DIPS talked the talk now its time to walk the walk - OG vs DipSET Public Challenge

Yo dudes,

 This is an open challenge to the top 3 DIPS in 3 different games. Me, Valle, and Watson are down to put all this shit talking of the DIPS to an end. If you really think you are better and can show us that you are then you will have no problems accepting our challenge and prove us wrong.

 250 bucks a person in 3 different games: CVS2, 3S, and MVC2. The rules for the challenge can be decided by both parties - 

 The reason for this challenge is due to the fact that many OG players let their gameplay do the talking. There is no need for top players to put people down - even if a person wins 10 times in a row and then loses once all hell breaks loose according to people I know concerning some of the DIPs. I have nothing against you guys - this is only a challenge to prove once and for all who the best is between us and to finally put the shit talking to rest. If you don't want to accept then I don't know what to say - if you do then great - lets do this.

wow? … .


we wont play any other games just to save them face. they like to money match scrubs, now they need to be put in their place… sad to see the players of the future being retarded…


im eight levels above you nigga i plug you nigga i never heard of you nigga!! what!! 10 years now and we still running this mother fucker!!

ohh man…

Studiotraffic loot ran out, did it?

PIGADOKEN little punk thinks hes all wild
i dont think he realizes hes gettin crazy with a real person vice a AIM box or some online bullshit. next time i see you imma choke the shit out ur ass. JaHa is comin to deliver your free reality check. then u might learn some respect.
unless you plan on not going to any tourneys other than a online xbox live tourney. imma see you eventually

you fucking kids have done it now LOL

DUC- the OG king of Marvel

Watts- the OG king of SFs

Valle- the OG king of EVERYTHING

…ok not wasting breath anymore…

easy payday…

yo fuck all you ghetto bitches. you want to talk shit about old games that we dont play any more. how about this DON GHETTO, MIKE WATSON, AND BIG JAHA. vs pig and any two other fags from riverside. straight out street fighting hand to hand for 10k. fight to the death!!!1

The Dahkness is coming!

JaHa will fucking mash your trash heads in irl.

Shit just got real QUICK.

you need to calm the fuck down buddy…

do YOU know me? who are you cursing at me? and im not your buddy…
but well get to know each other, well get real close.

Yeah bean, shut the fuck up son…<3

His sent is better than yours, theres no chance for you duc.

you’re right, i don’t know you and you don’t know me and i said fuck but i’m not cursing you. all i’m just saying is that you shouldn’t resort to violence for something like videogames…

hak, you really need to not be annoying in this thread. Watts, I know you’re better than me in cvs2 and I’m not gonna do any better than 50/50 vs. valle so i’m not taking this bet. I’m assuming this is geared toward jal/bill/potter though

EDIT: i’m thinking about taking me vs. watts in marvel

That was pretty funny. Shit talking is fun - I’ve never done it before which is why you saw what you saw from me for the first time that day. I hope you guys enjoyed it as well because I know I did. :slight_smile:



Okay, I guess i have to respond with a post? I don’t know where all the hatred has come from, but what is this really about? Is it really about psm? I thought you guys would know by now anything we say shouldn’t be taken seriously. Dips don’t hate or have any grudges towards ANYONE. This isn’t a cop out, but real talk. I can’t really speak for jal, but my emotions did get the best of me off that 1 round i won, I understood that. That’s why I didn’t say shit after i won that 2nd match. I was planning on making an apology in the tourney thread after, but Duc responded with his own insult. And he’s supposed to STILL be upset? C’mon, dude waved his middle finger right in my face, then he proceeded to dance and flip me off. “Let their gameplay do the talking?” C’mon dude is like 30, and he’s holding grudges over a video game. Get REAL. I’m sorry, but I understood what i did wrong and proceeded to not do anything more stupid, but duke insulted me twice. What am I supposed to say? I’m sorry? Nah, I don’t think so. I THINK Duc’s emotions might of got the best of him, but I’m not going to apologize if he retaliated in his own way.

I know for a fact what jal said should not of been taken seriously, it was just friendly banter. But wow, whats up with all the threats? I thought we played video games to avoid gangs/drugs/violence. I talked with watts, and I told him that it’s not even like that.

Finally, lol @ the challenge. I’m not even going to dignify the challenge with a response. You’ve got to seriously be kidding us. Call us pussies and what not, but seriously.


id like to watch this in person. and by this i mean the donsneddon fight to the death 10k challenge.