Dip your stick (lololol)


No serious. Have you folks checked out dipyourcar.com?

I’m seriously considering this stuff. Worried about peeling? Well, looks like they have a video where they taking a frickin’ powerwash and spray that shit, and it doesn’t come off.

Some of the finishes they have on the site look pretty amazing. If you don’t have to clear coat then that means you can choose an array of styles from matte to gloss and if you do want to clear coat it for extra protection, you can do just that. And, AND!! If you don’t like how it turns out, peel it (long as it isn’t clear coated) and try another!

If the stuff can last outside in the elements on a car that speeds around at 70 mph then I think it can handle grubby nerd hands all over it. So, who wants to dip their sticks with me?


That stuff is awesome. I dipped my friends car matte black in his driveway. It dry’s fast and has like this neat rubbery feel. Seems like it would do great on a stick.


This is what I finished my two player CPs with and my cabinet. It semi-perma bonds to wood. There is primer you can use for glass, metal and plastic.


It works great! Love plastidip!
You can buy select colors at Home Depot/Lowes!

Fun (lame) Fact:
You can’t buy PlastiDip by the gallon here in, CA. Thanks to some bs law D=


Been using it a lot actually. For all kinds of stuff. It’s the bee’s tits.


i removed the feet off my TE and sprayed down the bottom panel with plasti dip a few months ago. it has made it alot more comfortable to play off my lap. be careful spraying it; have a facemask or something handy because it will irritate your lungs alot more than spray paint or vinyl dye.


One of my co-workers used some spray on stuff that’s similar to this for the rims on his truck. It looks great and it seems to only really come off if you intentionally cut it open and peel it off.

It’d probably look pretty cool on a stick, but I wonder how it would feel to play on it. It might get kinda sweaty?


I used it on a TE bezel and plan to use it on a panel from AMP Up Customs and side panels for a beater stick for guests and such. It is incredibly forgiving on plastics. If you mess up you just peel it up and start over.


Wow, this stuff looks pretty cool! Maybe I’ll paint up some of my uber nasty CPS2 B boards :smiley:


Check out the video for the chameleon dip. so sick



Wanted to add that I have also used this on screwdrivers, dikes, rakes, brooms, an e-cig, water bottle, glassware, and probably more than I can’t think of right now. The stuff is great. When painting, the first coat needs to be very light. It doesn’t even need to cover. Just dust over everything and build it slowly, coat by coat, until everything is just covered. After you let that dry you can apply a heavier coat/s. If you need to tape off anything you will need to remove the tape and let dry and then reapply the tape for further coats. Because the dip will peel in one big piece it is better to tape between each coat. This always works best for me.


Oh it’s just fancy plastidip, I put that on my foglight surrounds around 3 years ago, do 1000 miles a week and it still cleans up brand new. Like Nendo said, very popular on tools. Makes good replacement plier grips when the shitty rubber grips wear away.


I actually just did this to a case about a week ago. I did get some scratching at the bottom but other than that it was pretty solid. Granted, this was my first experience with the stuff so a more proper application would probably get better results. The stuff is pretty much on there until you want it to come off.

I used black, which left dust and fingerprints kind of visible, so I took it off and just painted it. On the plus side this stuff is hella easy and fun to remove.


Then that settles it. My next “paint” job will be dipyostick. Now I’m thinking of dipping my dust washers, my bat tops, and everything else under the sun.


Yes. Dipped a JLF shaft but fucked it up. Need to redo it. You can put it on really thick. It’s possible to make it as thick as a shaft cover.


Finally, no need to worry about LS32 shaft covers.


I used regular MTN spray cans and coated it with some glossy finish, worked awesomely


I can see the potential uses for this product… hopefully someone will post pictures of their experiments using the stuff…


I want to invest in the spray gun and stuff but that really has to wait until I get a place with a garage. I can’t do this stuff in my current living situation.


Just buy a really small tent cheap and do all the spraying inside it.