Dinning in VEgas

Does anyone know good spots for eating out there? Chicago(for MWC) always had great places to eat close by and always had a Dennys close by. Are there any breakfast places such as Dennys , IHOP, etc… within walking distance of the Trop?

We dine in helll!

Give it up.

There’s nowhere else to go.

But the Wynn Buffet.

I am pretty sure theres a Denny’s just east of the tropicana hotel, near hooters. Both are in walking distance I suppose. So you got your wings and pancakes.Theres a crispy creme over at Excalibur.

Wynn has a pretty good varied selection (from Japanese to Western food), but they’re a bit overpriced. Bellagio is another good choice if money is not an issue.

Last time I was in Vegas, Paris had a really good buffet.

Aye there is a Denny’s near by and also one right on the strip it’s self at Casino Royale.

You all are forgetting about the Rio Buffet. It’s walking distance (I believe) from the Tropicana and it’s the largest buffet in the world!!! Lunch buffet is cheaper than dinner. I think lunch is like $15 or $16. Dinner is like $10 more. I’ve been there 3 times, fuckin’ amazing food!!! The buffet is huge and there are like 40 different types of desert as well. A must if you haven’t gone before.

-Tha Hindu

we all know no one really eats when they are in SF mode! but having a nice sized breakfast is key . Dennys has been my breakfast of choice for the last 15 years.

EHonda - In truth, if you just want a basic big breakfast, you can get that at the tropicana. basically, whatever denny’s serves, near every vegas casino with a cafe does as well.

Walking, nope. recommend driving a car or take the bus

talk about redundant.

Is the krsipy kreme in excalibur still 24 hours?

And random question , but does anyone know of the closer movie theater from the tropicana ? I could be very wrong, but isnt there a theatre right next to the M&M facotry/Gameworks?

correct. thats the closest theater.

Dope. Anyone know what kind of theatre it is so i can get times of the showings before i take off for vegas :slight_smile:

Edit: nvm found it ^.~ http://www.vegas.com/shopping/showcase.html

dude honestly if youre in vegas, the last place you want to be eating at is dennys and ihop. there are a million places with way better food at any hotel. :woot:

dude seriously. go to any breakfast buffet and just eat the bacon…unlimited bacon…

I’m gonna clog my arterys at the buffet…hope I make it till next year.

http://www.mgmgrand.com/dining/ MGM dining selections * rainforest cafe *

http://tropicanalv.com/dining_legends.asp Tropicanas dining selection

http://www.excalibur.com/restaurants/village_food_court.aspx Excaliburs dining selection * Krispy Kreme , starbucks , Mcdonalds Express , Pizza hut express, cold stone, ect. *

http://www.nynyhotelcasino.com/restaurants/ New York New York dining selection.

All these locations are in walking distance form the tropicana.

Well being that the tropicana is next to the hooters casino u could eat there which is definitely within walking distance. Then you have the MGM grand which I mean is going to be more expensive. You also have panda express,wendys,mcdonalds,la salsa. And this expensive steak house place real close. But I think that’s about it.

Theres other things to eat but I wouldn’t say they’re within walking distance. There’s also boston pizza which isn’t close at all but they will deliver anywhere on the strip so if u want chicken wings pizza etc call them up.

Buffets are gross no clue why everyone loves them so much. :stuck_out_tongue: but the best ones are green valley ranch,rio,wynn.

Dios I’m trusting you to have me fed during our stay.

As long as your wallet has cash in it i can guide you to the fattiest and greasiest of food :3

So where’s the closest Mickey D’s and Subway to the Tropicana?

Mickey D is next door at excalibur.

The Showcase mall across the street from tropicana has Wendy’s, Subway, Starbucks, Noble Roman’s, Panda Express, Weinerschnitzel, Dreyer’s Ice Cream, Del Taco and Duffy’s Fish Fry.