DingDangDoom avatar request thread!


Sup dawgs?? I make pretty tight avatars using ms paint. If you want one, hit me up on this thread. No animations. I only use ms paint dummy.


Dont nobody want a tight av?


make me one.
I wanna see ya skillz


i want one
m.bison (dictator) saying aye bay bay
or solbadguy saying ay bay bay
its up to you


Your avatars sucks more than sixshots avatars.







08 starts off with a winner.:rolleyes:


Here you go Basik:
Hope you like it dawg!!

Ok Rob, Im workin on yours now dawg


Here you go Rob:

If anyone else wants an av, hit me up.


haha nice :lol:


yo do one of ibuki for me DDD


ay bay bay!


Here you go dawg!!!


^good shit…ima rock it soon



naw, this was a trend, then stopped (due to him getting banned twice iirc) now apparently got the altered beast treatment

:risefromyourgrave: /sasmasta


:rofl: Edit Edit Edit!


he dosent even know how to use ms paint lol none of those avz would of fit the requirements anyway lol


Shi’, looks like he got banned. :rofl:



I wanted one