game as well, so being careful here is the key. See if you can force the Sagat player into whiffing Tiger Uppercuts to punish. If Sagat has at least 2 bars of meter and Revenge Meter, you can expect a Tiger Uppercut x FADC attempt sometime soon.* -credit Azrael***

-* c.hp to inch closer

good to use versus sagats high fireballs, may get in range to ultra.*

credit: MagnetoManiac


Vegas frame data:


Vs. Vega (6-4)
Vega doesn’t have any good tools for keeping people away, so you can really bully him once you get in close. With no good AA options you can also utilize the J.FP mixup game, as well as cross-ups. EX SBK is a nice way to get out of throw setups from Vega’s DF+RH. With dash ultra, Chun can punish wall dive fakes. Vega’s wall dives can give you problems, but you can beat them by jumping backwards with J.MK, or jumping up with JS.RH, or just air throw. This may force the Vega player to start throwing out the attack early, which would then let you stay grounded and take care of him from there. -credit Azrael


Giefs frame data:


Vs. Zangief (5-5)
Your gameplan in this matchup should be to keep Gief as far away from you as possible. S.RH works well at a distance, and S.MP/S.FP are nice when he starts gaining ground. J.FP beats non-startup frames of Lariat, but everything she does loses if Gief does a deep crouch Lariat. You can zone with Kikouken, but be careful about EX Backfist retaliation at mid-range. If you can bait out and block an EX Backfist though, you get to punish him however you like. -credit Azrael

**Matchup Strategies (console) **


cammys frame data:



LOL Dans frame data:


Fei Long

Fei longs frame data:



Gens frame data:



goukens frame data:



Roses frame data:



Sakuras frame data:



seths frame data:


much more will be edited in little by little


MagnetoManiacs tutorial vids:

[media=youtube]EiI5u6GMPbY[/media] safe jump setup against sagat
[media=youtube]G1g_kkH5_9Y&NR=1[/media] double tap and piano
[media=youtube]B-19K2wZl28&feature=related[/media] nemo stun builder combo
[media=youtube]-GmqXSQgjsA&feature=related[/media] ex legs tutorial
[media=youtube]1HHTADoHCk4&feature=related[/media] ambiguous crossup setups
[media=youtube]8E-ToSNvpd0&feature=related[/media] stomp mixups
[media=youtube]FNHsWgEwo_0&NR=1[/media] dash ultra
[media=youtube]qOXEZcVtVPY[/media] punishing blankas ultra with chuns

Skatan Milla posted a REALLY great safe jump against ryus and kens srk:


Nemos blog translations by Azrael and Newbie44:

Azrael’s translation:

newbie44444’s translation:

thanks to Matsurika for putting these all together

Comboing into Ultra:

ok so i’ve been practicing ALOT of these ultra setups… the good news:
chun has ALOT of ways to land her ultra, and not just as a juggle.
the bad news:
many of these require alot of meter or are situation specific, however at least the situations differ from one another which makes it near impossible for chuns opponents to avoid getting ultrad in some way if the chun user has the execution and knowledge to pull these off.

NO super meter needed:

  1. neutral jump fierce or flying fierce 2nd hit > ultra

(do this versus a grounded opponent… however these can also work versus airborne opponents if they are near the corner)

  1. hold backwards (but you dont need to charge) FA 1 or 2 > forward > back (this will cause you to back dash) > full ultra motion

*(new way i came up with to charge the the ultra… holding back and then pressing fa > forward > backwards actually gives chun a charge faster than double tapping back! if either crumple, there is no need to “wait” a frame or 2 after the back dash anymore to do the ultra motion! crumple ultra actually becomes EXTREMELY EASY using this technique.

also you can start this motion using B+MK+MP >forward > back, full ultra motion or neutral > FA > back > forward > back > full ultra motion…
and finally: charge back > fa after charge is complete and still holding backwards > quickly input forward > back (this will cause you to backdash) and then finish the ultra motion by hitting forward + 3K)*

  1. (charge) CH st.mp > Ultra

*(self explanatory… to practice this, put training mode dummy on counterhit so you can get the timing down… once you’ve got the timing down, put the dummy on random counterhit and random block and just have at it.)

yes i’m still practicing this, yes i do do it in casuals and yes i do fuck it up about 80% of the time and end up eating an ultra (not because i ultra regular hits but because i dont time the link right)… no pain no gain.*

  1. through fireballs and and to punish laggy moves.

(just want to make this complete)

Requires one stock:

  1. (near corner) ex legs > Ultra juggle

*(character specific, however i want to talk about something else here… the thing to note about this combo is all of the setups for ex legs… there are many:

1.short, short. (on wakeup or on empty jump or if your jumpin connects)
2. mash legs during your opponents blockstring (MM will be shaking in his boots when he sees this setup… LOL, but it still stands that if chun has ultra and meter and is near the corner versus an attacking op, the risk reward for doing this is huge… this DOES NOT MEAN to mash ex legs anywhere else… thats just stupid and scrubby unless your nemo or nuki whom i’ve both caught scrubbing out with mashed ex legs during blockstrings when at midscreen.)
3. dash ex legs
4. 2 weaks > st.mp (all blocked) link timing ex legs > Ultra (theres only a 2 frame gap here if timed perfectly… if the opponent tries to jump or mistimes there backdash input or crouchtechs or presses a button they will get hit.
5. punish with st.hk ex legs.
6. hasan shu > cr.lk > ex legs

now i listed all of these cause they are ALL good ways of getting an ex legs off and because i wanted people to know thet there are other options besides cr.lk x 2 and hasan shu…
as chun players we have to use ALL OF HER TOOLS to stand a chance, cause chuns options is where she shines… if you use all of these options when given a chance it will be VERY Hard for your opponent to avoid being juggled in the corner by… SOMETHING! *

