I was searching for a portable FM radio and stumbled upon this.

I can’t find an official place to buy them, I don’t know if there are more models and I’m not a big enough tech expert to look at the specs and figure it out for myself.

So I implore upon you good people at SRK.

Give me your valuable opinions!

It looks like a neat device, but don’t bother with the Dingoo. The emus it has are not great by any means, and the makers of it have long since stated that they are not releasing any updates. Leaving the system in the hands of homebrew which is LAME.

For the same price you can get a PSP slim(or Phat), which is EASY to mod, and will deliver a far superior retro/modern handheld gaming experience. It is one of my favorite game systems of all time.

Edit: Not to mention PSPs are easy to fix & repair should parts wear out one day.

I think he’s looking for an FM radio though, unless I wasn’t informed that PSPs can do that.

The only place I’ve seen them for sale stateside is Thinkgeek. They’re out of stock there though. i’d google A320 handheld, see if that nets you any results.


Found one.

I think he meant he was looking for a radio, and just happened to see the Dingoo. Not that he was looking for a handheld gaming device with built-in FM?

This discussion is now derailed lol

you can find several reviews on the units, there are others like it… one is called the GPX Wiz or something to that effect… generally the things are up and down on various performance aspects.

I actually bought one on here a few months back. It’s a fun little toy but atm it spends more time collecting dust then anything else. My main pc is running win7 and I can’t for the life of me get this thing to show up as a usb storage device (tried on my Vista notebook as well). It seems the drivers only work on winXP which sucks ass… Last I checked the emulators are lacking and the FM radio on it isn’t all that great. Nes and Gba have the most mature/stable emulation on the stock firmware.

this is what virtual machines are for.

Anyhow, as far as retro/Emu game systems go. PSP is king here, and good condition units are inexpensive.

or sd cards.

I thought it would be neat to have it all in one package, but it seems the better option would be to get a PSP slim (I have a 3000 but it is currently unhackable, firmware 5.51) and a cheap-o portable radio.

True but I don’t have VMware setup on this machine yet. It’s no excuse for shitty drivers :stuck_out_tongue:

This thing comes with 4gb of internal storage! plus I use most my cards on my Nikon :smiley:

Yeah yeah I lose…

A modded PSP 2000 is the way to go for emulation.

I hear there are 2 kinds of slim and one can’t be hacked, super confused.

All Phat models, and most Slim/2000’s can be hacked.

Only a few in the last of the slim line are unhackable(will brick if you try). You can tell by the motherboard ID number, which there are simple apps out there to find out.

3000 & PSP Go are not able to be modded yet at all.

I have 32GBs storage in my PSP :wink:

Photofast adapter + two 16GB MicroSDs.

Google Dingux (linux 4 dingoo) and FBA320

Yes, the PhotoFast CR-5400 is cool.

Wouldn’t it be super cool if you can use two PhotoFast CR-5400 in the PhotoFast CR-3100?
Then it would be 64 GB!
But cannot do. :sad:

I wish Nintendo (or SNK!!) would make a sub-?100 handheld again ;_;

Anyone kept their eye on this one?

I don’t plan on getting one, but the whole thing with people getting together and making their own handheld interests me. It’s amazing how far it’s gotten.