Dip$et vs NSJ 5 on 5 Basketball: The Summer Blockbuster

okay, we’ve been talkin bout this for a while, so here it is. lets try to do this before evo, suggestions for dates?

the dipset lineup is me/potter/bill/jal/daigo
i dunno nsj’s lineup but you guys have like 30 members so its all good

oh yeah, we gotta put some money on the line as well. i got 20 on the dipset all-stars

wtf aint you heard?
they you use to call me the aids injection cause my shots so sick…

shit will be hot. i got 20 on the jerks… team line up to come soon

entry fee should be 10-20 a person at least…

games not for money = sandbagging

then after the game we should use pot to buy a lot of food <3


ill bet 10 on dipsazzle only if i get to be the honorary and1 announcer

If this actually goes down can someone post the date in advance. So i can request the day off or samsing…

crept up behind ha
thought it was time a
player like me got in that vagina


where you been man…you gonna ball? mah bad on live today…fuckin router keeps acting up

working fulltime and school fulltime = no tournies for me =[, and hell yeah in down to ball. The only thing is that its up to these batches if they wanna le me play with them since I see Daigo in the team =[.

Oh and about yesterday in live its all good yoI really don’t care . Hopefully we can get some games in later on the week or samsing.

Peace Out!

hell yeah… lets ball

but i dunno… i think only me and jon are the only ones who actually play. ill give out the nsj lineup later…

edit: o wait i forgot… we got yao ming in our team…

What’s this BASKEBALL you guys talking about? is it anything like badminton???

Dibs on pointguard Josh. :clap:

You play badminton Ivan aka Hang? I’ll play anyone in badminton…

Haha where did this idea come from. Does anyone in dipset even play? When’s it goin down?..i wanna peep it

jesse, if you can make it you have a spot on the team. just call yourself daigo and dp nsj’s jump shots



no set date yet… maybe in a week or 2… before evo…

i think we got our 5 already… jus gotta decide where to play

HAHAHAHA <3 ill be sure to dragon punch nsj shots like Sol!

Damn i would like to get up in this shit but it’ll be cool to watch and then ball the winners up afterwards.LOL j/k