  1. (near corner) jumpin heavy > cr.mk > ex sbk > ultra

( one of the few viable ways of juggling ultra from further out than ex legs range, works well for hitting characters that require a further placement from the corner to fully juggle… barely viable but still viable imho)

Requires 2 meters:

  1. (near corner) ex legs > ex legs > ultra

  2. (near corner) ex legs > ex sbk > ultra

(yeah 2 meter setups are bare bones at this point…)

Requires 3 meters:

  1. jumpin heavy > cr.mk > ex kikoken > fa2 > backdash > ultra
  • (works anywhere on screen versus every character, this is my NEW SHIT! meter heavy but totally viable cause of my new backdash ultra technique and its an easy ass combo to hitconfirm… plus gets MAJOR BONUS POINTS FOR FLASH!!!)*
  1. any hasan shu > cr.lp > ex kikoken > fa2 > backdash > ultra

(different setup of combo 9, if this is done from nemo string… man, this shit hurts… only works in corner)

requires 4 meters:

??? as soon as i find some viable combos that dont get scaled to badly, i will post them… but right now… I GOT NOTHIN’ :stuck_out_tongue:


reserved for space.

Great idea from a great Chun player! I’ve found that I either whiff her super/ultra, or that the legs segment of it kicks them out of range for the finishing blow and leaves me flappin in the breeze when they aren’t against a wall. That’s gonna force me to polish up my normals/specials and not rely so much on an unreliable attack.

Showing off my noobisnous here: what’s bnb?


bread and butter combo :smile:

ill add some stuff once hes done posting up that way if its covered already it can be expanded on.

cr.hP xx med SBK is a good combo but why dont we use cr.mK xx med SBK??? the cr.mK does 20 more dmg and it comes out faster so why dont people use it??

Edit: Nvm, Gensou answered it better.

For that combo, cr.HP moves Chun closer to the op, guaranteeing more hits for the MK SBK.

How about j.roundhouse, st.roundhouse, ex legs?

Cool, yours is much more organized than mine so I’ll just share whatever I have later on, if you’d like to add them to yours that is :woot: .

i didnt even know this comboed

are you talking about your mixup bible or the ultra/super thread? either would be most helpful. we need ONE PLACE where we can see everything, and thats what i’m going for here.
feel free to add any relevant info in this thread and i will post and update and acknowledge source material of course.

and thx for the offer homie :tup: !

st hk xx ex legs is already in the compendium… cant make a different combo section (or just make it bigger) just to add in info that most ground combos can be started from the air also… this is about DIFFERENT moves that lead to good damage. only the basic openers are covered, along with the most powerful/easy to do followups. stating that cl. hk. xx ex legs can also be started with a jumpin hk, would be redundant… i may as well also write it down that fierce will also work, strong starts it as well, hell jumping forward can start it also etc etc… see what i’m getting at.


I don’t know if this has been mentioned but be careful on the cl. st. hk xx lk legs. On block, lk legs can get punished. I’ve gotten shoryu fadc ultra’d for attempting it and it lost me the round.

Also, cl.st hk xx hk legs, c.lk xx ex legs is a good one. Does nice damage and hk legs is safe if iirc.

I haven’t tested all characters but on ken/ryu/rufus, you can add 1 more c.lk for a nice 295 damage combo. Makes it a ton easier to get the ex legs out as well. Great for punishing dps.

No problem. I meant just my match up tidbits that I post in the match ups thread, something along those lines. Or just things to note down, good normals, things to remember in match ups. The main match ups thread is a bit cluttered too, we need to either update the first post or make a new thread with all of our new and improved tactics. The newcomers will be relieved from searching and the thread will be less crowded with repeated questions.

Why have you mentioned only lk and hk hasan shu for combos? I thought the mk version offered the greater frame advantage. :confused:

just a few things that i’m sure are common knowledge but what the hell

if you’re opponent is any more (even a step) more than the “match start” positioning, towards one side or the other (even the match start position is close enough, though a bit riskier), you can do

back standing mk -> mk (the 2nd kick that comes out) xx ex legs -> ultra

i tested on a few chars (ryu & sagat) and it’s a guaranteed combo against the wall, you just have to time the ex legs a little late so that the opponent kind of gets tagged in a way that he goes a bit higher than usual, and just time the ultra right. not sure how many chars it works for but i’m pretty sure it’s safe enough if you don’t fuck it up to at least hit everything but the launcher in most cases.

you could do an extra ex legs, it’s just that it does barely anymore damage (like 12 or 15 i think), is a bit harder to land, and is probably better off not being used to save the bar. unless of course you know you need that damage to kill or just wanna put on a show :slight_smile:

it also does more damage than just finishing the Ten Sho Kyaku --> ultra, and is good since it will probably make opponents fear her ultra since it’ll feel like nowhere but the exact middle of the stage is safe from being combo’d into it.

edit you can also jump into that with jfp and link the back standing mk if you time it right (at least against the cpu on auto block)

NOTED and nice find, just reproduced your info in training mode:

st.hk xx lk legs is not safe versus crouching ryu as last hit wiffs over his head… sigh.
perhaps useable when he doesnt have 2 stocks… decent risk reward there…

probably is not safe versus much of the cast if last hit wiffs versus crouchers… will make a note and test later.



nice punish combo from damn near mid screen, 472 with full ultra. i like and will put it up!

credit XXALUCARD for finding the combo and the incresaed range for juggle >ultra