Dime_x's Chun_Li Compendium wip

I don’t mean to rain on your insight, but just because you haven’t seen it mentioned by anyone (myself included) doesn’t mean Chun players as a whole here are unaware of that move’s existence. I’ve known about it for months now, I just see it as a reasonable move when there’s plenty of better, more damaging options to exploit. I do agree that incorporating it could be useful if used in moderation though.

I’ll stick to the Lvl2 Focus into Headstomp and other stomp shenanigans. Those are the true head games at play.

i wasnt talkin about us Chun players i meant the people we play dont really know about it…sorry i should have been specific, but i havent seen any chun players mention or use it and wondered why because everyone here seems to post good things. me and Gensou jumped all over the FA head stomp thing i even put out a vid and he help further clarify somethings also. I post the overhead thing as something to use to just mix it up, I mean if some japanese player starts using it alot more then im sure no one would think it was not as good as the other ones, but see thats why they are ahead coz they innovate with even the simplest moves or tactics

i get where your coming from and on the psychology aspect… your totally right,people get scared when confronted with a new tactic…

problem is that that move sucks ass ON HIT… it’s -1 even when you hit them, meaning that if you input a cr.lp or lk thats perfectly timed after you hit them and they do a perfectly timed 3 frame jab THEY WILL WIN… now that isnt so bad cause they probably wont perfectly time there jab if they didnt expect the move to come… BUT… the overhead part of this move also does PATHETIC damage… 40 damage… guess what else does a wopping 40 damage… chuns cr.lp

yeah a low jab does the same amount of damage as the overhead part of this move… also this move telegraphs itself with the first hit…

so in the end you have a move that telegraphs itself, does crap damage and is minus on hit…

believe me, i thought about this move along time ago, and the answer is that this just isn’t worth it, she has better options for an overhead like: throw, stomp, and jumping HK… i’m not saying to never use it… but if you do, know that the only thinbg your getting in return on the investment is psychological damage of the smallest nature…

the ONE instance i could see this move being plausible is after the first jab in your poke string, cause chun has no other options to break crouch block besides throw… but you still did shitty damage and put yourself at negative frames to do so.

if this setup bigger damage down the line, then i’d be all over it… but i dont think it would.

its use as a close AA though is phenomenal versus characters that dont jump that high.

but good try… if you find some good mixup with this then by all means post it…
i’ve tried to use this move in the arcade and people caught on quick and started blocking it on reaction cause of the telegraph tho…

and when this move is blocked your at - 4 which means they get a guaranteed jab if in range and its only a two frame link timing.


yea it has its negative points i know…that why i said to only use if u want to and/or to just throw someone off for a bit, if they can guess the 4 things u can do to them on wake up, lets give’em 5 just to confuse them.:confused:

Thanks for all the feedback…from everyone:china:

Can we get this stuck plz, one of the best, most useful threads.

Thanx for the continued work on it.

cl.mk can be blocked high on reaction since only the 2nd and 3rd hits are overhead.
j.RH and instant stomp can’t be blocked on reaction and provide greater reward on hit.

New idea for title: Dime_x’s Chunpendium

lol at the C. Viper Match.

Chun got made losing the second round and decided to get a perfect the third :rofl:

Edit: Watching the match after that, I’m liking Y24. I had an idea that he was bad for some reason(probably got beasted by Kindevu’s Rufus). Anyways, what a great showing of how to make Boxer play your game. gg

Hello, i new here. can you add a control legend? I have problems with some terms.

For example:

cr.lp >>>>>>> cr= crounch?

cl. st >>>>>>> cl= ??? st=???


cr = crouch yes

cl.st = close standing. You’ll notice that some moves give you a slightly different version when you are stood right next to your opponent. For instance fierce punch gives you a lunging fist from afar, but upclose gives you a palm-strike. These moves have different properties, so cl.st is used to differentiate them.

I don’t know if this has been posted because I took a glance at the second page. I found an interesting combo just fiddling around with it yesterday.

Jumping Target Combo
Standing Roundhouse

I’d say that this is useful if you don’t use your Super bar for EX attacks.

vs sagat: c.mp should be your last resort AA. Reason being is that a very late j.hk will smack chun, and your opponent might wisen up and start doing late ones. If you know they’ll do late j.hks, a s.mp will smack them out of it, but you don’t want to depend on that because if they come back to early j.hks, then it might trade. ex sbk is great here, if you want to save meter or have no charge, go for the early s.mk as much as possible.

yeah i noticed this also when i was at AI…

i AA paul 4 times in a row with it and was like “yeah take that mofo no more scrubtastic jumping for you” but then he switched it up to late jumping HK’s and was beating my cr . mp :slight_smile: and of course i lost about half life everytime he stuffed it…

so i went to training mode later on and tried it out:

sagat cant “beat” a perfectly timed cr.mp with jumping HK… but it will trade and and of course thats severely in sagats favor…

unfortunately sagat can still jump at chun for practically free… the only AA she has that will beat all of his options are airthrow, neutral jump roundhouse and ex sbk.

the first two only work on anticipation and the last one requires meter…

so the only way to truly keep sagat out is to constantly mixup aa’s between jumping fierce x 2, ex sbk, far fierce, far mk, cr.mp, and sweep as all of these are “ok” with the exception of ex sbk which is great.

but if chun predicts wrong on one of her normal aa’s (or more than likely mistimes one)… shes going to take a buttload of damage.

i’ll make a note of this in the compendium madden, thx for reminding me.

cr.mp is still very good versus sagats that like to jump in with mp or early HK tho.


st.forward Sagat and Shotos for free. Offline only, don’t try this at home.

cr.strong is ok.

EX SBK is decent, burns meter though but it’s good if you’re sitting on charge and need to escape the corner.

Walk under is the best option, if it’s too late then just press low forward and then combo off of it with + low short, EX legs.

Optimizing the jump before he leaves the ground is the best way to do this. Further = st.forward. Extremely far = Just walk back from it. Closer = Walk under and punish if he presses something, if he empty jumps over you then DO NOT low short him, he will uppercut it.

Step up the mosquito gameplay and it kills Sagat, but one smack and the mosquito is dead :wasted: .

This one was in my combo video :tup:

What are the reasons why cr. hp and far mp work as anti airs?

I’d like to implement these as anti-airs in my game, especially since I like the idea of an xx kikoken on their reset. These two moves have a high rate of getting stuffed when I try them as AA tho.

Those 2 are not anti-airs like srk. Each of her normal AA moves has a different hitbox and priority. So you must know the position of your opponent and which one of them that can work in different situations. Sometimes, different character has different priority as well.

cr.hp is really good versus ryu ken and guile, its 90% of my AA in those matchups.

online i dont bother with any normal AA’s unless my opponent forces me too.

i just run away and avoid the situation in as many ways as i can till i have enough meter for ex sbk, then i use it. and repeat.

offline i use a shitload of diff AA’s for diff situations.


Boy, I’m glad I noticed this having decided to try to pick up Chun Li. This looks like it’ll turn out the definitive Chun thread. Will give me a great direction as I try to learn her stuff.

Props to the TC for the work he put in. :tup:

Thank you! but everyone in these threads deserves the props, we all came up with this stuff together and put our collective effort into making a thread like this possible.

perhaps after you study up some of this stuff and apply it to your game you can teach us!

2 heads are always better than one.

i’m going to try to make a MASSIVE update this coming weekend.