Dime_x's Chun_Li Compendium wip

MK version is harder to punish fireballs with unlike the hk version, lk version easily stuffs anticipated throw/cr.lk attempts whereas mk version goes over op…

mk hasan shu is the hardest one to use and i dont use it at all… although its good outside of weak attack range… there are other things i could be doing at that range rather than trying to apply a hard to range move that only gives one extra frame of advantage on hit.

-EDIT since mk hasan shu can link to ultra from counter hit it is MUCH BETTER NOW with that info.


It has one excellent use, and that’s from cr.jab, close roundhouse.

Ok I’ll share some sloppy random notes I have, if you’d like me to elaborate more just ask.

  • Walk up low forward EX legs.

  • Anti air trip guard ultra.

  • Jump just outside uppercut range

  • Start walking under when feeling demon flip

  • Anti air Akuma before he lands if within range.

  • If they jump back in the corner, standing roundhouse from half screen.

  • Kikoken, dash up + walk, then tag back dash from their focus with a sweep.

  • Air throw Bison.

  • Jump back roundhouse anti-air.

  • Always ultra in between Honda super hits in close situations, it’s too much chip.

  • Poke with MPs, and then focus dash up throw. They may try and footsie back.

  • c.hp to inch closer

  • after throw tech situation, EX legs

  • clutch neutral jump and throw bison’s wake up

i’m starting to experiment with the basics of chuns ability to hold down attack buttons and release after input (instead of input then button)

much easier to dash ultra for example by holding 3k (maybe after a kikouken) and then just randomly do the motion and the second you see something let go of the kicks instead of hitting them. it’s kind of the same, but to me feels just a little bit faster and easier. of course this wouldnt work with fa dash canceling, and to not do the ultra you’d have to pull a finger off of lk and do an empty kick (if you wanted to stop charging and buffering) OR just do hasan shu motion and release the kick of choice for it.

just think that button buffering is a useful trick that i know i’m sure as hell not taking advantage of as much as i should be

What does air throw bison mean? When he does head stomp?

Also, EX after throw tech. How does that work out usually? Anything they can do to really punish that? I really want to start using it if it’s pretty reliable because the tech situation happens all the time.

-Walk up low forward EX legs.

is this because of what i posted versus diar??? more testing needed but does seem really good.

  • Anti air trip guard ultra.

has this been verified?.. i’ll go to training.

  • Jump just outside uppercut range


  • Start walking under when feeling demon flip

i get this but is there something special here??

  • Anti air Akuma before he lands if within range.

assuming with ultra??? or trading with cr.hk?

  • If they jump back in the corner, standing roundhouse from half screen.


  • Kikoken, dash up + walk, then tag back dash from their focus with a sweep.

why isnt this just another of the thousands of player specific mixups… is there anything special here that i’m missing?

  • Air throw Bison.

could you explain this

  • Jump back roundhouse anti-air.

versus who, or is it just in general?

  • Always ultra in between Honda super hits in close situations, it’s too much chip.

is this safe at mid screen? wont it juggle him?? (havent tested this)

  • Poke with MPs, and then focus dash up throw. They may try and footsie back.

another mostly player specific mixup here unless i’m missing something… do you train your op’s?

  • c.hp to inch closer

i assume beneath sagats high tiger shots.

  • after throw tech situation, EX legs

very good, will use this when i remember and next have the chance.

  • clutch neutral jump and throw bison’s wake up

ex stomp??? i dont have much success with throwing that damn move.

nice work MM! could definitely use some footnotes so that we know what it is that your getting at though :tup:


Walk up low forward EX legs is a great footsie tool, especially if you get them to crouch tech/throw. I saw Kuronuko footsie with it and noted it.

Works 100% if they do an attack, if they empty jump , it could mean trouble. On reaction though, it should be effective.

You can really harass Sagat/shotos with this. If you jump at your far jump MK range, you can cause some tick situations this way and gain potential damage.

Not really. Just when they string you far, then cancel their max range low forward into it…or something of that sort. When you start to anticipate it, and you want a good option to go to, this is better than back dashing or risking focus mixups, and taking damage.

Yes, always go for the trade. You can always dash ultra him too, that air fireball recovery is pretty horrendous.

It is, that’s why I said it was just random notes. You may have already known this, since you’re one of the higher level players on the board. However, it’s very useful to know if they focus absorb and back dash late into your walking behind the kikoken, Chun’s sweep tags back dashes all day :wink: .

Just when he’s doing his aerobic nonsense, you can air throw his options.

Generally, it’s a good anti air, but it’s better against aggressors and when you need to get away.

It will still hit him as if he were standing. You can ultra in between his headbutt super.

Just a random tactic I like to use, usually when I footsie and throw my focus in, they start blocking to block the attack, then I just dash up and throw.

Correct, may give you the extra space you need to ultra, while keeping charge ^_^.


