Dip$et Dip$et: It's A Wrap 2004


Aiite yall, Evo is over and it just seems to quite. Cats gotta start acting like the Wu, and bring the rokus. Speaking of Evo alot of SoCal heads held there own and ripped it down, and our pops mista Tong to tha G… couldnt be prouder. Mad props to my nakka potter phor doing his thing, and Deus is my phavorite white guy. So now that i aint got shit to look phorward too i guess its time to see what other games i can get into, time to start takin 3s serious i guess; even tho the only reason i play is to phuck up albert which i havent yet(but ima get you son). And while im at it i guess ima see what cvs2 has to opher. And most of yall that know me know how i feel about GGXX. So i guess its time to get Riller than Real, and see what life has to opher. Much love to my twin aswell, ima miss ya dun. So drop a line, or drop me a dime

ps- Qoute that made me laugh at evo

Friend#1- hey ponder/ink can you guys hand me a towel

Ponder/ink- Why???

Friend#1- Cuz i just got out the pool:eek: :lol: :cool:

~The Rillest~


i too feel i have maxed out of marvel exp. There’s no real getting better. Since i still don’t have shit to do. i will start playing cvs. ggxx. and maybe 3s more. maybe even serious. Anyone wanna get games in, hit me up. =]


thank gooodness i play at ffa … look out 3s here i come :lol: …you niggs should try and hit it up for hella good comp


you should roll by too homie. don’t be a stranger. haha


what about me?i wanna get in on some other games too,i think i’ll play paht’s favorite game in the world,GGXX,hahha

btw…good shit potts,you are officially dipset team brown leader…

and phat is dipset team gold leader…and bill is dipset team white leader


I wana be the pink power ranger, thats where its at son:cool: :eek:

~The Rillest~


Evo inspired me in other games too. Along with Marvel, I’m gonna pick up 3s, CvS, GGXX, and ST on the side.


dipset sucks!


your mom sucks


Todo el pinche mundo apesta, y vivo de tres animales!!!

~The Rillest aka El Verdadero~


yo phat hit me up so we can go old skool with some SF Hyper Fighting plus we can handle some CvS2 need u 2 teach me how 2 use Sagat.

  • Friend Of The Homy Gumz-


phat you need to come out to riverside and practice against me albert nam and pep to get competitive in cvs2…

potter, same, gj on top 8 in marvel

kaising-you’re going to win evo next year with s-groove, you actually should have advanced at that long beach tourney because you only made a few mistakes that could easily be corrected


dope jesse. I’ll start by seeing how S-groove works on the taiwanese here. Next year, it won’t be about Daigo. It’s gonna be about…


phat: when that day happens, u will win evl2k9. hahahaha, just keep playing me in 3s.

potter: i’ll go to ur house one day…where we’ll play 100 matches of mvc2 and 2 matches of cvs2…it’s all about equivalent trade.

oh yeah…if ur fukkin the pink ranger…i’m yellow ranger just cuz she’s viet.


Tell me when this CvS2 and 3S thing is going down.


okay. this is the otter.
this week i gotta do some reading/wc3/chillen
so next week im having a “session” monday through friday. i need feedback for best days. i want 2 setups. 1 marvel 1cvs or ggxx.
so post away. post when best days are.

oh yeah, empire dipset’s dominance has also crossed over to wc3. talk to doosey aka level 4. yup. good to go.

deuce: what’s really good?
me: mostly you, but sometimes them
deuce: never them.


-the builder-


move over phat cuz im have the realist of the real ironmanz around…you aint gonna be able to hold me cuz i’ll be as real as real can be


potter the otter: wc3 is dominating ur life…i’ll stop that shit and cr. fp that shit and teach u the devil…cvs2. prepare for 100 matches of mvc2 and 2 matches of cvs2.

phat: go to potter’s when i roll there to play me in 3s…HAHAHA i’ll use chun li u’ll hate that batch even more.

bill: let’s play this week or next week at otter’s so u can use ur a groove team on me.


Lynks: =[:frowning: , you can keep it real son, cuz i keep it RILL!!!

Albazzle- just holla when u guna stop by at potters cuz i wana play 3s. and ima experiment in cvs2 now, fuck A groove ima try other shit. and fuck ur chun li u SOPHT BATCH PHACE!!

~The Rillest~


Albert I still want my rematch.