Dinky mando powers

Once the baby missile makes contact with something, it allows mando to instantly block. Well, maybe not instantly but easily faster than if you let it ride out. It can make for a nice rush sequence tool @ certain times.

also, once you do the baby missile it causes that explosion like striders bomb and the same glitch is involved as striders bomb. As the missile makes contact, you jump or TK fire move and the opponents sprite will bounce higher according to mando’s position. It won’t go super high like striders will but much higher than normal. Maybe a fancy combo with TK but not actually worth attempting IMO.

his kara, corridor, qcf+pp is pretty nasty vs anti xup sequences @ the right height. I’m not sure if he can get away with that kara vs an immediate tri jump xup but the ones as their coming down from sj height he can get around. The “kara” is s.fp. Pretty solid range and more than enough to step out of xup range @ the right time.

bait with lp corridor. then , Df. fierce. into sword.no second corridor. itdoes more damage.