You can, as long as you do it when he’s at the high point, but before he hits you. Takes some practice, but it works, and if you don’t see it, you can land with an attack or if you already pressed the throw then just land and hasan-shu and kill him for trying to tech/crouch tech.

nice work MM! could definitely use some footnotes so that we know what it is that your getting at though :tup:


Anytime man, I should be posting more, I have way more in my head than when I have written down…I’ll come back with more. I posted earlier because the shit glitched on me, had to update it after a while lol.

apparently jumping back lk beats out sagat’s super (at least it did just now when it hit him in the head after he started it, and wasn’t meaty) the more you know i guess


yea after the match i just did some practice and sure enough if you do it cross up style (tap it same time as jump back) you can stop sagat’s super at at least a few points besides just start up.

edit about ultra

hmm after messing around you can actually stop sagat’s ultra after start up with a well timed jump back hk (like right after you leave the ground) :slight_smile:

double edit - wow you can just spam jump back hk, even if sagat starts it right in your face to do block damage, and you will either hit him or he will go right under you. apparently it even beats out the uppercut portion of the ultra. hugs jump back hk

A LOT of good info here so can’t really think of too much else to add unless it ends up being advanced stuff. :slight_smile:

In certain situations, using cr. fp >> ex SBK is a nice little flashy AA to do.

And I can definitely confirm throwing Bison’s air shenanigans is hella useful. Picked up that tactic several weeks ago after playing some high level Bison player. Pisses them off. lol.

thx man!!!

exactly how do you airthrow him out of his air bs???

when i try to do this against say his punch flying move all he does is activate the punch right before i get into air throw range… that move flys him backwards making my throw attempt wiff and then i get hit by or have to block the punch move on the way down.

in this situation i’m talking about punishing when he activates at near fullscreen range and i jump AFTER he’s already in the air…

i know that you can throw him out of his stomps and his punch moves if i’m already in the air… especially if i’m jumping towards him from close… but good bisons dont really use the move in that situation…

could you clarify what exact situation you guys are using these in?


Its really hard to explain, because it’s strictly on reaction situations that I generally do this move. Like you said, good Bison players generally don’t tend to abuse this move too much against Chun players and rely more on scissor kicks – which is much harder to punish.

How about backdashing more all by itself without doing a FADC ahead of it in obvious jump situations where the enemy is a good distance away and jumps at you. More often then not unless they shoot a fast projectile or cammy’s spiral arrow etc. the attack will miss and you can punish them at will and any potential point blank range combo will fail. Using the invincibility frames it has to avoid inclose attacks that don’t have very much reach as well to punish them afterwards comes in handy as well.

I love this new section though especially the BnB section it is really a great help.:pleased:

I started air throwing Bison out of his shenanigans yesterday and it worked pretty well for a while. Usually from full screen when you toss a fireball, they use devil’s reverse so you just have to jump right after your kikoken. If he used headstomp rather than devil’s reverse, then you can air grab him easily. The second part of devil’s reverse can be activated at any time so it just depends on how fast the Bison can react.

You can air throw Bison as long as he’s anywhere near you. If he uses the devil’s reverse, he has to cancel into the very early to get away, and that would cause you to not jump throw because it would give you time to react and not jump. If you whiff the air throw, you can then land and focus and possibly CH crumple but I don’t know, but that’s what I would try lol.


is that ultra combo guaranteed to punish blanka’s cr.roundhouse at 5:30

didnt watch vid, but if it was chuns ultra yes it’s guaranteed, but only if reversaled.


ok so i’ve been experimenting with this for awhile and i’ve had high success with it because one nobody expects it and 2 its Chun Li’s most overlooked normal.

Close up Foward kick basically chun raises her leg up which hits u then she drops it down hitting u twice, USE IT AS AN OVER HEAD…WHY:confused: coz nobody does it and no players know that Chun has it, well lets use it to help us keep Chun on top.

Its an excellent overhead to use and like i said no one expects it. Use it sparingly because like all things it can b punished, but its perfect coz if u do it successfully anytime u stand close to a player they’ll will get anxious and rush a wake up & u’ll get alot of players to wanna wake SRK or Tiger uppercut or Flash kick which if u use it with caution will give u a free opportunity to make them pay for it.

This same kick also stops overheads to an extent since chun kicks straight up when its close when they jump over you for a cross up u’lll hit them, timing is a bit strict but if u see the corss up coming u’ll b good

Let me know what u guys think.

It’s ok for a close anti air, that’s about it though.

Why would you overhead with that instead of jump back roundhouse or stomp?

coz its not something widely use to began with and new things always catch people off guard, what we have been using for her works well yes so why not add something else to the mix and change it up and make the opponents guess a little bit more.

she has tools and we all know they aren’t obvious so if something we have overlooked can be used to give Chun an edge then lets use it.

I’ve done fine with it and anyone is free to try to see how much success they have with it.

They serve the same purpose, if they don’t see the medium kick overhead then they won’t see the other overheads either.

It’s just an inferior option compared to what else you can do, to serve the same purpose.

its all about the match psychology man:wgrin:…head games anytime u get close they expect u to either throw and jump straight up with roundhouse:confused:, i feel like they can see the jump neutral roundhouse alot easier and DP, FK, or TU etc.

How it has worked for me is when i hit them with it successfully like 3 or 4 consecutive times they get nervous when im close and throw out some random moves then i just punish :nunchuck: and after that i’ll go back to the jump back roundhouses and neutral jump stuff and/or throwing or other mixups we already use.

inferior to others in a sense yes but the psychology of the match and head games will keep u more in control at least in my opinion