Dimensions for a HRAP stick art?

Can’t find this information anywhere, no matter where I looked, and I need an important reason to post so I can actually PM people. Anyone have a general idea what the dimensions of art will need to be to be put on a HRAP? I’m thinking somewhere around x1600 x1400, but I need something close, and I can’t just take a guess. Planning on buying a HRAP, and modding it out, so… yeah.

Oh cmon… 15 views and nothing? Seriously, viewing without answering the question? Just viewing it out of boredom? “Oh hey, this guy needs the dimensions… kay”.

I’m surprised people will view a topic with an obvious question and no replies just for the hell of it =/

good way to get a reply…:rolleyes:


I’m not even serious >_>. It’s just annoying. Who views a thread if they can’t answer the question? =/

I’m a lowly 2009 member so I apologize in advance if I steer you in the wrong direction, and I’m not sure which HRAP you’re trying to customize.

That said here is a HRAP2/HRAP3 thread that was on the very first page talking about artwork templates. I am pretty sure the templates are already the size you need to print.


Don’t apologize, this’ll help. This gives me a good idea what size the art should be, now. Thank you very much =D