Dios's " Room Of Doom " Multi-Language Thread

Ya you guys know i got the set up in my room:cool: So just post here whenever you guys wanna come over and play some marvel or whatever. plus i got over 50 DC games on my computer so if you need any burned just ask, i got all the dc games…the good ones anyway.

And i can fit like 9 people in here so just post whenever you wanna kick back.

  • updated 3/9/05 * just thought id add the specs of the room just in case your curious.

  • Can fit a maximum of 9 people at a time.

*Good computer so people can use to check email or download music, ect. with dsl connection.

*Enetertainment Center with 32 inch Flat screen tv with surround sound.

*A 19 inch monitor in the corner.

*The PC moniter is a flat screen and has a dreamcast VGA cord to it which can be used for games.

*A 4 person Futon.





*Nintendo 64

*3 dreamcasts for all 3 monitors.

  • NO FOOD OR DRINKS in the room of doom, words cannot express how fast ants get in here, im talking like in a 3 minute period there crawling up your nutsack. so no food or drinks. water and gatorade and powerade and the like are ok though.

You actually did a thread!!:smiley: I’ll call you oh and uh… you are right all you need is refrigerator and you won’t need to leave except to go to the bathroom:p

man its 1 am and i just got back from 6 flags and fuck it was bad ass…i went on every single ride in the park except for one called deja vu’. it was closed, o well. sick rides with short lines. X and Scream were too much. i felt like i was falling to my death :eek: .
anywho i havent slept in 50 hours…so ima sleep in all sunday…have fun guys whatever your gonna do…im out…too tired. :wasted:

by the way , is the KOF 2002 i burned you on friday working fine?

And hows that flu? gone yet?:o



jk :o lets play some games next time you got free time.

Nah I still have a nasty cough but either than that I’m aight. Oh and the kof 2002 worked fine. Good game but no strikers:( . thanks though:D

hey dios do you have any samurai showdown games for the dreamcast? Thanks.:slight_smile:

theres no samurai showdown games for DC…there is Last Blade 2 though…

where do you live? please be specific. im in carmel valley, right next to utc.

shiiiit homie…

we southeast Daygo. Pretty fucking far from you.

national city? driving isnt that big of a deal for me

yep Dios is in Nat. City

call me when you guys are gonna play!!

your blackheart infinite is so ghey…:bluu:

anyone want to play tonight?

Gameadvisor…i bought Fatal Frame last night for 31 $ used at the store…i went on ebay and saw it 28 $ sealed…brand new…can i return my game to the store and get my cash back and have you buy the game for me on ebay?:wink:

yo today at 3 i go to robinsons may to fill out my work papers…watch i start working tomorrow lol :sweat: :wasted:

you want to save 2 fucking dollars!!!did you check how much shipping is?could be like ten bucks…check…theyll proly make you work a week from now cuz of background checks and shit…

My leg hurts like a bitch…i kinda limp when i walk and if i sit…when i get it man it hurts…

i start working wednesday at 2pm…woot…

ps. ya i know bout the game on ebay but its a sealed copy and isnt scratched or anything. those r hard to find ;-;

its hard to find cuz YOU can only WAlK to 2 stores!!!